Things You Need to Know About Dermaplaning Near Me

Things You Need to Know About Dermaplaning Near Me

When you’re thinking of engaging in dermaplaning near me treatment, the first natural step is to do some research into the subject. This dermal rejuvenation option is extremely popular across the US, so a bit of knowledge could be all that’s standing between you and great-looking skin.

Even before you contact your local dermatologist, it’s good to know the basics, so that’s what we’re going to cover here. We begin by explaining the treatment itself.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Sometimes referred to as dermablading, dermaplaning involves ridding the skin of expired skin cells and other debris with a high-grade medical scalpel. What dermaplaning services also deal with is vellus hair on the face – otherwise known as peach fuzz.

It’s generally a painless procedure when carried out by a trained professional, although trying it home is not advisable. A very particular technique is required to get the desired results.

Is Dermaplaning Anything Like Shaving?

Actually, it isn’t. While it might seem similar, dermaplaning doesn’t merely remove hair, as it pervades much more deeply. The blade used when shaving is typically much less sharp too and the process is much less discriminate than dermaplaning near me, cutting all hair on the face – not just vellus hair.

Is Dermaplaning a Safe Treatment?

Generally, yes. However, that answer does come with a caveat. It’s almost always safe when carried out by an expert, as opposed to buying some kind of device and doing it yourself at home. Also, due to the fact that no chemicals are involved, it’s an appropriate option for pregnant women.

Who Is Dermaplaning Near Me Not Good For?

Dermaplaning is applicable to pretty much everyone, regardless of whether you have any kind of sensitive skin issue or not. There are some exceptions, however, with acne-sufferers and people with thick facial hair not advised to have it. Also, anyone taking blood thinners should avoid it.

What Are the After Effects Like?

When having the treatment, you’ll be in the clinician’s chair for around half an hour and because of its painless nature, there are no side effects. As long as you put on sunscreen afterwards, you should be able to get on with your day.

Can I Have it Done Regularly?

While you could have it done every other day relatively safely, it wouldn’t achieve much. It takes 3-4 weeks for dead skin cells and vellus hair to existing at insufficient levels to require dermaplaning. Do it any more frequently than this and you’re just wasting money.

Does Dermaplaning Near Me Result in Thicker Facial Hair?

When you cut normal, thicker facial hair, yes, it does grow back thicker. However, that’s not what dermaplaning targets, as it’s only fine vellus hair that gets taken away – which stays the same, irrespective of how often it’s cut.

Does it stop me getting other treatments?

Yes, in fact, it helps other options like enzyme and chemical peel treatments penetrate much more deeply into the skin – resulting in improved effects.

Discuss Your Needs With Your Dermatologist

Dermaplaning near me is a safe treatment with little to no downtime, it doesn’t make your facial hair thicker and it can actually help your other products work better.

There’s a reason why it’s as popular as it is and that’s because it works. We hope that the information we’ve given you here leads to you enjoying it too!

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Things You Need to Know About Dermaplaning Near Me

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