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Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

Lower receivers are important components of any gun. Thus, if you want to make your gun more effective, bring in the right lower receiver. So, how do you purchase the right lower receiver? Remember, there are several lower receivers online. This makes it challenging to purchase the right receiver. Luckily, this article is going to deep dive you into the key things to look at in a lower receiver.


It’s important to purchase quality products. In these cases, be sure to purchase quality parts. Ensure that you are purchasing from a brand that conducts in-depth batch testing. Testing ensures that you get quality parts. With an AR15 80 lower you can build a rifle chambered in a wide variety of calibres.


Purchase from a brand that offers a good warranty. With a warranty, you can be sure of quality parts. Plus, you can return a faulty part to the brand and get a replacement. However, be careful with the content of the warranty. In particular, read the warranty carefully. Ensure that the terms are explicitly stated. Understand the terms. Get a copy of the warranty.

Understand The Function, Major Failure Points

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

It’s important to understand the functions of the part you are purchasing. Still more, it’s vital that you understand possible failure points. The control group is held in place by the lower receiver. The lower receiver is associated with several failure points. Common mistakes here include weaker springs. This can cause light strikes when it comes to the rounds. It’s also common to find incorrectly milled fire control-based group pockets. Here, the milling isn’t accurate when it comes to width. Consequently, the trigger won’t move freely. Furthermore, incorrect width can hinder the hammer from gyrating.

The Critical Junction

The upper receiver is attached to the lower extension via the lower receiver. The attachment happens at 2 points. This means that the holes should be drilled correctly. This will help keep the receiver using the pins. When done correctly, it will be difficult to keep the receivers.

Parts like retainer springs, detent, and spring are housed by receiver extension-based threads. Of course, these parts aren’t used in rifle operations. However, incorrectly drilled holes can lead to gun breakage. Also, if they are improperly placed, issues relating to receiver extension can arise. Consequently, the buffer system will be affected. Also, it will affect the performance of the receiveres.


Choose the right brand. Remember, there are several brands out there. Some of these brands sell substandard receivers. As stated before, a receiver should be made of high-quality materials. Thus, if you want a receiver that will last for years, get it from, the right brand. Read reviews of that brand. You can also get in touch with other customers through customer testimonials.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t purchase any lower receivers. Get the best one. Look at the revolver’s warranty, failure points, etc. Don’t forget to consider the brand. Choose a durable unit.  Thus, when shopping around for an authentic, durable, and optimally functional lower receiver, look for the above key factors.

I was commenting not long ago on the versatility of the AR-15 platform, which has allowed the use of numerous different calibers for different purposes. Some of them have been created expressly for the so-called “black rifle,” others have been adopted because their characteristics allowed it. 

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

The main problem with incorporating a new caliber is the length of the cartridge; that is to say, the limitation is determined by the rim of the lower frame or “lower” of this type of weapon. We take a look at the hard-hitting BUSHMASTER .450 in this article.

Together with him, we will analyze the caliber that gives it its name, one of the most powerful available for this rifle, the .450 BUSHMASTER. A caliber that has found a good reception in our country for big game hunting, in modalities where the shots are made at a maximum distance of 200 m, that is, beats, hunts, and waits.

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

Introduced in late 2007, the .450 Bushmaster is the brainchild of Bushmaster Firearms and is the fruit of a collaborative project with ammunition manufacturer Hornady. This new cartridge is initially the result of adapting a necked 6.5mm (.284) case to accept a Hornady 250 grain SST projectile .452 inch diameter).

Manufactured the same length as a standard .223 cartridge, it is fed from a very similar magazine fitted with a new shingle since we are talking about a single-stack arrangement by the diameter of the cartridge.


As an homage to an idea of ​​one of the firearms “gurus,” Colonel Jeff Cooper, who often referred to a compact and handy large-bore cartridge rifle as a “Thumper,” the .450 Bushmaster has inherited this nickname, which we can translate as “The Grenade Launcher.” It certainly seems like an apt name with an impressive 2,800 foot-pounds (3,796 joules) of energy at the muzzle.

PHOTO 1 – Firearms guru Jeff Cooper

Cooper wanted to design a rifle for soldiers not primarily in the marksman role, such as tank crews. According to his conception, the immediate need is something compact and decisive for up to 200 yards. In his book “To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth,” he described the “Thumper,” a .44 Auto Magnum semi-automatic rifle with an 11″ barrel, folding stock, iron sights, and a.

 20 cartridges. Therefore, it is evident that the BUSHMASTER .450 does not meet all the requirements, but it comes close with some of its features and others like it.

Things To Look For In A Good AR-15 Lower Receiver 2022

The prototype rifles were made by the Swedish Bertil Johansson, an employee of Aimpoint. Prototypes were chambered in .221 Fireball and .44 Auto Magnum, the latter of which was Cooper’s preference. The gun had a magazine in the grip, folding stock, and came with an 11″ or 16″ barrel and a muzzle brake.

 It closely resembled a Terry carbine and therefore had an Uzi air about it. It was conceived as a sidearm. hence the design nomenclature: PC80, for “Police Carbine, 1980.” Like the Scout and the D&D 10mm pistol, the Colonel’s idea was a hard sell and died early.

Periodically, there have been some attempts to build a rifle faithful to Colonel Cooper’s idea by different manufacturers. Still, no one has followed through with the project to the letter. Probably due to legal problems, since in the US, a rifle with such a short barrel would be subject to a transfer tax of 200 USD (Class III weapon) and a strict regulation of the US ICAE (BATF), without a doubt a discouraging factor.

the cartridge

Inspired by the aforementioned original cartridge concept devised by Jeff Cooper, Tim LeGendre of LeMag Firearms used the .284 Winchester as the starting case to develop a straight-walled rifle cartridge with a shortened length, which he called the .45. Professional, later it would be adapted to an AR-15. Then, Bushmaster approached ammunition manufacturer Hornady about producing a small trial quantity of this new.

45 Professional cartridge, but Hornady wanted to slightly shorten the 1.771″ cartridge case to the standard 1.700″ size to accommodate his 0.452″ 250-grain SST flex tip; both LeGendre and Bushmaster approved the change. The name of the new cartridge would later be changed to “.450 Bushmaster”.

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