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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing High-Quality LED Light Bars for Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing High-Quality LED Light Bars for Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing High-Quality LED Light Bars for Your Car

Installing aftermarket LED light bars on your car or truck can dramatically improve visibility and style. But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the right ones? Let’s discover high-quality LED light bars at VicOffRoad. This ultimate guide will walk you through what to look for so you can select top-notch LED light bars guaranteed to shine bright.


First, determine how much illumination you need. Smaller 20” light bars work well for accent lighting and illuminating specific spots. Larger 40”-60” light bars provide widespread visibility for off-roading, field work, security detail, and more. Consider your primary usage and mounting placement to choose the optimal size.

Next, decide between flood beams or spot beams. Flood beams cast light in a wide pattern, ideal for upclose work. Spot beams concentrate light in a longer, narrower pattern, great for distance viewing. Combination light bars with both flood and spot beams offer the most versatility.

Lumens indicate brightness, so select LED light bars with higher lumens for maximum illumination. 20” bars should have around 4,000 lumens, while 50” bars can produce over 30,000 lumens. Higher wattage also boosts brightness. Be sure your vehicle electrical system can handle the wattage requirements.  

High-Grade Materials 

Look for durable housings constructed of high-grade materials like powder coated aluminum. Rubberized coating helps repel dirt and dust. Aircraft-grade aluminum delivers superior corrosion resistance while polycarbonate lens covers prevent scratching. 

Quality LED chips impact performance. Top-tier Cree, Epistar, or Philips Lumileds LEDs shine brighter and last longer than generic chips. Opt for light bars using at least 3 watt LEDs. Raw 6 watt LEDs emit very intense light.

IP67 waterproof rating means the light bar is completely protected against dust ingress and can handle being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. IP68 rating doubles the submersion limit, while IP69K indicates the unit is resistant to high pressure steaming water.

For spread lighting across your truck, an LED light bar with a wide 120 degree flood beam angle gets the job done. Spot beams typically range from 20 to 60 degrees for focused long-range illumination. Choose light bars with adjustable mounting brackets that allow you to change the angle as needed.


Stick with name brands known for producing reliable products. Research reviews and forums to gather customer testimonials. Many manufacturers offer at least a 1-year warranty on their LED light bars. This protects against early defects or issues.

Now comes the exciting part – picking function and style. Are you looking to enhance visibility for off-roading, gain security lighting, or just amp up your vehicle’s looks? Do you prefer low-profile blacked-out lights or flashy chrome accent bars? Outline your goals and tastes to select LED light bars that deliver the perfect visual impact.

By carefully considering brightness needs, construction, light quality, beam angles, mounting, brand reputation, and design aesthetics, you can confidently choose high-performing LED light bars guaranteed to upgrade your driving experience. With this knowledge, you will illuminate the road ahead and turn heads everywhere you go.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing High-Quality LED Light Bars for Your Car