The importance of Yoga in maintaining a life balance

The importance of Yoga in maintaining a life balance

Yoga is all about finding balance, both physically and metaphorically too. But when you throw on your favourite Yoga outfit and head to your Yoga session you are also helping to maintain balance in your life too. With the help of Yoga, you can explore things outside of your comfort zone and explore personal growth and use self-reflection. Read more in this article. You can explore your strengths and weaknesses and your patterns and establish a better balance between work and home life. Here is a look at just four ways it can help.

Use the chance to study yourself

Learning and doing Yoga is in part about self-study as you learn the different poses and find balance literally. When we take these opportunities to study ourselves and learn who we are and what we want, we are better able to make better choices when it comes to work-life balance. As you breathe and find your center also reflect on your life and what you need to make it more complete. The self-reflection you find yourself doing on the Yoga mat will help you create a life that better suits your personality and meets your mental, physical and spiritual needs. Just keep in mind that this kind of self-study is not done in one session. It takes consistency and practice and patience.

Examine closely the habits you have formed

It is easy to fall into habits or patterns with work and home life and then just stick with them even when they are not working for you because let’s face it, change is hard. There are also unconscious patterns we develop that we do not even realise is having an impact, like the routine of grabbing a coffee from a coffee shop on the way to work, or eating that pastry every afternoon for your afternoon snack. But some patterns we form are not healthy for us. By doing Yoga you can better identify your habits and see where the unhealthy ones are and try to establish something better.

Know what physical and mental limits you have

We all have certain physical and mental limits but we don’t all know where those are, or how to push to see where growth is possible. With Yoga practise in your Yoga outfit you can explore these limits, track your progress and have a better understanding of yourself. Maybe you have a physical injury like a bad hip with Yoga you can explore that and hopefully build your strength their and while you accept that limit it does not have to hold you back, you can explore options around it.

Explore the concepts of Sukha and Sthira

The Yoga concept of Sukha is about comfort, ease and being more open. Sthira is about strength and being steadfast. These concepts are not just applied to each yoga posture you learn and perform and perfect but also can be used to help you with balance in your life too. 


With a comfortable Yoga outfit and consistent Yoga sessions, you can use the tools you learn there to not just get better at Yoga but to also find balance in life!

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The importance of Yoga in maintaining a life balance

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