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The importance of data protection for businesses

The importance of data protection for businesses

The importance of data protection for businesses

Data protection is crucial for businesses. Hackers target businesses of any size to try and steal sensitive information, costing you time, money and reputation. Below, we explore why data protection matters and how to protect your business. 

What is data protection?

Data protection refers to the systems in place to protect your business from revealing sensitive information. This is large to protect yourself from hackers and other bad actors. The information they’ll target includes email addresses, phone numbers, names, medical information, bills, bank and credit card details and home addresses. 

Why is it important for businesses?

2021 had the highest average data breach cost in the US for 17 years – this is a problem that’s getting worse. When businesses have their data stolen criminals can sell sensitive information about customers. Or they can use the information to send phishing emails impersonating the company. Either way, data breaches can result in big financial losses for companies, alongside the financial loss when dissatisfied customers leave following the breach.

How to protect your data

One of the best ways to protect your business is by training your staff adequately about data protection. By educating your staff about phishing, suspicious websites, secure passwords and best practices, you can give them the tools to prevent data breaches from happening across the company. 

You should also put official data policies in place. These can be a set of rules that everyone in the company is expected to follow. From dealing with phishing attempts in the first place to detailing the correct course of action when there’s been a breach, an official set of policies can help make everything abundantly clear. 

Sometimes, though, you need physical protection for your business too. Cabinet lock bars are an excellent choice for securing files and sensitive information that’s stored physically. File cabinet lock bars are a robust locking solution for file cabinets that contain private or confidential documents. Regardless of size, any company can take peace of mind from the security they provide, especially in the age of enhanced data protection regulation.

Data monitoring and reporting can also be incredibly helpful. By hiring experienced data professionals, you can accurately monitor all the data in your company and ensure that everything’s accounted for. In the case of a breach, this should also mean that you quickly act and limit the damage. 

Stringent data protection strategies are crucial for all businesses. Data breaches can be incredibly costly for businesses and it’s hugely important to avoid them. By training your staff, putting together a solid policy, purchasing cabinet locks and monitoring your data, you can have the peace of mind that your company is well prepared. 

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The importance of data protection for businesses

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