The Far From the Norm Dorm: 6 Tips for Designing a More Comfortable Dorm Room

The Far From the Norm Dorm: 6 Tips for Designing a More Comfortable Dorm Room: Going from a spacious family home to a tiny dorm room can be a drastic change for fresh-faced college students moving out for the first time. Not to mention, school housing often lacks personality and functionality, leaving students with outdated furniture and stiff bedding. 

Fortunately, teenagers transitioning into university housing can amp up their room by adding personal and comfortable touches, taking their dorms from drab to fab. If you’re sick of living in an uninspiring, comfortless space, continue reading for helpful dorm design tips. 

Upgrade your bed

Good sleep is vital for health, well-being, and cognitive performance— all crucial to college students. Unfortunately, standard dorm beds are often worn down and uncomfortable, leaving many first-year students tossing and turning for nights on end. However, students can bypass sleepless nights by trading in their dodgy setup for higher-quality materials. 

By upgrading your lumpy dorm mattress with brand-new bedding, plenty of pillows, and a comfort-boosting layer like the Essentia mattress topper, you’ll sleep soundly through the night. 

Create a personalized workspace

Studying is an inescapable part of college life, so you’ll need a comfortable space to focus in your dorm when you don’t feel like trekking to the library. First things first, ditch the dorm-provided folding chair and invest in an adjustable office chair with back and posture support. That way, you can stay relaxed and undisturbed during your hours-long study sessions. 

Additionally, you can make your space more functional and enticing by displaying pictures of your loved ones, adding sentimental knick-knacks, and keeping extra supplies on hand. 

Add calming colors

Research shows that using specific colors in your space can create an emotional response, impacting your mood. So, for those looking to elicit positive and peaceful emotions through their space, try incorporating calm colors like dandelion, tangerine, or sky blue into your decor. Though most dorms prohibit permanent paint jobs, you can still add splashes of color through embellishments or temporary wallpaper. 

Have a designated chill zone

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid stress in college. However, you can balance out school-induced worry by creating a zen zone in your dorm. Having a quiet place where you can mellow and wind down is critical for students riddled with anxiety. Something as simple as a bean bag, mood lighting, or even a hanging hammock can make all the difference.

Keep things organized

Because students are often cramped for space in dorm rooms, creating a fool-proof organization system is a must to keep belongings organized. When clutter builds up and mess accumulates, small rooms can feel even more claustrophobic and chaotic. To keep functionality high and stress levels low, consider investing in storage bins, rid your space of unnecessary clutter, and tidy every day. 

Befriend roommates

Last but not least, befriending your roommates is a surefire way to make you feel comfortable and secure in your new home. Few things are worse than living in a space where you feel unwelcome. So, make sure you spend time nourishing your housemate relationships because chances are, you’ll be spending the next four years with them.

Parting shot

Though adjusting to dorm life may take time and patience, you can speed along the process by making your space homier. Try decorating your room with personal touches, slap on a comfortable mattress topper, and keep your area tidy to stay comfy and cozy in your brand-new home. 

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The Far From the Norm Dorm: 6 Tips for Designing a More Comfortable Dorm Room

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