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The Best Networking certification is best: Huawei or Cisco?

Huawei or Cisco

The Best Networking certification is best: Huawei or Cisco?

Getting into the network engineering and IT sector is common. But earning the networking certification can be unique and rare. Though these certifications have their own demand, it is good to opt and earn such certifications. The reason for this is, networking certification provides you with enough skills to advance in your career effectively.

Moreover, when it comes to networking certification, there are a lot of them offered by various vendors. Cisco and Huawei are the most popular ones ever. Also, if you are preparing for any such Huawei certification program, you can go through huawei hcie routing and switching material dumps. 

Huawei ICT Certification

Huawei is no doubt the fastest developing network vendor. Basically, Huawei is the cloud computing certification program, which includes three main certification program levels: HCIA – Associate level exam, HCIP – Professional level exam, and HCIE – Expert level exam. 

Continuing with the last expert level of the exam, we see the different stages of exams: cloud computing – written exams, lab, and interview tests. Also, data center, routing and switching, storage, and enterprise communication. Furthemore, if you want to prepare for HCIE exams, you can check out the huawei mock exam of routing and switching

Cisco Networking Certification

Cisco Networking Certification is one of the popular certification programs offered by a specific vendor. This certification is divided into mainly three levels, which are associate, professional, and expert. Once you complete these levels, you get ready to experience new skills and challenges in IT sectors. 

Furthermore, these levels cover different ideas and syllabus. All these stages help us get more knowledge and practical skills to apply in networking. 

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 

This level of Cisco includes the information of network access, IP connectivity, fundamentals security, IP services, etc. It also aligns the job opportunities like network administrator, network expert and engineer. 

Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise

This version of the certification program covers infrastructure, virtualisation, network assurance, and automation of the enterprises. It also requires the experience of minimum three and maximum five years in networking solutions. In addition to this, it has replaced the routing and switching of CCNP now. 

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Enterprise Infrastructure

This was formerly popular as CCIE routing and switching program. This certification exam is highly for the technician and specialists, who have the experience of at least 7 years. 

Which One Should You Choose

Though the certification program is somehow similar to nature, it is important for you to see your flexibility first. See which course you can afford easily, and which one gives you the best opportunities ahead. However, Huawei certification exams cost approximately 1200 to 1500 dollars, and this certification is only valid for three years of its completion. 

So, these were the important facts on which you can differentiate these two amazing certification courses. Choosing any of the courses does not create much difference, but still you must look for the best opportunities and growth offered by the certification in your present and future. Therefore, choose wisely and make your decisions. 

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The Best Networking certification is best: Huawei or Cisco?