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The Best Gay Hangouts in Vegas

The Best Gay Hangouts in Vegas

The Best Gay Hangouts in Vegas

According to CNN’s COVID-19 Las Vegas travel guide, tourists from anywhere across the globe can now visit the famous Sin City, as long as they are fully vaccinated. Many of the city’s most famous attractions, including its casinos, hotels, restaurants, and even shows are now open to the public.

If you belong to the LGBT community, Las Vegas can be a great place to visit. The city is home to many LGBT-friendly nightclubs, bars, pools, and shows.

Piranha Nightclub

Piranha is perhaps the “most Vegas” of the gay dance clubs in the city. It’s located just east of the main Strip (within walking distance), and very much mimics some of the gigantic, famous clubs you’ll find in the main casino resorts.

Piranha is a little bit more intimate than those resort clubs, but it still packs the same pulsing energy and Vegas-style extravagance. It’s a two-story venue where skyboxes and a VIP suite overlook a small but always-crowded dance floor. Music is loud, activity is constant, and the guests at the club are famously attractive (or at least tend to be). Throw in some outdoor balcony space where you can catch a breath of fresh air and sip a cocktail next to open fire, and Piranha just has a bit of everything.

Fun Hog Ranch

Vegas is famous for its nightclubs, but for those who don’t necessarily like loud music and crowded dance floors, the Nevada bar scene is no joke either. Whether you’re into cocktail bars, quirky themes, whiskey hangouts, or classic brewpubs, you’ll have your pick of fun options in and around Vegas. In this same vein though, those looking for a reliable gay bar should take a look at Fun Hog Ranch. It’s a dive and one that can get famously raucous. But it’s also a place where LGBTQ guests go to simply have a few beers, hang out, meet people, or perhaps play at some low-key casino game machines.

Badlands Las Vegas

If you really just want a bar, with virtually no focus on club themes or dancing, then Badlands Saloon is the spot for you. On the inside, the bar is more or less a traditional, old-school saloon that happens to be geared toward LGBTQ clientele. The menu focus is on beer, the entertainment consists of drag performances, billiards, darts, and video poker, and the crowd tends to be happy and fun, but a bit more “chill” by Vegas standards.

The Luxor Pool

The pools in Vegas generally aren’t to be missed. A fresh look at some of the best things to do in Vegas cited poolside fun as the number two attraction behind gambling. It’s really not a stretch to say the pools have become as big a selling point as the resorts themselves, or their famous casinos.

The pool areas are generally on the extravagant side and over the top, but in recent years they’ve really become some of the city’s preeminent attractions. A few years ago, a fun look at the best hotel pools in the U.S. listed several from Vegas. Among them, the vast, Egyptian-themed pool at the Luxor is known as a gay hangout. The pool’s “Temptation Sunday” events are effectively massive gay pool parties, but even during ordinary hours, it’s a little bit more of an LGBTQ hot spot than any other Vegas pool.

The Phoenix

We’ve saved The Phoenix for last because it’s essentially the closest thing to a combination of the suggestions above. It’s a big, popular club where you can enjoy yourself dancing and partying or enjoy a more traditional bar experience with video poker and billiards games. There’s even a touch of what the LGBTQ community enjoys at the Luxor, in that The Phoenix is a popular spot for special events and specific parties. All in all, it’s probably the most well-rounded gay hangout in town, and one you absolutely have to have on your list if you’re headed to America’s playground.

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the United States. With many gay hangouts available, tourists can drink, dance, and mingle with other LGBT individuals. And if you want to take it a step further, you can check out our ‘5 Tips for Your First Lesbian Hookup’ article. That way, you can end your trip with a bang.

The Best Gay Hangouts in Vegas

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