THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022

THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022

CBD products are becoming popular every day, especially because of how relaxing they are and being medically beneficial. Research and studies into the variants of CBD products are becoming increasingly more common to understand the full extent of their benefits and uses. 

With the popularity of cannabis and CBD products, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve heard of them, but the chances are that you’ve never come across THC-O. Not many have; it is a variant of CBD that has been discovered in recent times, owing to modern research. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what THC-O is; it is one of the more uncommon and unexplored strains of cannabis. However, it is rapidly gaining more popularity, and the demand for it is also increasing. That is because it is more potent and overall more beneficial for health than other variants of cannabis. Moreover, it is also available in various flavors and mediums, such as vapes, gummies, and oils. You can buy some of the best THC – O products at –

THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022

But, before you make that purchase, it is better to understand what you’ll be spending your money on. Here’s everything you need to know about THC-O and what it is used for. 

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THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022


THC-O, also known as THC-O-Acetate, is, at the most basic level, a cannabinoid – a chemical compound that merges with the cannabinoid receptors in the body to induce some specific reactions, reactions that include “getting high” and feeling relaxed.  

This cannabinoid, however, is not natural at all. Yes, you read that right – it has a very specific formula formulated in a lab. The fact that it is made in a lab and isn’t natural doesn’t make it bad or take away any of its properties like one would expect; it only adds to its uses and strength by stripping away the wide range of unnecessary compounds present in it. The properties of THC – O are also rather unique, owing to the formulation. Let’s look at the properties of this cannabinoid compound.


Here is a list of some of the properties of THC – O; these pertain to its appearance and composition, along with helping in differentiating it from other CBD variants.

  • According to an article by Honest Marijuana, THC-O is an acetylated version of THC; the acetyl molecules add to the potency of this drug. 
  • It is liquid in its initial form, earthy in color, and heavy in weightage.
  • THC – O is an inactive compound; it is only after the body’s metabolic processes break it down that it becomes active and starts doing what it is supposed to do. 
  • THC is fat-soluble, similar to other cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis Sativa. It means that it goes through rigorous filtration processes before entering the bloodstream.
  • It is psychedelic, which means that it has psychoactive effects that cause relaxation and a state of euphoria. 
  • It is too potent to be used by casual users or people who have only recently started taking cannabinoids.
  • It takes about 30-40 minutes for the effects of THC-O products to kick in.

Let’s take a look at some of the physical and psychological benefits of THC-O; this helps understand why this compound is so famous and why it is set to take over other types of CBD products.


Here is a list of benefits that one can get out of consuming THC-O products:

  • It is known for its pain-relief properties; THC-O binds with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system to block off the pain response in the body. It is so potent that it provides instant relief and can even treat chronic pain disorders. 
  • THC-O is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help the autoimmune system stay balanced and respond to bodily situations appropriately. Because of these properties, it is used actively in the treatment of inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
  • As mentioned earlier, THC-O is a psychedelic and can help the body and mind relax by fighting stress and battling anxiety. It stimulates the glands to produce serotonin, the hormone responsible for inducing the relaxation response. It has come to be used widely in the treatment of mental health issues.

THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022

  • THC-O is extremely helpful for people suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia. Allowing the body and mind to fall into a state of relaxation helps promote the sleep response. Along with helping induce sleep, it helps maintain the quality and duration by making sure the person sleeps soundly. 
  • THC-O is an appetite stimulant, often used by people to increase their food intake. Like most other forms of cannabinoids, it can make you feel very hungry and crave all sorts of foods after it breaks down into the body. 

Even with all these benefits, it is vital to remember that TH-O is still a drug, and it’s very potent – as made evident in an article by Daily CBD. If you plan to indulge in TH-O consumption, you must take precautions and be mindful of certain factors.
THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022


Here is a list of some precautions you can take and some advice that you should keep in mind as you start your journey with THhC-O:

  • Remember that TH-O is very potent and that you do not need a large dose to make yourself feel better. Start with a low potency variant and a low dosage, gradually increase both as you get used to the drug. Just don’t go beyond the recommended dosage.
  • Consult with a physician before you take TH-O if you suffer from a chronic or severe health condition. Though it is generally safe, it can have some mild side effects. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Do not consume other drugs or alcohol if you are taking TH-O. If you want to take both, make sure to maintain a healthy gap between the two. 

If you consider these tips, you will not have trouble with THC-O.

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THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022


A variant of cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis Sativa, THCc-O, is formulated in a lab. It is, however, much more beneficial than what you can get directly from nature. If you want something stronger than regular CBD products, or something that will help your overall health more effectively, then TH-O is the product to try.  

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THC – O: WHAT IS THAT? Does it Get You High? 2022

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