Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game

Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game

Tennis is also an excellent recreational activity as one of the most famous sports. More than the physical and mental health benefits it delivers as a great workout, it also offers social benefits. Thus, there are many good reasons why one should play tennis.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or someone who just decided to pick up a racket for the first time to join the fun of playing tennis, it is essential to remember that playing it right matters. This is not only about game mastery but also about avoiding the risk of injury, which is what physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is for. 

Improving in the game is not only a goal for amateurs but even the pros. This article will help you with the basics of getting better on the court. Are you ready to level up? Here’s how!

Hold Your Racket Right

Before even thinking of the rally, you should first consider getting your proper grip. Whether it is western, eastern or continental, getting your most comfortable and efficient way to hold your racket is a significant advantage.

It is vital that you can master your dominant hand grip because it is also the foundation of having a good and proper swing. It is also important to note that it is not advisable to grip the racket too hard since it will just give you blisters.

Mind Your Feet

Footwork is another vital aspect to work on to get better in tennis. It may be true that every ball you encounter is never the same, but having the correct footwork technique will increase your success in returning a shot. Being in the right position with your feet gives a considerable advantage.

Learning the proper footwork is imperative. When running to approach a shot, it is crucial to learn to use the stutter steps since this helps achieve the perfect position to ace the return shot. This ability to move can be achieved by doing dedicated footwork drills. Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game

Another technique to remember is staying on your toes. Indoor tennis analysis shows that being caught flat-footed will impede you from quickly chasing the ball. Thus, keeping your feet at the right angle and position is equally important as your feet’s movement when playing.

Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game
Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

You need to keep your eyes on the ball when it leaves your racket. This way, you can always perfect contact points and good shots. It is not an easy skill to learn to have your eyes dead set on the ball, but this indeed is an ability that can be a game-changer for you.

Based on indoor tennis analysis, the success of your return shots and taking control of the ball’s direction are very much dependent on this dexterity. From the serve toss-up to the rally, it is essential not to remove your eyes from the ball. Remember that watching every move of the ball will help you be in control on the court.

Master Your Swing

Another vital aspect to ponder on is your swing motion. This is critical because the shot’s direction and result depend on the swing motion. Mastering a good swing can also allow you to control the ball’s spin.

An essential part of mastering your swing is focusing on having low to high motion. Making this pattern makes the swing accelerate. In doing so, you must keep the racquet face close to avoid slamming and control the ball’s movement.

Gear Up Properly

Getting geared up is never just about the fashion and style. Proper tennis gear is actually a vital performance factor. Thus, getting the appropriate racket, tennis shoes, protective eyewear, and others is imperative.

The racket size is dependent on your size and weight as a player. Incorrect rackets can cause pain in the wrist and the elbows. Considering this, having your racket fit by an expert for you will be a good advantage. This includes having the strings done by a professional too.

Getting the right shoe is also crucial since the technology used for tennis shoes is meant to provide the ankle support needed. Shoes are designed for the efficient lateral movement and stability of the ankles. You might also want to consider getting other necessities such as eye protectors, wrist bands, and caps that will make you comfortable while playing.  

Get Your Head in the Game

When playing tennis, it is a requirement that you have a sound mind and body. Having your mind ready is as important as having your body prepared too. Increasing your knowledge by learning the basics through reading, watching, or hearing them from experts will help you be mentally more capable.

As for the physical aspect, accompanying playing tennis with a good workout and cardio routine will help you prepare yourself physically. Having your body ready for the intense demands of tennis will let you develop the endurance and strength you need on the court. Having a proper and healthy diet is a must too.  


Just like any other endeavor, tennis also requires adherence to the fact that practice makes perfect. To elevate step up your game, you need to commit to putting yourself into the strenuous process as it imposes.

Necessities such as holding your racquet right, having good footwork, keeping an eye on the ball, having an efficient swing, gearing up properly, and getting your head in the game are just some of the aspects you need to consider. These things require commitment and discipline if you really want to own the court like a pro.   

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Tennis 101: Stepping Up Your Game