Student’s morning: 7 typical waking up mistakes

Student’s morning: 7 typical waking up mistakes

How we start the day determines our mood, physical well-being, and motivation to do something. That is why it is important to organize your morning properly.

In this article, we will tell you what you should not do right after waking up.

Starting the morning with the phone

You probably don’t even notice that you start every morning by looking at your Instagram feed or Facebook. Just stretch and open your eyes – the smartphone is already in your hands.

Bright light from the display irritates sleepy eyes, especially if you wake up at night. The nervous system is overexcited. So during the day, you will not be in the best frame of mind.

It’s better to make it a rule to do a slow morning exercise. Stretch and rub your muscles and joints to stretch and prepare them for the upcoming activity.

Ignore the first alarm call

Sometimes we intentionally set the alarm clock 20-30 minutes earlier, so that there was more time to lie in bed. As a result, we fall asleep 5 more times and wake up from the bell, but it does not add energy.

It is important to practice getting up at the first signal, because “sleep swings” have a negative effect on the nervous system: the natural phases of REM sleep are disrupted, which leads to mental and physical illnesses (depression, neurotic disorders, metabolic disorders, etc.).

Eating sweets for breakfast

Breakfast should indeed contain a lot of carbohydrates, but they should be “slow”/complex: cereals, whole-grain bread, etc. Complex carbohydrates have a low glycemic index, do not cause spikes in blood sugar, and provide energy for the whole day.

Sweet cereals or muesli, chocolate, tea with sugar are tasty but harmful, especially after waking up. The body hasn’t had time to wake up, and we dramatically increase sugar levels. Over time, this practice can lead to diabetes.

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Also, sugar for breakfast triggers the mechanism of bad moods. Sweets cause spikes in insulin: it rises and falls quickly. When it falls, a person becomes irritable, and only a new portion of sugar can relieve this situation.

Read and watch the news

Morning is a mystery, so at the moment of waking up, it is important to concentrate on how you feel. But many ignore their feelings and give attention to a smartphone, newspaper, or television. And what do they usually talk about on the news? About a terrible fire in a factory, a fatal car accident, etc. And how can a day be good if it started with bad news? 

It is better to play your favorite music, which will raise your spirits in the morning. Believe us, you won’t lose anything if you miss the morning dose of negativity.

Hurry up and be nervous

A morning filled with urgent matters cannot be good.

Morning excitement and anxiety are more harmful than daytime and evening. The nervous system is not yet awake, but you are already stressed. Sudden spikes in stress undermine your health and make you more vulnerable to stressful situations.

If you know that you have a lot to do in the morning, it’s better to get up early and take your time. Let there be an opportunity not only to do the necessary things but also to take time for yourself: to meditate, to tune in the right way, and with a smile to go to studies. Such an approach will also improve the quality of studies. After all, if you devote a certain amount of time to study, you will be able to do your homework more efficiently, and not use paper help.

Ignore the body’s need for water

Many people have breakfast planned right after waking up. There is nothing wrong with that, but it would be more correct to start digestion first.

Student's morning: 7 typical  waking up mistakes
Student’s morning: 7 typical waking up mistakes

A glass of warm drinking or mineral water wets the stomach and intestines after sleep and activates all internal organs. It is important to warm water, because cold liquid irritates the stomach, stagnates in it.

Drink coffee with an empty stomach

Another bad habit is to give up breakfast and drink coffee on an empty stomach. Caffeine “hits” the sleepy nerves and overstimulates them, irritate the digestive tract, and washes out useful flora.

Meet the morning right: calm, measured, and with positive thoughts. Don’t skip breakfast, because it is the most important meal

of the day. If you can’t wake up the first time, you probably have a bad rest routine. Try to go to bed at the same time, then you won’t have to put off the alarm clock.

Student’s morning: 7 typical waking up mistakes

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