Struggling To Make A Professional Presentation? Here Are The Tools That Could Help You

These days slideshows are used for just about everything, be it online lectures, pitch decks for start-ups, or product launches. A few years ago, when it came to presentations, PowerPoint used to be the go-to software. 

Though it still is a useful tool in a lot of scenarios, there are times that you may want to break away from the more conventional options that it offers — essential, simple slides full of bullet points. 

Over time, many apps have made their way into the market, making our lives easier. If you want to build a slideshow and make your presentation more appealing, engagingly connect with your audience and communicate key ideas, it may be time for you to try one of these ten presentation solutions. 

You can even use these apps in conjunction with a youtube video editing platform, where you can create and edit videos as an attachment to your slideshows. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead.

Using them, you can make visual stories using stunning infographics, express thoughts interactively, or transform boring data into insightful stories.


Create attention-grabbing videos and exciting animations to be added to your presentations with VideoCreek’s slideshow maker. VideoCreek is a video content creation app with a lot of templates to choose from. 

You can even edit the templates by tweaking them. The video quality is good, making it one of the best video apps to edit videos and create slideshows.


With Visme, you can create visually-stunning presentations. A cloud-based tool, it’s also used for infographics, banners, short animations, and teasers. You can publish or share your creations online, embed, or download them. 

You can also add media, such as audio or video, from your computer or laptop. There’s a business version of Visme, where you can prioritize your brand. 

When you create a presentation, it can add your company logo, colors of your brand, and other images that are characteristics of your company. 

Its security features give you absolute control to make your content public, private, or password-protected.


Canva makes designing or creating a presentation amazingly simple. With all the tools available, you can easily create beautiful and professional graphics. The online platform has numerous professionally designed layouts from which you can choose. 

Create your design from scratch, add text confronts, or add filters. When it comes to images as well, you can either download something from the thousands of stock images in Canva; you can also upload and save your organization’s logo. 

Once you are ready with your presentation, you can share it on social media or use Canva’s ‘Presentation Mode’ to present it from your Canva account.


If you are a graphic designer, art director, UX designer, or the like, you will love Ludus. It’s for those who are creative and find presentation apps limiting when it comes to breaking free creatively. 

The advantage of Ludus is its integration with third-party apps, such as YouTube, GIPHY, or Figma. If you want to, you can add content from these third-party apps to create your presentations. You can even copy files from Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. 

Haiku Deck

Simplicity is the keyword in Haiku Deck. You can create simple presentations with high-quality images, which can be accessed by anyone across devices. 

The kind of images it has in its library and the range of fonts means you wouldn’t need any other presentation tool once you start using Haiku Deck. 


Pitcherific helps students and entrepreneurs prepare the perfect pitch. Apart from making a pitch presentation, you can also practice making convincing pitcher address examples. 

It has a range of templates through which you can make different pitches and presentations. Pitcherific also offers guidance on speeches and allows you to track how long your speech or presentation is.

Google Slides

Google Slides works a lot like PowerPoint, with the only difference being that it runs in your browser. One important feature is that it has a great Q&A tool to make your presentations interactive. If you turn on this feature, people can ask questions related to your presentations. 

With Google Slides, you can also collaborate seamlessly and in real-time. All that you need to do is share a link and mention the person concerned, and anyone you want can make changes to the slides. 

With more people working remotely than ever, this is just the right app to create your presentations. 


SlideCamp helps you manage PowerPoint slides and allows your team to create presentations in minutes, thereby cutting down on inefficiency and getting reducing time. You can choose color schemes, add logos, or create infographics with SlideCamp. 

You can also set up branding details, making it a cakewalk for your employees to work across multiple platforms while maintaining presentation consistency. It is geared for larger businesses. 


You don’t have an eye for detail yet are looking for a beautiful presentation. So, what do you do? You opt for SlideBean, an AI-powered presentation app. You can either choose one of the available templates or write down an outline of your presentation with a theme. 

SlideBean will automatically create the presentation for you. There is a range of pre-existing color palettes to choose from. If needed, SlideBean will also rearrange your slides or individual elements within a fall. With SlideBean, you can make presentations faster than most other apps.


If you are looking at an app to help you make animated presentations or animated explainer videos, your search ends at Powtoon. With this app, you can create professional-looking and engaging videos and presentations, which talk about your brand or product in minutes. 

Through these informational videos, you can educate your clients about your brand’s identity and its message. You can edit your videos and presentations and add voiceovers to make it a seamless experience for your clients.

These ten apps will help you get your presentations to the next level. You may be someone who needs to build a presentation fast or looking at interactive features; these powerful-yet-engaging presentation apps will aid you in creating beautiful presentations. 

No matter what you choose, keep one thing in mind: If you start as a business, opt for a free version of any app and upgrade it once your business grows.

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