Solitaire Diamond Rings Explained

Solitaire Diamond Rings Explained

What is the meaning of the solitaire diamond ring?

The meaning of a solitaire diamond ring is a diamond engagement or wedding ring without any side stones. It is often used when one wishes to display their engagement or marriage commitment with a single, large gemstone. So, “solitaire diamond ring” means a single large diamond.

What does a solitaire diamond ring look like?

The solitaire diamond ring is a simple band or eternity style set with a single, large stone. The stone can be a diamond but is often removed from its “box” setting. The size of the stone is also important. A solitaire diamond ring’s gemstone should be large enough to be seen easily from any angle and not overpower the ring’s design.

Different forms of a solitaire diamond ring found in Singapore

1. Stone diamond ring: A ring with only one gemstone; usually a diamond. This type is intended to be a “statement piece” — not the most realistic ring style.

2. Channel set diamond ring: Small, channel-set stones are placed between two larger stones in this setting. Channel-set diamond rings usually have less metal than a pave setting. This can make them more affordable and more durable.

3. Pave diamond ring: Pave diamonds cover the entirety of the ring’s interior. it is most often seen in white gold but can appear in yellow gold.

4. Side stone diamond ring: A ring with side stones other than one main center stone (i.e. Diamond wedding ring). Side stones can be diamonds and frequently colored gemstones (i.e. Sapphire or emerald).

What material should you choose for a solitaire diamond ring?

A high-quality solitaire should be made out of platinum or gold, which does not tarnish or change color over time. The mounting should be well crafted to be as durable as possible. The stone must be flawless, and the mounting must hold the diamond firmly.

Cheap diamond rings often have poorly cut diamonds or small stones, which generate high waste material. Avoid diamond rings with visible metal on the sides of the stone. Getting a premium solitaire diamond ring in Singapore from any store online or locally can give you first-hand experience.

How to choose a solitaire diamond ring in Singapore?

As a single stone ring, a solitaire diamond ring is easy to match with all of your fantastic outfits. It is a popular choice for engagement or wedding band designs. Check out the below tips to choose a solitaire diamond ring.

1. The size of the diamond determines its price: Diamonds are measured on a scale called “carats” (g). The larger the carat, the more expensive. No rule says the bigger the diamond, the more money you have to spend.

2. Location of the setting: The center diamond is the most important part of a solitaire ring. Smaller diamonds, called side stones often surround this. If your partner loves precious stones, this may be important to you.

3. Bridal set: If your partner is a wedding-bound lady, she will love a solitaire ring with a large center diamond surrounded by side stones. Brides often ask for these to wear on their wedding day, or they can use the ring afterward. The center stone can be a diamond.

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A solitaire diamond ring is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment. Choose an ideal ring or design as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, or simple gift. Moreover, the standard of a solitaire diamond ring is very good, so you can trust it will be well done.

Solitaire Diamond Rings Explained

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