Small Apartment? 12 Space-Saving Home Decor Ideas You Need To Try

Small Apartment? 12 Space-Saving Home Decor Ideas You Need To Try

Small Apartment? 12 Space-Saving Home Decor Ideas You Need To Try

If you live in a busy city, small flats or apartments are probably the most affordable housing option available – but don’t let the limited space discourage you!  With the right home decor, you can make your tiny apartment spacious and much brighter. Check out some easy ways you can maximise your current space.

  1. Buy Suitable Furniture

Many people make the mistake of buying furniture that’s too large for their home. A couch that barely fits in your living room will make it look even smaller. Always buy furniture that is appropriately sized for your apartment. This is also applicable for soft furnishings such as rugs and curtains.

We would also recommend limiting the amount of furniture and decor you use. The more things you have, the more crowded your apartment will look.

  1. Customise Pieces

Is your apartment an unusual shape? Instead of trying to cover up the awkward layout of your home, embrace it. Customise furniture and home decor pieces to fit your unique home. Customising furniture might cost more, but it’s worth the investment.

  1. Consider a Loft Bed

In a one-bedroom apartment, a traditional bed will likely take up most of the space. If you want a living room or workspace in your small house, consider getting a foldable bed. It’s tucked away on your wall, and you can pull it out when it’s time to sleep. Another great option is a loft bed.

  1. Lighting is Key

Lighting can completely change the look of a place. Make sure every corner of your apartment is well-lit to make it look spacious. You should get sleek table lamps and install under-the-cabinet LED strips. Adding lighting fixtures will increase your electricity bills, so it is a good time to compare electricity plans in your area and switch to a competitively-priced plan.

  1. Think Vertical

Floor space might be limited, but you can also utilise your walls and ceilings. Vertical storage is the way to go to increase storage space. You can hang bulky pots or pans on the walls. Are you running out of room to store your shoes? Put up a wall show cabinet for more space.

  1. In-Built Storage for Everything

Whether you are buying a desk or bed, make sure every piece of furniture also doubles as storage. In-built storage will help keep your home clean and tidy.

  1. Careful with Colour

From wallpaper to wall paint, choosing the right colours is crucial to open up space. Stick to light and bright colours. If you are planning to use wallpaper, then avoid picking bold patterns.

  1. Multipurpose Furniture

In addition to storage, you should also look for furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, a work desk that can be extended to make a dining table is a great investment.

  1. Incorporate Mirrors

Adding mirrors and other reflective surfaces will make your flat look more spacious than it is.

  1. Install a Sliding Door

If you live in a studio apartment, it can be difficult to distinguish between your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. You can separate your bedroom from the rest of the house with a sliding door. A sliding barn door is a charming addition that won’t take too much space.

  1. Put Floating Shelves

Closed cabinets and shelves can further box up your home. Instead, install floating shelves that offer adequate storage space. You can also install a floating shelf near your bed instead of a conventional bedside table.

The Bottom Line

With the pandemic, many people realised the importance of having a home that they love. An organised and spacious home can inspire creativity and boost productivity.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above help you make the most of your space.

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Small Apartment? 12 Space-Saving Home Decor Ideas You Need To Try

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