How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products – African American Asian

How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products For African American Asian

African American skin is unique so Skin Lightening Products for African Americans require special treatment. Darker skin contains more pigment or melanin than lighter skin to offer greater protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

This melanin is contained in special cells called melanosomes. Melanosomes in African Americans are much bigger than those found in Caucasians and are more likely to get inflamed as a result of cuts or acne scars and this leads to problem dark marks and problems with hyperpigmentation.

These unsightly dark marks can fade their own after several months but tend to take longer to fade on darker skin. This means that there is a high demand for hyperpigmentation treatment for black people and there are many Skin lightening products for African Americans available on the market.

Skin Lightening Products

If you want to get rid of your hyperpigmentation quickly, you will need the help of good Skin Lightening Products.

Black Skin and Hydroquinone

Although hydroquinone-based creams are particularly effective at lightening black skin and can be purchased over the counter in the US, the sale of hydroquinone-based products is banned in Europe and most of the rest of the world.

It has been reported that prolonged use of hydroquinone creams, particularly on black skin, can have the reverse effect and cause permanent darkening. Hydroquinone has also been linked to cancer.


For these reasons, those with African American skin tones are better off seeking out one of the many hydroquinone-free alternatives available that contain safe and natural ingredients to fade dark marks and achieve a lighter skin tone.

Safer Skin Lightening

When looking for an alternative skin whitening product, African Americans should look for a product that does not contain hydroquinone, mercury, or steroids.

Effective natural lightening ingredients include kojic acid, bearberry extract, licorice extract, glycolic acid, and vitamin C to name a few. Two popular skin lightening products containing these products and no harmful hydroquinone or mercury are Meladerm and Makari.

Zeta white products are specifically tailored to black skin and contain luxurious caviar extracts and high-quality natural plant extracts.

zeta white

Meladerm is formulated for all skin tones and types and initial results are promised in just 2 weeks!

How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products For Asian Skin

For each and every person, one brand of Skin lightening products may not work as well as another due to differences in skin type. Usual skin lightening products may not work well with Asian skin and vice versa and that is why the pursuit for an effective skin lightening treatment can be a tedious task.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can be effective at evening out the complexion and lightening skin but most sensitive Asian skins do not react well to many of these advanced peeling procedures.

Asian skin burns easily and is more susceptible to darkening so skin whitening creams are more often used in order to lessen the chances of scars that could be caused by harsh chemical procedures.


Asian skin should be treated differently from other skin types as it tends to be more sensitive and more prone to developing hyperpigmentation than Caucasian types.

PharmaClinix and Nur76 are just two of the well-known brands in the industry that promise to deliver safe and effective Skin lightening results for Asians.

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Skin Lightening Products Made for Asian Skin

Zeta White offers exclusive Skin lightening products for Asians that aim to solve hyperpigmentation problems. Products in the PharmaClinix Lightenex range moisturize, even out skin tone, and lighten the complexion.

Skin Lightening Products

Zeta White has a wide range of skin whitening products that you can choose from for night use or day use. Their products promise to lighten dark skin and rectify uneven skin tones.

They also promise to eliminate discolorations such as sunspots, freckles, and liver spots. Moreover, they use naturally-derived substances that are gentle on sensitive Asian skin, such as Kojic acid and fruit extracts.

Another good brand of whitening cream for Asians is Nur76 Skin Whitening. Nur76 promises all-natural ingredients for effective Asian skin lightening. Nur76 products also offer a variety of products to choose from.


From soaps to lotions, they all promise to deliver natural-looking whiter skin with a healthy glow that is sure to draw admirers from every corner. The lotion can be used for the whole body and if you deem it necessary, they have a product with an even greater strength formula.

It is important to take into consideration how you may react to various ingredients and always do a patch test with new products. Despite the growing market for Asian Skin lightening products, not all are effective.

Be sure to read the Skin Lightening Products review for lightening products you are thinking of buying, in order to make sure they have worked for other people with similar skin types.

zeta white

Skin Lightening Treatment – 3 Reasons Your Skin Lightening Product is Not Working

Millions of dollars are spent on Skin lightening products by people all over the world only to find they don’t work for them. So much money is wasted every month as products end up gathering dust on the shelf but some people do actually see fantastic results with these products.

Are you one of those people not seeing results? Here are some of the most common reasons that skin whitening products do not work.

How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products – African American Asian 2022

Lack of Consistency

Many people report poor results when using skin lightening products whether topical creams or skin whitening pills but dig deeper and you’ll find that they only used the product for a few weeks or they used it for a few days forgot about it then came back to it.

If you are slack with the application of your treatments, your results will also be slack!


Just like with any other treatment, consistency is key. If you want great results from your Skin lightening products, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. If it says use morning and night, do exactly that. Your consistency will be rewarded with a beautiful and even complexion.

Lack of Adequate Sun Protection

It is important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage in any case but I cannot stress just how important it is to use sunscreen with at least SPF15 when trying to lighten your skin or fade dark marks.

Most skin lightening treatments work by suppressing the production of melanin (responsible for skin pigment) and exposure to the sun causes more melanin to be produced.

By not using sun protection while trying to lighten your skin, you are counteracting the effects of your chosen product.

The bottom line is always, always, always wear sunscreen, especially when using skin lightening products!

Your Chosen Product Might Just Suck!

With so many products promising great results, how do you know which one really works? A great place to start is the ingredient list.

Effective skin lightening ingredients include hydroquinone (although this one can be harmful) and naturally derived ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin (bearberry extract), licorice root, glutathione, and many others.

If you don’t see effective ingredients on the list, stop wasting your money and find something else!


Skin lightening products

Also known as bleaching creams, whiteners, skin brighteners, or fading creams — work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin.

Most people who use lighteners do so to treat skin problems such as age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones. It is also a technique used to lighten naturally dark skin.

Skin lightening products do come with some risks. As with any new product, be sure to read the label and know the facts before you buy and apply a skin lightener.

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What Determines Skin Color?

Skin color is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. People with dark skin have more melanin.

How much melanin your skin has is mainly a matter of your genetic makeup. Sunlight exposure, hormones, skin damage, and exposure to certain chemicals can also affect melanin production.

Changes in skin color will often resolve themselves. For instance, tans fade when the amount of direct exposure to sunlight is reduced. But over time, certain discolorations, such as “age” spots or “liver” spots, become more or less permanent.

What Is Skin Bleaching?

Skin bleaching is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the prominence of skin discolorations and even out the color of the skin. You can buy bleaching creams over the counter and by prescription.

Some people apply skin lightener to their entire body to change their complexion, but this can be very risky. The active ingredient in some skin lighteners is mercury, so bleaching can lead to mercury poisoning.

Mercury is a toxic agent that can cause serious psychiatric, neurological, and kidney problems. Pregnant women who use a skin lightener with mercury can pass the mercury to their unborn child.

Skin Lightening Products in 2023

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The use of mercury as an ingredient in skin lighteners is banned in the U.S. However, some skin lighteners produced outside the U.S. may still contain mercury.

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Cosmetic Benefits

The main benefit that skin lightening creams may provide is a balanced pigmentation, even skin coloring, and reduced appearance of dark spots, freckles, and acne scars.

Skin brightening products can come in the form of creams, lotions, oils, and serums. Skin bleaching products are also available in injectable options. If you’re planning on trying one, talk with your dermatologist about the best fit.

Creams and oils are usually heavier and better for dry skin. If your skin tends to be on the oily side, opt for a lighter serum. Cosmeceuticals, cosmetic products that also provide health benefits, are a popular option for skin brightening.

These products usually come in the form of a cream or serum and can be used to treat dark spots and acne scars.2

If you have noticed skin darkening or new freckles or moles over the years, you may be curious about Skin lightening products. Many people have sought these creams to help reduce age spots and scars, as well as to make freckles less noticeable.


How Do Skin Lighteners Work?

Skin lighteners contain an active ingredient or a combination of ingredients that reduces the amount of melanin in the skin where it is applied. How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products For African American Asians.

Skin lightening products contain ingredients that work to decrease your body’s production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for the pigment in your skin and is made by cells called melanocytes. Bleaching products work by lowering the number of melanocytes in your skin.

Most skin lightening products contain hydroquinone, which is known to decrease melanocytes. Vitamin C, also a common ingredient in skin lightening creams, is an antioxidant that is known to lower melanin production in our cells.

General Risks

Most brightening creams contain ingredients like hydroquinone, corticosteroids, and mercury. These components each come with documented health risks.

Because many over-the-counter and natural Skin lightening products have not been proven safe or effective, many don’t provide long-lasting results. Users may notice that their skin returns to its original color after the bleaching effect wears off.

People who have used skin lightening creams have reported dermatitis and skin irritation. Because many of the products contain steroids, steroid acne is also a possible side effect.

Skin lightening creams can lead to skin breakdown and leave users with open sores and scarring. The redness and lesions can lead to pain that is difficult to manage.

The ingredient hydroquinone has been linked to exogenous ochronosis, a disorder that makes the skin appear black and blue. This condition is difficult to treat and can result in permanent discoloration of the skin.


Skin lightening products, also known as skin brightening creams, are designed to lighten skin color. They work by decreasing the amount of melanin, which is a pigment produced by skin cells and determines how light or dark our skin appears.

These products can be used as a spot treatment or for a lighter complexion overall. However, many Skin lightening products have been found to have dangerous side effects and are not approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you have walked down a makeup aisle recently (or browsed a makeup website), you probably saw hundreds of products claiming to brighten your skin.


Brightening makeup products help to even skin tone and provide an overall brighter look by covering dark spots and leaving a dewy glow on the skin.

Brightening makeup foundations and concealers work on the skin’s surface, but do not affect how much melanin the skin cells are producing as bleaching products do.

As soon as the makeup is washed off, your skin will return to its natural color. While it’s unclear how long the effects of Skin lightening products last, it’s known that the more often and longer you use them, the brighter your skin will appear.

How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Products For African American Asians

Skin lightening products cover a broad range of products designed to bleach and lighten the skin. They do this by targeting the cells that produce melanin. The creams can be used all over the face for a lighter complexion or to spot-treat areas of the skin, such as age spots or acne scars.

While several varieties are available online and over the counter (OTC), it’s best to talk with your doctor before using Skin lightening products. Prescription products are regularly tested for safety and efficacy, unlike OTC products, which could contain dangerous ingredients.

Glycolic acid, which is also found in many skin brightening creams, works as an exfoliant and helps to brighten the skin by clearing away dead cells.

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