Should You Consider a Water Flosser for Daily Dental Care?

Should You Consider a Water Flosser for Daily Dental Care?

Professional dental cleaning (prophylaxis) performed in the dental office or clinic is a fundamental procedure for maintaining health. And this is because, even with daily care (such as proper brushing, regular use of dental floss, and antiseptic rinses), there are often points of accumulation of bacterial plaque, which can go unnoticed. Prophylaxis is therefore the best way to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which are responsible for the appearance of periodontal diseases, irritation, and inflammation of the gums, as well as causing bad breath.

However, not everyone is able to access professional dental cleaning. Most of them rely on self-cleaning teeth. With a travel-size water flosser for example. Is it wrong? Of course not as long as the cleaning is done carefully. This article will highlight the importance of regular dental cleaning and the benefits that you can get from doing what is known as water flossing. Curious? Keep reading to the end.

Do you brush your teeth after every meal for two minutes? Do you floss with every brushing? And do you use mouthwash? If your answer is yes, we congratulate you. And if your answer is no, we understand. Work, agendas, children, meals away from home for business and pleasure… In general, our day-to-day life makes it difficult for us to maintain rigorous oral hygiene. And although your answer was yes, we also have to tell you that professional oral cleaning is necessary for you.

Should You Consider a Water Flosser for Daily Dental Care?

For this reason, today we tell you why dental professionals always recommend professional oral cleaning. And as we always say, the ideal is every 6 months, unless some type of pathology such as gingivitis leads you to carry out more than 2 cleanings a year.

But why is it so important? Because it is the only way to thoroughly sanitize both the teeth and the gums and ensure that our mouth is in excellent condition. Since we remove dental plaque, tartar, and surface stains, it also reduces inflammation in the gums and strengthens the enamel. The result of this common treatment is, in addition to aesthetics, healthy.

Another reason, and no less important, is that professional dental cleaning helps prevent infections and diseases related to the teeth, mouth, and gums, such as the accumulation of tartar, cavities, gingivitis, or periodontitis, among others.

For all these reasons, it is so important to carry out regular oral cleanings, because daily brushing helps us maintain hygiene, but the intervention of professional dentists is necessary for the prevention of diseases and infections. But again, as long as you can clean your teeth regularly and thoroughly, you can negotiate a professional cleaning. And one option for a thorough dental cleaning is to apply to floss!

Flossing is a difficult thing for many people

For some people, flossing is a difficult thing. Are you one of them? If you tend to avoid flossing but feel you need to, then this article is for you.

For information, only half of the population of the United States floss every day, and less than 20% of them never do it at all.

Many people find flossing every day a hassle and if you think about the difficulties of flossing on a daily basis, water flossing seems like an attractive option.

But what is water flossing?

Water flossing is a kind of oral irrigation. This means using a combination of air and water flow pressure (high pressure) with the aim of removing any food debris, plaque, and bacteria between the teeth. After all, this is an attractive option for many people who don’t like spending a lot of time cleaning their teeth thoroughly.

Who can use water flossing therapy?

This cleansing therapy is perfectly safe for most adults. Even for those who use braces, this therapy makes it easy. Water flossing therapy is also recommended for patients with sensitive gums which are more likely to bleed if they are exposed to the floss. For use in children, it is recommended that you take at least one consultation session with a dentist.

Is it safe?

In general, this therapy is quite safe. according to this dentures dentist in Charlotte. You just have to make sure that any therapy you take has the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Don’t have an idea where you should take your therapy? You can consult a dentist you trust. He or she may have some recommendations tailored to the unique condition of your teeth. After that, you can easily pick your water flosser solution.

Is this a must?

It doesn’t have to be as long as you regularly clean your teeth in detail. But assuming you are one of those who don’t clean your teeth thoroughly and regularly, obviously flossing water is a highly recommended therapy.

Traditional floss may work effectively to clean between teeth but not everyone is patient enough to “operate”. Standard floss is a fairly effective tool but water flossing is a more thorough therapy to clean many areas that have not been able to reach properly with dental floss.

Which product is recommended?

There are many but based on our experience, the Binicare Water Flosser is one of the best. This oral irrigator is battery-powered and can accommodate five speeds and four types of tips.

Should You Consider a Water Flosser for Daily Dental Care?

With an easily removable reservoir and rechargeable battery, this portable water flosser is quite practical for everyday use. For those of you who don’t know, Benicar is a popular oral care startup that has a good reputation for its products.

What’s included in the purchase package?

– A water flosser is complete with its reservoir.

– USB charging cable.

– Five tips.

– A user manual.

Very distinctive design

The Benicar Water Flosser has a unique design. Basically, it is equipped with a water reservoir at the bottom, a motor and controls in the middle, and a jet at the top. At first glance, the dimensions of the flosser are larger than most toothbrushes but don’t worry because Binicare has added a few bumps on the back so holding it won’t be a big problem.

After reading this article you have another great option to clean your teeth properly, water flossing! And when the time comes for water flossing therapy, you can trust Binicare Water Flosser as the best water flosser!


Should You Consider a Water Flosser for Daily Dental Care?