Services Offered By Office Interior Design Firms In Singapore

Services Offered By Office Interior Design Firms In Singapore

Office interior design refers to the décor and furniture of office buildings. It is a process where designers match their expertise with the needs and goals of a company, as well as specific requirements set by management. The design can bring about an uplift in productivity, motivation, and employee retention.

The following are some of the services offered by office interior design firm in Singapore;

1) Renovation Process

A thorough analysis of your current requirements, needs, and goals will be conducted. The design team then develops a floor plan that meets your corporate culture and workflow, as well as any specific requirements by management. This is followed by the development of a design concept, based on your corporate culture and goals together with the result of customer research.

2) Space and design planning

It starts with the development of a concept design, based on the analysis of information gathered at the initial stages of an office interior design project. A consultative approach will be used to ensure that both parties are on the same page to achieve an impressive and functional office design. The result is then presented in 3D using a 3D rendering program so that you can visualize your new office interior design before construction begins.

3) Workplace sustainability

Zenith Arc office interior designers use sustainable and energy-efficient materials whenever possible. This is to help you save on operating costs, especially for leased spaces. Several strategies will be applied, including the use of natural lighting. Aesthetics are also of great importance to Zenith Arc as they believe that a beautiful space is conducive to positive emotions and productivity among employees.

4) Furniture options

You may choose from various options available. They range from ergonomic task seats to stylish reception chairs, executive office chairs, and contemporary executive office desks. Once you have chosen the furniture of your choice, it then needs to be customized to match your office interior design. An affordable office interior design firm in Singapore will work with the designers and production team to ensure that your furniture order is completed promptly and shipped directly to the site for installation.

5) Handover process

This entails the handing over of the keys to your new office. Zenith Arc will ensure that all furniture and equipment have reached the site before the handover can be done. The company will also ensure that you are satisfied before any payment is made. They are knowledgeable on all designs and can offer guidance if you need advice or help with the handover process.

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6) Service warranties and support:

The company offers full warranty terms for office interior design projects as well as installation, fitting out and maintenance services to ensure that your needs are catered to. The company is also well-versed with all products, such as lighting, furniture, and furniture accessories. This ensures that your new office design meets your expectations and needs.

Office interior design can be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially for companies who are looking to lease their offices. Zenith Arc is known for its affordable services, quality assurance of products, and speedy customization that ensures that your office interior design project is completed on time. Contact them today for more information on their unique and affordable office interior design services.

Services Offered By Office Interior Design Firms In Singapore

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