Security Tips For Living Alone

Security Tips For Living Alone

When you live independently, you are solely responsible for your safety and your home’s security. You may be more vulnerable to a violent crime or a related incident when you live alone, as criminals may see you as an easy target.

You can stay safe while living by yourself by adopting a guard dog. Taking self-defense classes and combat training may also help you learn how to defend yourself better. Before moving into a new home, you should learn more about the neighborhood.

Look into the crime stats in your area. Get to know your neighbors. Is the home located near a police and fire station? Investing in a security camera and smart lock technology may also deter criminals from targeting your home.

With a smart lock, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys or a burglar finding your keys under your welcome mat. They can be configured to only recognize your unique fingerprint. You can also open them using a pin that only you know.

How to Stay Safe When You Live Alone

You should get a high-definition security camera that can capture audio and video. Install it strategically to survey as large an area as possible around your home and/or at the entrance. 

Outdoor lights configured to work with motion sensors can also scare off burglars. They can also illuminate the area, so you feel safe when entering your home. You may also want to consider upgrading by getting a smart doorbell.

A smart doorbell will allow you to see who is at the door. It may deter porch pirates from targeting your home. Two-way audio communication will also enable you to communicate with whoever is at the door without having to approach the door.

Moreover, try to get to know your neighbors. A neighborhood crime watch syndicate or committee will help keep everyone in the neighborhood safe. They can keep a close eye on your home when you are away.

Security Tips For Living Alone

Smart locks will also replace the need for physical keys. Biometric access ensures they will open with your unique finger or retinal signature. You can also use a pin code to open it, and you may be able to connect it to your smartphone.

Secure the garage and adjacent windows with deadbolt locks, glass break, automation technology, and motion sensors, as many thieves enter homes through the garage. 

A personal safety alarm can also protect you. They can be retrofitted to fit inside a pendant or piece of jewelry if needed. Keeping such a device on you will protect you regardless of where you are.

What is a smart lock, and why would you want one?

A smart lock can protect your home from being broken into. You can use a companion app to unlock the smart lock if needed. As long as your smartphone is close to the smart lock, it will send an unlock signal to the lock to open it or vice-versa.

You can also unlock it with a numeric keypad, or it can be opened via your fingerprint. Some also have cameras that can recognize your face. A smart lock provides homeowners security, convenience, and peace of mind.

You can unlock a smart lock even if both hands are full. A smart lock home security system will help you protect yourself and your smart home from criminals.

How do smart locks work?

Many break-ins are via no-force entry. Some burglars will use lock bumping to enter homes. Fortunately, most smart locks don’t even have keyholes, so they cannot be opened via lockpicking or bumping. 

They are also built using the most advanced tamper-proof construction technology to enhance security. Smart locks also provide added convenience. You no longer need to run around town with a physical key.

You can unlock and lock your home via a smartphone app if needed. You can also choose from various features, models, and styles. You can add a smart lock to your existing deadbolt lock or replace it altogether.

Smart door locks also provide clients with the latest smart lock features. Code-cracking can be prevented via finger-print-resistant keypads. You can also create unique entry codes for trusted loved ones if they need to spend the night or housesit.

Protect What Matters Most

Security systems are a must if you want to protect your home and valuables from arsonists, burglars, squatters, and violent criminals. Their very presence will scare off most would-be criminals.

Fortify your home with the latest security tech in the industry to have peace of mind and sleep soundly at night.


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Security Tips For Living Alone