Seal Your Occasion with the Perfect Drink

Seal Your Occasion with the Perfect Drink

Drinks play an essential role on occasions. Not only does it help seal the event but also shows hospitality from the host. Quality drinks leave a mark on your occasion, making it more memorable. Though they might be a little bit costly, quality drinks like wines and spirits are worthwhile.

Types of Wines in the Market

For wine lovers, identifying the main types of wine available in the market will simplify the entire process of making a selection. The color of the wine might help you during the identification of the wine. However, having the know-how on the grape varieties, wine region, tannin level, aroma, sweetness, bouquet, and alcohol level might be vital when you shop for premium wine and spirits in Singapore and worldwide.

· White Wine – as the name suggests, white wine is made from white grapes. However, it can also be produced using red and black grapes as well. Made using grape juice only, the wine produces bright, savory, and creamy characteristics.

· Red Wine – With a similar manufacturing procedure to white wine, red wine is added to grape skin, grape pip, and grape seeds. To extract color and flavors, red wine is fermented at higher temperatures. The flavor differs with the period of fermentation.

· Rose Wine – Rose wine is made from red and black grapes or blending red wine with white wine together. This wine is kept for fermentation within short periods not exceeding 36 hours. It also comes with different flavors like dry and sweet flavors. The color of the wine also varies from pale to dark pink. It has a lower tannin level

· Dessert or Sweet Wine – commonly used after meals, dessert wine is clear and sweet in complexion. It is made from a variety of grapes and the fermentation is for shorter periods.

· Sparkling Wine – the fizzy carbon dioxide bubbles are the sparkling wine’s identity. Mostly used during celebrations, this wine comes in different categories depending on the region. The gas is added during the short fermentation processes.

Types of Spirits

· Brandy – brandy is distilled from different fruits like apples, cherries, apricots, and peaches. Depending on the ingredients used, brandy tastes like fruity burnt wine with a pleasing oakiness. It has a 40 percent alcohol level and it is aged and blended in oak.

· Gin – is one of the common herbal and dry cocktails in the beverage industry. It is distilled from grains like barley, corn, and wheat. The drink comes with a piney aroma and taste. Its alcohol content ranges from 40 to 47 percent.

· Tequila – Tequila is distilled from fermented juices of the agave plant. It comes in a vegetal and spicy tone. Proudly made in Mexico, its alcohol content ranges from 40 to 50 percent.

· Rum – Rum is distilled from a form of sugars. Pure sugar cane or Molasses are the best picks to be used for Rum distillation. It has a sweet toasted sugar taste and is aged in oak barrels. Manufactured globally, rum has an alcohol content of 40 percent.

Final thoughts

Having the correct knowledge and understanding of the features of different wines and spirits will be essential during your beverage shopping. This would save you a significant amount of time when planning an event.

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