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Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

Note that in individual regions, there are not enough responses to draw conclusions.

In 2000, CCNA certified engineers were expected to receive an average monetary bonus of 4,600 USD, and that of CCDA certified engineers was expected to exceed 5,500 USD, and CCNP certified engineers about 5,800 USD. And there is no doubt that CCIE certified engineers could get the highest bonus, about 8,900 USD.

However, these monetary bonuses are not high compared to signing bonuses (although only 7% of respondents received different types of signing bonuses in 2000). The general signing bonus is about 7,800 USD, while the signing bonus of CCIE is about 12,500 USD.

About a third of respondents have received stock options from their current boss. The higher end of the certificate obtained, the more likely it is to get stock options. 71% of CCIE certificate contact page holders have options, while only 38% of CCDA certified engineers and about 1 / 3 of CCNA certified engineers have options. Half of CCDP certificate holders and 42% of CCNP certificate holders have options. We cannot measure the value of each option. And we show the number of options by certification type.

Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

Another common employee benefit is paid training. 68% of respondents said their company provided paid training. One third of the survey participants also cited other benefits, such as receiving Router, Switch and other operating equipment.

Interestingly, no matter what kind of certificate, there was little difference in the paid training weeks received by the respondents in 2000. There are not frequent business trips of the respondents. Generally speaking, it takes two days a month. The business trips of CCIE certified engineers are more, usually taking four days a month.

A large number of respondents use their Cisco experience to earn extra money. It is said that an average of 3,600 USD of income comes from part-time work each year. (As for CCIE, this figure is about 5,800 USD)

Companies are usually reluctant to pay certification fees because they think trained employees are more likely to hop to other companies. So it is easy to explain why less than half (about 46%) of the respondents could charge certification fees to the companies. The remaining 41% of the respondents paid the fees by themselves and 13% by companies and individuals.

Most of the respondents expect to pass more Cisco certifications. 58% are working hard to pass CCNP certification exam and 20% are aiming at the most difficult CCIE certification.

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Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

According to the survey, the employment time of most respondents is not very long. The current average employment time is 2.4 years. However, the average time they spend working on the network and Internet is 5.8 years, of which 2.8 years are dedicated to Cisco products and technologies. (CCIE certificate holders have been dealing with Cisco products for nearly 5 years).

The average age of the respondents is 34. Most of the respondents (about 93%) have had Cisco certification for less than two years. The higher level the certification is at among Cisco certification system, and the longer they hold the certification. For example, the average holding time of CCIE is 2.3 years, while that of CCNP is 1.4 years.

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Salary Survey of CCNA Certified Engineers

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