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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Leading In Winning Hearts 2022

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Leading In Winning Hearts 2022

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Leading In Winning Hearts 2022

The timeshare industry is booming with the rise of people going for vacations every year. People often confuse the meaning of vacation timeshare, and it is crucial to get a better understanding before making a transaction. 

When consumers acquire a vacation timeshare, they buy the right to use the property but are limited to modifying a timeshare, renting it out, or reselling it. Also referred to as vacation ownership, vacation timeshare enables users to vacation to a specific place every year. They are obligated to pay for annual vacation even if they stay home.

Pros and Cons of Vacation Timeshare


  • Creates Convenience: 

For people who enjoy going on vacation in a specific place, a vacation timeshare is an ideal option to consider. Typically, this is a place that one considers going back to for years in the foreseeable future. If stability, routine, and predictability are the primary concern, this type of vacation is a perfect choice. An option is to exchange a vacation home for a new place with equal value, although it requires additional planning and time.

No Maintenance Cost: 

One can maintain the property as a consumer, but this does not mean personally handling improvements or maintenance. Timeshare companies like Royal Holiday Vacation Club perform the improvements themselves. This means no responsibilities and financial risks of rising annual fees with timeshare ownership.

More Affordable Compared to a Vacation Home: 

According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) research, a one-week timeshare ownership average sales price was $22,942 in 2019. This translated to a lesser amount of $10,000 compared to that of owning a condo. However, this price doesn’t include annual dues, increasing the initial cost.

Vacation Timeshares are Spacious: 

Vacation timeshare originated from the condo industry, and that’s why they have bedrooms separated from the living room, along with a kitchen and ensuite washer and dryer. Through Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership, a member gets additional high-quality amenities such as beach access, gym, swimming pools, and hot tubs.


  • The Value of a Timeshare Doesn’t Appreciate: 

Timeshares hardly increase or retain their value. If a member decides to sell their timeshare ownership, they will likely face competition from dealers who give out their timeshares. The Association of Vacation Owners shows that millions of timeshares are available in the secondary market. 

A significant drawback is that one can’t even rent out their timeshare for profit. They will be competing with other listings priced lower than what they would pay for a cheap hotel. However, if the terms and conditions of the contract are favourable, a member can rent it out to recuperate some expenses.

Timeshare Points Lose Value Over Time: 

Even though some timeshares offer points, the point system often suffers from inflation. What requires 200 points today may require more points the following year. The ease of buying timeshares from the secondary market at a cheap rate depresses the value of the timeshare developer.

Getting Rid of a Timeshare is Time-Consuming: 

Acquiring a vacation timeshare is a long-term decision that often lasts for decades. Getting out of this commitment can be challenging, and sometimes consumers end up giving their timeshares away. Unlike in a mortgage, a member can’t simply walk out of a timeshare by refusing to pay annual dues. It involves various time-consuming processes and a timeshare cancellation letter.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Leading In Winning Hearts 2022

With proper plans, vacation timeshares can be an excellent way to enhance a member’s dream vacation experience. This is especially true when one subscribes to Royal Holiday Vacation Club. It is a reliable option for people who often want to change their environment without thinking about a tight budget every time they are on vacation. Timeshare ownership allows one to pay annually, allowing one to focus on other things.

The Benefits of Obtaining Membership

About 20 million households have subscribed to a vacation timeshare membership. The benefits of getting a timeshare Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership are multiplying every year. Here are top reasons to register with a Royal Holiday Vacation Club timeshare company:

  • Members know the safety and security of where their next vacation is
  • · Members have access to many destinations
  • Members benefit from the point system that adds to cruises and travel services
  • · Members are guaranteed quality services

Safety Measures by Timeshare Companies for Their Guests

Many people are hesitant about going on vacations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most timeshare companies like Royal Holiday Vacation Club have ensured that their members enjoy their dream vacation. This is done using safety programs to help protect their guests and employees against contracting the virus. For instance, this company ensures that all staff wear masks and sanitize areas.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club measures include supporting guests to get COVID tests and handling the situation to enhance safety for others if a test reads positive. Most companies emphasize social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus and educate travellers on what to expect during their vacation.

About Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Based in Mexico, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club was launched in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1992. It offers its members access to over 180 destinations in 52 states in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Royal Holiday Vacation Club prides itself on having over 100,000 active members. There are five levels of membership that come in handy with various perks to create a memorable experience for their members.

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