Round Mirrors For Home Decor 2022

Round Mirrors For Home Decor 2022

Who does not love mirrors? Each time you look into them, they reflect the most beautiful and special creation in this world; none other than yourself. Nowadays, mirrors are not only for self-vanity, it is also used for home decoration, especially round mirrors.

You will often see mirrors in your bathroom and bedroom in different shapes and sizes. Feng Shui experts also advise putting mirrors in your house, office, and restaurants.

It draws in Feng Shui energy and it brings a certain calmness and refreshment to them. If placed properly they can shift the flow of Chi. Mirrors are also used to produce an illusion effect.

In a very limited space, interior decorators often advise having a large and unframed mirror to somehow amplify or expand the space. Some decorators also use wall mirrors as interior decor. Using different frames, a mirror can become a lovely piece of decor.

Wall frames for mirrors, especially the round ones, have so many styles to choose from. You can find them in retail stores, specialty stores, and antique shops. You can also find good pieces online.

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There are so many good frames you can find, vintage frames, modern frames, colored frames, wooden frames, and even abstract frames. You can hang them anywhere and use your imagination.

Do not be just limited to one size and style. Hanging different sizes and shapes of mirrors on your wall can transform it from a very plain wall to a work of genius.

Round Mirrors For Home Decor

Ready-made decorative mirrors that will be a good fit for your house can be a hard find. Also if you are looking for something unique, going to retails stores is not advisable. If you have a specific taste, it is recommended to have it customized or personalized.

Remember, using round mirrors as decorative pieces for your house has lots of potential and endless possibilities; the only limitation is one’s creativity.

Round Mirror
Round Mirrors

How to Use a Round Mirror Effectively in Your Home

Mirrors have many positive traits such as they reflect the light, this is extremely useful when it comes to decorating your home. The reflective quantities of a mirror are able to transform the overall appearance of a room giving it a whole new look.

Whilst mirrors come in many shapes and sizes from the traditional rectangular shape to the more abstract heart shape, round mirrors have become extremely popular in recent months and are definitely here to stay.

You are sure to find a mirror that will blend effortlessly into your home however in this guide we will demonstrate how effective round mirrors can be in your home interior.

Creating Space

One of the best uses of a round mirror is to increase the apparent size of a room. Ideally, you should look to position your round mirror over significant key items in your room whether it be your sofa, fireplace, headboard, or dressing table.

That way the attention is not only focused on your key features within your room but the reflection of the opposite wall will create the impression of a larger space.

Round Mirrors For Home Decor 2022

Round mirrors are perfect if you are looking to place just 1 mirror in your home since furniture is generally rectangular in shape the round mirror is able to provide visual variety to your room.

However, if you are wanting to create a subtle effect on your wall whilst also increasing space multiple round mirrors can look extremely effective.

You should opt for smaller sized round mirrors or perhaps a variation of sizes as you do not want to overpower your living space.

Increasing Light

Another fantastic use of a mirror is to bring some additional light into a dark lit room. A mirror is able to reflect light back and then project it around your living space.

When choosing where to position your round mirror look for sources of light in the room whether it be a lamp, window, or an open doorway, and then hang your mirror directly opposite the light source, this will allow the mirror to reflect the light beautifully.

Round mirrors are a wonderful choice as they create the illusion of a light source due to their rounded shape, this also adds visual variety to your room.

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Enhancing Furniture

Round mirrors can be used to effectively enhance the current furniture in your room. Adding mirrors to the front of a wardrobe or perhaps featuring on a dressing table can instantly add light to the room as well as brightening up your furniture.

If you have a small round mirror you could choose to mount it at the back of a display cabinet or on the back of a bookcase this will enhance your ornaments that you are displaying in your home.

Not only will this help make your room look brighter it will help illuminate the key pieces in your room.

Another advantage is that if you choose to display your mirror at the back of a cabinet or sideboard you are able to see the back of your decorative items therefore showing them off to their full potential.

Creating a Focal Point

A single mirror used by itself can create an attractive feature, especially if it has an ornate frame. The mirror should be used in a similar manner to other decorative wall items such as paintings and pictures.

The curved lines of a round mirror are softer than traditional rectangular lines and can help to focus on a particular area without overpowering your current space.

You may wish to use a variety of mirror shapes and combine a rectangular mirror with some small round mirrors to create a symmetrical display that will instantly create a wonderful focal point on your wall.

Another extremely popular round mirror style is a sunburst mirror. Sunburst mirrors are a real statement piece and can instantly add an artistic decorative flair to any wall.

They have a cheerful bright quality that can help uplift any dull look living space. Sunburst mirrors tend to be more of a decorative piece than a functional mirror as the mirrors themselves tend to be small with a striking frame.

This however is ideal if you are looking to use the mirror as a centerpiece for your room that will also help increase light and space.

Decorating With Round Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors in the interior of the house create an illusion of extra space that seems to expand the otherwise small room.

The general view inside the room is also altered by allowing the décor to play with light that will certainly reflect the personality of the homeowner or the building inhabitant in general.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes with various framing designs. Round mirrors, in particular, are very interesting because these fixtures lack the sharp corners that are otherwise found in rectangular mirrors.

Without the sharp edges, these round mirrors are ideal as center decorations on empty walls.


These mirrors with an elongated full-length design are commonly preferred by individuals who are conscious of the latest clothing fashion.

This type of fixture provides a better perspective of the whole reflection. Aside from its practical use, a full-length mirror of this type can easily add life to a boring corner of the room.

Most of the fixtures of this type are easily mobilized as these are equipped with stands. One can easily take advantage of this mobility whenever redecorations have to be implemented inside a room.

Placing a full-length round mirror that extends across the full length of the dining table provides a great centerpiece look. Individuals who love the touch of luxury favor this decorating idea very well.

Glassware and shiny utensils look perfect on this glass-decorated dining table. In using this kind of decoration, the edges of the mirror must be secured and sealed so as to prevent spilled liquids from sipping below the mirror surface. Placing a transparent covering above the surface of the mirror secures this fixture.

Strategic location for hanging

A general rule in placing mirrors is to place them in an area of the wall so that it reflects the best view of the interior. This placement strategy would further mean that the beautifully decorated area of the house does not necessarily require this fixture.

Instead, mirrors are better placed in front of this beautifully decorated area. With around frame, this fixture creates a feeling of the boundlessness of the well-decorated area.

Large or small

Full-length round mirrors need to be large to serve its purpose. On the other hand, small round mirrors are ideal for use in smaller rooms.

A giant round mirror placed inside a small room is just inappropriate as visitors would easily notice the aimless effort of forcing extra space inside a room. To effectively expand the view, several small mirrors are preferred over a single large round mirror.

Home decor
Round Mirrors

Choosing the right frame

Frames can be thick or thin depending upon the surrounding design of the interior. For a minimalist perspective, thin frames are recommended. As a general rule of thumb, a frame with a thickness measuring a quarter of an inch is recommended for every foot of the diameter.

Well-decorated round mirrors are very elegant fixtures that create an illusion of depth inside a room. Reflecting on the beautiful area of the house magnifies the overall beauty of the interior design.

Using Round Mirrors in a Bathroom

It is well known that using mirrors is one of the greatest ways to add light and seemingly expand space for any room.

The trend right now seems to be leaning toward contemporary style such as rectangular, framed mirrors for bathrooms as well as other rooms of the house. But what people may not know, is that round mirrors are quickly on the rise in popularity, especially for use in bathrooms.

One of the best things about round wall mirrors is that they can immediately add dimension to a bathroom. They are beautiful in that they have no rough edges or sharp angles.

This can be especially ideal for a bathroom because the bathroom is the place where most people go to find relaxation. Using decor that has smooth lines and rounded edges is a good way to promote that relaxation since there are no harsh lines or angles.

Whether you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom or just need to add a little design spice, replacing a mirror is a great option. When you start the project, you should consider the overall theme of the bathroom.

If you have pastel colors, for example, then consider round mirrors that have a white or pale-colored frame or even no frame at all. On the other hand, if you have darker colors for your theme, choosing a lighter frame can make the mirror an accent to your decor.

Round Mirrors For Bathroom Decor

It is definitely up to you what you ultimately decide to use, but considering the overall look is always a must.

There are many ways to find round mirrors for your bathroom. There is a large and extremely beautiful selection of mirrors of this kind on the internet, of course.

Searching a snap too, simply enter the specific search term, round mirrors, and you will be presented with a host of possibilities.

You can narrow that further by adding a dimension to your search term. Whether you are searching for large or small mirrors, online is a great option.

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Classic Bathroom Makeovers Using Round Mirrors and New Lighting

Many reputable retailers will be very willing to work with you and help you find the right product and get it safely shipped to your home. A lot of retailers also offer free shipping.

Shopping for any item that will bring a change to your home should be done with confidence. So take your time when deciding where to buy and which round mirror you should choose.

Many homeowners are learning how to remodel and install items all over their homes, including the bathroom.

The pride one feels when replacing a bathroom vanity, creating unique bathroom lightings such as affixing a new light fixture or track lighting, and how to frame a square or round mirror can only be described as a proud sense of accomplishment by performing it yourself.

Factory outlets and home improvement warehouses, as well as the internet, will supply you with ideas, affordable items needed, and videos to make the job even easier.

Some bathrooms have a cozy look to them like those of past centuries with round mirrors, small basins, large clawfoot tubs. If you would like to recapture that look, yet bring it into this century, you may want to consider purchasing a round mirror with an ornate frame.

There are so many creative ideas for the frames too, such as a colorful mosaic design or winding wrought iron, you’ll find whatever you need to fit your bathroom’s decor.

No matter what style you are working with, there is something out there for you, especially when shopping on the internet.

When redecorating or renovating your home, especially the bathroom, keep in mind the finished product. Do you want the sleek black and chrome look of a bachelor’s bathroom or sea green to remind you of the ocean?

Perhaps your child has a bathroom of his or her room. For every idea you have, there is a solution and a video or instructions to show you how to make your dreams come true.

The fact is, no matter which way you choose to intensify the colors you want in your bathroom, such as a round mirror as opposed to a rectangular one.

No matter what kind of DIY project you are working on, a bathroom as we’ve already discussed or if you have chosen to renovate your own kitchen with a new island, paint your cabinets and walls, you can install new windows, new doors.

Paneling, landscaping your property, or adding a shed, all of these touches and the weekend labor of love and commitment it involves can increase the value of your home. This means you won’t have difficulty selling it in the future if you ever decide to move.

How To Decorate With Mirrors

Adding a mirror to space is a simple way to change the look of a room. Size, hanging height, shape, and frame design are just a few of the elements that need to be taken into consideration when planning to use a mirror in space.

The key to your success in decorating with mirrors is to know just how to use them best for your space.

When planning to use a mirror in a space, it is a good idea to first measure the area where you would like to place it. This will help to ensure that you will not buy a mirror that is too big for space.

Another consideration when planning to decorate with a mirror is the proper height to hang one. A good rule of thumb is that the mirror’s center should hang about 5 feet from the floor.

There are many things to consider when choosing the size of a mirror.

Where you plan to place the mirror is a key consideration. If you are going to hang a mirror over an item, for example, a sofa, mantle, or buffet, it is best to keep the mirror at least 10% narrower than any item it is above.

For the most impact, you should use as large a mirror as you can. A mirror in a bathroom can cover a whole wall over a vanity, while a smaller mirror is perfect by an entryway.

Oversized mirrors are a great tool to fill a large wall, while mirrored sets can create a unique focal point over a couch, mantel, or console table. In addition, a tall mirror can accentuate a high ceiling.

The shape of the mirror and how you hang it will also make an impact on your space. For example, hanging a mirror vertically will add height to space while hanging a mirror horizontally will fill a wall.

Also, adding a round mirror to a boxy room will liven up space. The round shape adds interest by breaking up all of the straight lines.

In addition, mirrors with an arched or richly ornamented top are an elegant way to dress up space. Traditionally this shape has been used above a mantle.


Mirrors are a fabulous tool to add depth and light to a room. This makes them a great idea for smaller spaces. Mirrors will make smaller spaces feel larger by giving the room the appearance of having more depth.

Light from windows and light fixtures will reflect in mirrors and bounce back into a room adding more light to space. A mirror in a room without windows will reflect the lights and make the room appear brighter.

Another great idea is to place a mirror behind anything you want to highlight when you are displaying items. Mirrors catch your eye and will therefore show off the things in front of it.

Lastly, it is important to take into consideration the décor present in the space when deciding what style of mirror is right for a room.

For example, if the room has modern style furnishings, choosing a mirror with a rustic Tuscan frame would not look like it belongs. A mirror with a sleek modern frame would look more appropriate in that space.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to add style to space. With a little know-how, mirrors can improve the look of a room by adding light and depth, highlighting assets, and complementing a décor style. Overall, mirrors are an easy way to enhance a space.

Round Mirrors For Home Decor

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