Putting an Apartment up for Sale

Putting an Apartment up for Sale

The process of putting up your Kiama apartments for sale is a different one from selling a house. A lot of people prefer to rent an apartment rather than buy one so you need to get past that. You also need to consider whether other people will appreciate the different qualities of your apartment.

Putting an Apartment up for Sale

You might like being at the top so you have no one walking around on your ceiling but young families may avoid your apartment because dragging shopping and young children all the way up and down several times a day does not sound like fun! Seniors might avoid it because on days where the lift is not working that is too many stairs for them. Here are some things to emphasise and think about when re-selling your apartment.

Make sure your ads focus on the strong features

Think about everything that is appealing about your apartment for sale Kiama buyers would appreciate. Make the title catchy and try to direct it towards your market. For example, rather than simply saying 2 bedroom apartment for sale you could say perfect family apartment for sale close to great schools. Or young professionals’ apartment close to local transport links. Try to think about a very strong feature your apartment has going for it and use it in the title or first line.

Choose advertising mediums that are where your targeted buyers go

You need to advertise your Kiama apartments for sale where your buyers are. There is no point in advertising in a professional local paper if you want to target retired seniors for example. So advertise where your people are, on social media, papers, magazines and make sure the ads use the language they are drawn to. 

Be prepared to impress when buyers come to look

Part of having an apartment for sale Kiama buyers will expect is to be able to see the apartment in person. If it is currently vacant you should give it a clean and dusting. If you are currently living there or someone else is, they need to make sure the apartment is ready for viewing. This is not just tidy and cleaning. It

Putting an Apartment up for Sale

means it is time to reduce the clutter so people can see the potential the apartment has, make sure it smells good and carry out any repairs that you might have not gotten round to. Make sure you clear out signs of pets or just put them somewhere safe for the visit. Some people are not animal lovers and will feel put off by a little dog at their ankles or a cat hissing at them!


Putting an apartment up for sale is all about promoting its best features and the advantages of living in and owning your own apartment. With a bit of planning and thought you can reach the market you want to and show them what a great place you have to sell to them!

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