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Pure Fitness offers the best in class gear.

Gathering Exercise elation, imaginative projects, and Personal Training to satisfy your wellness yearnings.

regardless of whether you need to condition your body, assemble muscle, alleviate pressure, siphon up your cardio or get invigorated…

we will take you there!

Fitness coaches

By and large, fitness coaches charge $25 to $50 per 30-minute session, $40 to $70 every hour session, and $60 to $100 per hour and a half session.

Gathering wellness preparing begins at $35 per class. Get free gauges from fitness coaches close to you.

A fitness coach is an individual guaranteed to have a differing level of information on general wellness associated with practice remedy and guidance.

They persuade customers by defining objectives and giving criticism and responsibility to customers.

Enlisting an individual wellness mentor may appear as though an extravagance on the off chance that you are on a strict spending plan.

However, in the event that you truly need to benefit from your exercises, a coach is extraordinary speculation.

The improvement in your wellbeing and wellness levels can have long haul installment in personal satisfaction and even diminished medicinal services costs.

A few customers will consent to enable you to contact them, while others will ask you not to.

Regard your customer’s desires, and realize that they don’t need to consent to you contacting them.

Abstain from contacting customers except if it is fundamental for guidance.

With regards to improving one’s wellbeing and wellness, the single, most effective choice to make is finding and working with an extraordinary mentor and accomplice.

We at Pure accept this is one of the most significant connections we can develop with our Cardholders.

Helping other people accomplish their own best, surpass their desires and convey on our way of life guarantee is our wellspring of most noteworthy pride.

We trust you will become more acquainted with our group and advantage from their profundity and broadness of learning and experience.

See our Personal Trainers

Pure Fitness
Pure Fitness

For what reason We’re Here:

Sustenance is a basic part of a totally sound way of life – and at Pure Fitness, it’s close to home, adaptable and practical.

No prevailing fashions, simply master guidance, and projects that work – and continue working.

What We Do:

We perceive that you’re an individual and make projects custom-fitted to you, driven by your objectives, and intended to have long haul maintainability.

We furnish you with the information and devices to distinguish what to eat and when, and we persistently teach and bolster you, checking your advancement each progression of the adventure.

The lowdown:

Sustenance is basic – yet difficult!

A few appraisals express that 80% of people who lose critical measures of weight recover it inside 5 years.

We will probably assist you With knowing as opposed to figuring, so you become mindful of your nourishment condition.

We need to be your wellspring of impartial, proof-based data that enables you to slice through the garbage and streamline your advancement.

Healthy Snacks for Teens

Eating well doesn’t need to mean consuming fewer calories or surrendering every one of the nourishments you love.

Figure out how to dump the garbage, give your body the supplement thick fuel it needs, and love each moment of it!

You needn’t bother with a remorseful fit. We realize you know You need to be Healthy for Good. Also, we’re here to help.

We’ll keep you on track with shareable tips, and hacks. The 4 Cornerstones

Fat gets unfavorable criticism despite the fact that it is a supplement that we need in our eating routine, just not all that much.

Gain proficiency with about dietary fats and how getting excessively or too little influences our wellbeing.

Nourishment First

99% of individuals can get all the essential supplements from a fair diet brimming with basically entire nourishments – great nourishment exemplifies this.

Objective Setting and Consistency

We accept that having plainly characterized long, medium and momentary objectives enables you to set yourself up for every day wins.

Instruction to Empower

We plan to instruct you to turn into the ace of your nourishment condition.

Smart Nutrition

No one eating routine fits all. We will control you to a perfect sustenance system that accommodates your preparation, work and amusement time.

Pure Fitness
Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness offers – Personal Training – Build Muscle

When you’ve attempted yoga classes at Pure Fitness, you might be keen on supplementing your activity routine at Pure Fitness.

We are devoted to serving the network of solid and dynamic living, by bringing the best wellness programs from around the globe.

In over 10 years, Pure Fitness has built up its wellness nearness in Hong Kong and ventured into Singapore and Shanghai.

Some propelled preparing apparatuses incorporate Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags, Pilates Reformer, TRX and Medicine Balls, and complimentary acceptance sessions for every single new join.

With prime areas in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, Pure’s worldwide group comprise of PTA Global and AASFP guaranteed mentors and energetic educators who lead more than 50 sorts of Group Fitness classes week after week.

Les Mills programs, Immersive Cycling THE TRIP™, Pilates, TRX® Suspension Trainer, and Rip Trainer, Barre, Self-Myofascial Release, different move classes, and a progression of free-form circuit class alternatives, for example, Tabata.

Notwithstanding our live classes, an immense scope of Pure Fitness classes gives further accommodation and adaptability.

Continually supporting development in wellness, Pure Fitness propelled Innovation Lab in June 2017.

Hong Kong’s first wellness item testing center point that offers elite, sneak-top access to the most recent bleeding edge innovation in wellness.

As a component of offering an exceptional exercise understanding crosswise over Asia, web geek, dynamic, practical and fun stuff for the wellness network to draw in them fit as a fiddle the eventual fate of wellness together.

New Cardholders to Pure Fitness – welcome!

Regardless of whether you are simply returning after a preparation nonappearance, we might want to assist you with starting achievement.

We have made a couple of extraordinary administrations for our new and returning customers:

Wellness Consultation:

A concise meeting with one of our experts preparing staff to talk about your objectives, preparing style, wellness level and in particular, your inspiration.

When we comprehend what propels you, we will have the option to suggest the best following stages.

Inbody Assessment:

The Inbody is a great appraisal device to decide a couple of key wellness measurements, for example, your body organization, skeletal bulk, and hydration levels.

It is short, non-obtrusive and accessible to all customers with the assistance of our preparation staff.

Acceptance Session:

Complimentary for new customers!

We offer a customized involvement to assist you with enhancing your rec center understanding.

The Induction originates from your Fitness Consultation with our preparation staff, as we manage you on the most proficient method to begin shrewdly with your preparation.

Preliminary Session:

On the off chance that you have never experienced what Personal Training, Kickboxing or Private Stretching can accomplish for you,

kindly request that we mastermind a preliminary session with one of our expert groups.

We will joyfully show the advantages of having an expert mentor to help your preparation program.

No reasons – make your body with the best.

A few words about smart training…

If you are just starting your training program, it is very important to begin within your physical limits and build your confidence and stamina.

Eventually, you will be pushing yourself beyond your limitations and exceeding what you thought possible, but this comes with time and effort.

Avoid physical pain and make training a consistent part of your daily routine.

You should feel energized and engaged after every workout, ready to come back again the next day for more!

We hope you love training at Pure Fitness as much as we do.

Try not to skip practice since you can’t make our classes!

Presenting virtual adaptations of more than 200 Group Fitness classes –

Les Mills projects, for example, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, RPM, and free-form projects, for example, P90X, Insanity, HIIT, and the sky is the limit from there.

Two alternatives:

  1. Pre-planned virtual classes – bookable by means of our application
  2. “Off the cuff Choose” – when there are no pre-booked virtual classes or live classes in the studio, simply go in and pick your own virtual class to run (on first start things out served premise)

Simple, advantageous and adaptable to suit all your impulses to work out!

Complimentary to all Pure Fitness California Tower and Langham Place Office Tower Cardholders*.

For further information, please ask our staff for details.

Virtual Fitness

Pure Fitness IFC mall
3/f IFC mall
8 Finance Street
Hong Kong

Virtual Fitness

Pure Fitness California Tower
18/f California Tower
32 D’Aguilar Street
Hong Kong

Virtual Fitness

Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower
7/f Langham Place Office Tower
8 Argyle Street
Mong Kok

Instructor Training
Pure Fitness offers

Virtual Fitness Guidelines

Virtual Fitness is a workout not facilitated by a supervising staff member and users are responsible for their own safety and partake at their own risk.

On-demand Virtual Fitness operates during the opening hours of the club, and only while the studio is not scheduled for classes or other activities.

On-demand Virtual workouts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Select your workout from the library of content on the FitnessOnDemand kiosk.

Be courteous of other users. It is not permitted to interrupt any workout in progress.

The studio is a shared space and any member is permitted to join you in your Virtual workout in progress if they wish.

An On-demand Virtual workout will automatically terminate early if it is about to run overtime into the scheduled Virtual or live classes.

We have scheduled some virtual classes which you can book as normal, and they will automatically play as per schedule.

Please follow the regular class booking protocol to attend these classes.

The volume can be controlled from the FitnessOnDemand Kiosk.

From 2 pm Wednesday to midday Saturday, the studio is configured for cycling classes only.

Hence, you may only select virtual classes from the cycling categories at these times.

Cycling classes may not be selected at other times when the studio has no bikes

(Only applies to Pure Fitness California Tower).

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