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Premium Waterproof Boots The Original Muck Boot Company Review 2022

Premium Waterproof Boots The Original Muck Boot Company Review 2022

Premium Waterproof Boots The Original Muck Boot Company

Some owners claim to have found their Muck Boots working in slightly odd cases. Most notably I found my boot somehow stopped working when I used my GPS within a water restricted area, although since then I have found that this situation has been relatively rare.

For the most part, Muck Boots have worked flawlessly for me. I have often found myself contemplating how much longer I can use this boot. The good news is that, at least for me, the answer is “a very long time”.


My first adventure was a relatively short 2-mile bike ride around the hilly residential areas of Seattle. I wore a pair of waterproof ankle Muck Boots with grippy rubber soles. During that ride, I experienced some minor drizzles as well as some wet and muddy roads, but overall this boot handled everything well.

It is not clear if this shoe is truly waterproof, as I have never been submerged fully with this boot in the rain. However, I have had no problems finding myself splashed with a little water while trekking in the rain, and it has never rained very hard while wearing this boot.

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I have also done a few short hikes while wearing Muck Boots. There is no way to really measure this shoe’s water resistance, but during those hikes, I found that I did not have to worry about the boot slipping out of the rubber soles. The rubber has a nice grip on the surface of the trail, and I found that the rubber provided a good balance to the boot’s rugged design.

I have also put in a few hours of casual walking on the trail with Muck Boots and never encountered the rubber toting the boot down from under me. The boot has a bit of a splash resistance and is somewhat water-resistant in some places. However, this shoe appears to be splash resistant only under conditions of extremely high amounts of rain.

Overall, I would say that Muck Boots is a rather water-resistant shoe, but it is not waterproof. I have managed to walk and bike with this boot in moderate amounts of water and have not had a single issue with the shoe being damaged or sinking under my feet. I am extremely impressed with Muck Boots’ rugged design and look forward to having these hiking boots for many more adventures.

Premium Waterproof Boots | The Original Muck Boot Company

However, while some may be able to justify spending hundreds on a top-of-the-line hiking boot, muck boots offer a new and innovative design that is not commonly found in hiking boots.

Some users have also expressed concern that the shoe does not have a proper waterproof seal on the front. I would have to agree that the current design does not do a great job of retaining water, but that does not mean that it can not be improved.

Premium Waterproof Boots The Original Muck Boot Company Review 2022

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Muck boots are designed in such a way that hard-wearing waterproof leather can be added to the design. For the time being, the shoe only features a hard rubber sole and no waterproof leather covering on the front. This means that if it gets wet it can easily become very wet, especially when the shoe has been wearing for several hours or overnight.

So far I have not had a serious issue with the boot. The rubber sole that the shoe has is waterproof, and I have never encountered a situation where the shoe has started to become un-waterproof. With that said, it is definitely possible that further changes in the design of the Muck boots can improve this situation.

I have also found that my foot does get a little wet while walking around in these Muck boots, but it does not really have any effect on the comfort of this boot. Slight dampness to the boot would not be a big deal, as I never wear the boot with socks and the wet feet would simply be from walking in the rain.

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Although the waterproofing is only applied to the interior of the boot, Muck boots’ design has managed to make a waterproof boot that is still waterproof on the outside. This is a great design, and it certainly offers a rugged and waterproof look that makes this shoe a unique style of a hiking boot.

Is muck Boots a budget waterproof hiking boot? No. I would have to say that this shoe falls on the higher end of the price scale, as it is nearly double the cost of some of the other premium hiking boots that I have tested.

However, for the money, I would say that the price is definitely worth it. While I have never spent very long hiking and biking with this boot, I have found it to be a great addition to my hiking boots, and I find the design to be versatile enough to be used as a casual hiking boot, a casual boot for biking, and as a casual boot for casual walking around the city.

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If you want to invest in a hiking boot that offers waterproof, then this is a great option for you. With its rugged design, durable rubber soles, and excellent waterproof boot coating, this boot provides excellent waterproofing and water-resistant protection.

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Water-resistant and waterproof treatments

All Steel Blue boots feature premium waterproof, water-resistant leather soles. It reduces foot odor and bacteria while extending the life of your work boots.

The leather we use for our work boots is treated throughout the tanning process, making it water-resistant. It means that it repels water from the surface.

To make Steel Blue boots waterproof, we add a special membrane during the manufacturing process. It creates a barrier against water penetrating the leather.


The highest possible manufacturing standards are applied during the sewing process.

The stitches are covered with seam sealing tape that prevents water from penetrating through the stitch holes to make the stitches waterproof.

Choice of waterproof or water-resistant boots

Our waterproof work boots are for you if you work on a site with exposure to light, water, and wet environments.

At the same time, Steel Blue waterproof work boots are the best option for wet and muddy environments, for example, in underground mining.

The level of water resistance also depends on the type of leather. For example, full-grain waxy leather is stronger than velvet Nubuck leather.

Our range of waterproof and waterproof Steel Blue safety boots comply with the American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2413. Steel Blue’s Soft Toe boots that are water-resistant meet the American Safety Footwear Certification ASTM F2892.

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