Potato diet

Potato diet

Potato is the most popular and most used vegetable in the world. The Potato is grown all over the world, but its native place in South America.

There are many misconceptions in the case of potato, the king of vegetables. Potato food is considered poisonous for sugar patients.

Doctors also advise the patient to stay away from potato, so the potato is considered to be the staple diet in weight gain.

In the opinion of the experts, the potato extracted from the ground is only sugar-free, but after some time the process of converting it from carbohydrate to starch is accelerated.

As a result, the potato becomes rich in sugar. According to experts, the amount of sugar in potatoes is about 50-50 percent.

Potato diet
Potato diet

District Horticulture Officer NK Sahanian said that Chipsona variety is considered the lowest sugar potato in potato.

Chipsona-1, Chipsona-3, Chipsona-4, and Fry are advanced breeds of gold potato. Spraying the CIPC drug in this potato, considered a process variety, proves to be a panacea.

Due to the spraying of this medicine, the process of conversion of carbohydrates to starch in potato is almost halted. For this reason, this potato is placed in the sugar-free potato category.

Do you know that this is the first material to be born in space? While the quantity of nutrients is very high in its peel, it does not require much medicine or fertilizer to produce it.

Whether you eat them on the bottom or boil them or bake them, they always taste delicious.

what to eat on the potato diet

Honey Chili Potato Recipe

For how many people: 4
Preparation Time: 05 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Many people like us have tried the Chilean Potato on a roadside Chinese van. But now you too can make them in your house, which you will forget by eating it from a Chinese van.

It is very easy to make, you can try it at home yourself and whenever you want to eat Chili Potato, you can make and eat it in just 30 minutes.

Ingredients for making Honey Chili Potato:

Potatoes are cut lengthwise and deep-fried after maize flour coating.

After this, by adding capsicum, onion, salt soy sauce, it is made flat.

How to make

1 In a bowl, mix cornflour, salt, and red chili powder together.

2 Then add chopped potatoes and mix well. Keep in mind, the potatoes should be completely wrapped in the mixture.

3 Deep fry the potatoes in a pan until they become golden in color.

How to serve Honey Chili Potato:

Honey Chili Potato is easy to make a snack, you can make it with gravy as well as dry. Honey Chili Potato is served by adding white sesame seeds.

Eat only potatoes for 5 days, the weight will be reduced by several kilos

You have often heard people say that if you are trying to lose weight, then you should stay away from carbohydrates or consume them in very small amounts.

Most people make the first distance from the potato while losing weight.

But today we are telling you about a special potato diet in which you have to eat only potatoes for 5 days and then see how your weight will decrease…

Eat potatoes daily

According to a new study published in the journal Molecular of Nutrition and Food Research, eat potatoes daily if it is to be diluted.

Not only this, if you only follow the Potato Diet for 5 days, then your weight will be reduced by several kilos.

This is because after eating potatoes you do not feel hungry. This fills the stomach quickly and you also avoid overeating.

Calories are less

According to this new study, potato works effectively in weight loss because it is a starchy food that has more complex carbohydrates.

Potatoes use to have fewer calories. Along with increasing metabolism, potato helps to control weight.

Loses weight, not health

A medium-sized potato has 168 calories whereas boiled potatoes contain only 100 calories.

Scientists say that potato is a food that reduces weight but not health.

Even if you eat 10 in a day, you will also ingest fewer calories than other foods and will also be healthy.


In addition to fiber and protein in potato, vitamins B, C, iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus are rich in nutrients.

Boiling is beneficial

If two to three potatoes are boiled and eaten with a little curd along with the peels, then it works as a complete diet.

Fat not in potatoes

The smoothness that goes into the stomach by frying the potatoes and applying spices, butter, etc., the smoothness increases obesity, not potatoes.

At the same time, if you boil the potatoes and eat them, then health not only benefits but also reduces weight.

Potato peels are also beneficial

Potato peels are mostly discarded while eating potatoes with peels gives more strength.

Do not throw away the water in which the potatoes have been boiled, but instead make potatoes stock. There is a lot of mineral and vitamin in this water.

Unique Properties of Potato

Although potato is the favorite vegetable of most people in the world, many people avoid eating it as having more fat. But potatoes also have some useful properties.

Potatoes contain vitamin C, B complex and iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus elements.

Apart from this, the potato has many medicinal properties as well as aesthetic properties like if any part of the skin gets burnt by crushing raw potato on it, it provides relief.

Potato is rich in nutrients. Its main nutritional element is starch. It also contains some amount of protein with high biological value.

Potato is alkaline, so it is very helpful in increasing or maintaining the number of alkalis in the body. It also does not allow acidosis in the body.

Soda, potash and vitamins ‘A’ and ‘D’ are also found in sufficient quantity in potato. Vitamin C is the most important nutritional element of potato.

Since the use of potato has become widespread in Europe, the incidence of scurvy is rarely seen.

It should always be cooked along with the skin to take advantage of the nutritious elements of the potato as the most nutritious part of the potato lies just below the skin, which is rich in protein and minerals.

Potato diet Benefits

Potato is cooked with boiled, roasted or other vegetables, so its nutritious ingredients are easily digested.

If any part of the potato remains green, it should be cut and removed, because it contains a toxic substance called solanine.

In addition, if the potatoes have sprouted, the sprouts should be cut and removed and should not be used.

Potato has great medicinal properties. It inhibits the process of sedimentation in the intestines, and aids in the growth of bacteria aiding in the digestive process.

Potato dissolves uric acid. Potato based therapy has been considered to be very useful in the treatment of chronic constipation, intestinal toxicity, uric acid-related diseases, kidney stones, dropsy, etc. It has been considered an ideal dietary drug in scurvy.

Drinking one or two teaspoons of raw potato juice before meals every time removes all types of acids from the body and provides relief in arthritis. Important mineral salts are found in plenty of potato peel.

The water in which the potatoes are boiled, including the peels, becomes the ideal medicine for diseases caused by excess acid in the body. Prepare its decoction, filter it and take one glass 3-4 times a day.

Healthy Snacks For Teens

Raw potato juice is very useful in digestive diseases, as it provides relief from inflammation in the intestines.

To get relief in this disease, half a cup of juice of raw potato should be taken half an hour before meals, two or three times a day.

It also provides relief from intestinal inflammation and duodenal ulcers.

In cases of stomach and intestinal diseases and poisoning, potato starch is used as an anti-inflammatory substance.

The juice of raw potato has been proved useful in removing spots on the skin.

The amount of potassium sulfur, phosphorus, and calcium present in potato helps in cleansing the skin.

Potato properties are more effective as long as it remains raw because it contains living organic atoms.

In the cooked state, these organic atoms are converted to inorganic atoms and their creative advantage is reduced.

It is surprising that the juicy pulp or paste of potato helps in improving wrinkles, aging spots and skin tone.

Ingredients for Potato Vegetable

2-3 medium-sized potatoes
4 tablespoons mustard oil
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon cumin seeds

One fourth teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1 pinch Asafoetida
1 teaspoon red chili powder
Half a spoon turmeric powder

Half a teaspoon coriander powder
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon musk fenugreek

1-2 green chilies
2 tomato puree
Make like this

First, put oil in the pan and heat it. When hot, add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, asafetida and fry for 1-2 seconds.

Now add tomatoes and fry them. After this add all the spices, salt, and boiled potatoes and mix it well.

After this put at least 2 cups of water in it and let it cook on low heat.

When you feel the gravy thick, turn off the gas and garnish by adding musk fenugreek and coriander to it.

Cumin Potato Vegetable Recipe

A cumin-potato vegetable is an integral part of the food. It is definitely a matter of daily diet or on any festival, potato vegetable is made with poodles. Cumin-potato is also liked by everyone in the wedding party.

Today we are telling you here recipe for making a cumin-potato vegetable.

Yes, you must know how to make it, but if you make it with this recipe, then all the fingers will be licking and your happiness will not be there.

Cumin Potato Vegetable Ingredients

4 boiled potatoes
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 finely chopped green chilies
Black pepper as required

2 tablespoons Ghee
1 teaspoon Coriander Powder
Rock salt as required
2 tablespoons coriander leaves

Cumin Potato Vegetable Recipe
Potato Diet

Cumin Potato Vegetable Recipe

Step 1
First, peel the boiled potatoes and break them in between. You can also cut with a knife if you want.

 Step 2

Now heat ghee in a pan on low heat first. When the ghee becomes hot, add cumin seeds to it.

 Step 3

When the cumin seeds turn golden brown, add the broken potatoes to it. Also, add finely chopped green chilies.

 Step 4

Now add coriander powder, black pepper powder, and rock salt. Stir continuously to mix them all. Then let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

 Step 5

When the potatoes are cooked, turn off the gas and garnish this vegetable with finely chopped coriander leaves and cover the pan. Serve hot.

Potato Broccoli Soup Recipe

The fun of soup in winter is different. It is not only good but also beneficial for health.

The special thing is that soup can be made in many ways. It has many varieties. Today we will tell you about the recipe of Potato Broccoli Soup:

Preparation Time: 15 min
Total Time: 40min
Servings: 4
Calories: 170

Ingredients for Potato Broccoli Soup

4 potatoes
Black Pepper Powder (as required)
1 cup of water
2 cups broccoli
400 ml wedge stock

How to make Potato Broccoli Soup

Potato and Broccoli Soup Recipe
Potato Diet

 Step 1

To make this healthy soup, firstly peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Also, cut the broccoli into small pieces.

 Step 2

Now take a big pan or utensil and mix vegetable stock and water in it. Cook it on medium heat.

 Step 3

Now add chopped potatoes in the pan and let them boil. When the potatoes are soft, add chopped broccoli and cook them till they become soft.

 Step 4

When the vegetables are cooked, take the pan off the gas and let the soup cool down a bit. Now pour this soup in a mixer blender and grind it.

 Step 5

Now garnish the soup with black pepper powder, coriander, and nuts and serve in a serving bowl.

You will be surprised to know the benefits of eating boiled potatoes

We have been hearing since childhood that potato is called the king of vegetables. Potato is a vegetable that adjusts everywhere.

There is also a misconception about this vegetable that it increases obesity. So, today we tell you about the benefits of eating boiled potatoes.

Boon for thin people:

Potatoes contain carbohydrates, which can increase your weight. So it can be a good food option for those who are trying to gain weight.

blood pressure:

Potatoes contain magnesium, which controls your blood pressure. Therefore, you must eat boiled potatoes.

Beneficial in arthritis:

The vitamins, calcium, and magnesium present in potatoes are beneficial for arthritis patients.

Digestion Power:

The carbohydrates present in potatoes are very helpful in maintaining our digestive system. And our food is well digested.

Remove Blisters:

Whenever you have blisters in your mouth, you can neither eat anything else. But eating boiled potatoes ends your problem.

Potato is very beneficial in the problem of ulceration in the mouth, so definitely take a potato.

Decrease inflammation:

Boiled potatoes eliminate inflammation inside the body. Vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and other minerals present in potatoes reduce inflammation in the intestines and digestive system.

Keep the heart fit

Blisters are not only cured by boiled potatoes, but they also benefit your internal organs.

Potatoes, in addition to vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, contain elements called carotenoids, which are very beneficial for the heart and internal organs.

Brain Development:

Eating potatoes help in your brain development. Eating potatoes helps our brains to develop well, as the levels of glucose present in the body depend on oxygen.

Certain elements present in the vitamin B complexus, omega-3s like hormones, amino acids, and fatty acids. And potatoes have all these nutrients.


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