PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills 2023

PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills 2023

PMP test is currently adopted in Chinese and English control, that is, each question is once in English, once translated Chinese, in the examination of the problem there are some small skills to pay attention to. First of all, if your English level is good enough, it is recommended to read the original text directly.

PMP test questions are after all out of the United States, language organization, the expression of ideas, certainly more in line with English habits. But if you have difficulty reading the original text, it doesn’t matter Chinese, just read it more carefully.

The translation of PMP questions(<a href=””>know more training cost</a>) is different from literary and artistic works, it is inevitable that in terms of language order, sense of language and our usual usage habits are different, and even give people the feeling of reading obscure, difficult to understand.

So don’t worry when reviewing questions, look word for word. Experience with previous PMP exams tells us that usually, four hours of exam time is sufficient and that most candidates do not experience a lack of time. 

First, quickly read the answer, and then reading the question dry is a good way, especially in the face of a longer question, you may wish to start from the last sentence of the topic. Sometimes this happens: the topic has a large section of the situation introduction, and the last question is a very direct question, and the previous scenario has nothing to do with it! This will save some reading questions, understanding time, according to specific questions, directly selecting the answer. 

Note the way questions are asked:

In the PMP exam, there are often questions such as: What other things should the project manager focus on? Which of the following is the output of a process? Something can be called the following, but what is not included? This kind of question itself may not be very difficult, but this kind of question should pay attention to, avoid the ambiguous, wrong choice of answers. 

In the MP exam, the final question for many questions is mostly the project manager’s “What should I do?” What’s next?” What should I do first?” Either way, the correct answer should be the first step the project manager should take under the topic scenario! That is, the first action to be completed in chronological order. 

For each answer to be correct, be sure to choose the most accurate and appropriate, including the cover. For example, ask “who is involved in identifying risks”, the most accurate answer should be “stakeholders”; The most accurate answer to the question “who is responsible for the project objectives” should be “project manager”, even if the person in charge is not wrong in principle.

In addition, the choice of specific topics, such as the final question is the role of the project scope specification, the answer on the project charter description, even if again accurate, but also has nothing to do with the title requirements, can not be selected. 

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PMP Project Management Thinking:

1, pay attention to the results and processes: a good process can produce good results, without good processes, the results will not last. 

2, to the stakeholder’s management as the center: to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders and ultimately make stakeholders satisfied. 

3, to prevent gold plating: in the absence of compensation for customers to do some of the projects outside the scope of the icing on the cake to please some stakeholders. All work is carried out in accordance with the project plan to resolutely avoid the spread of scope. 

4, to avoid the halo effect: project managers and technical experts in the work content of the essential differences, need to have project management knowledge, project practice ability, and leadership communication of personal qualities three factors to be competent. 

5, prevention is better than inspection: the cost of prevention is always less than the cost of correcting mistakes. The project manager should learn to prevent problems, not solve them, and is not a good project manager if he is solving them every day. 

6, proactive face the problem: to deal with the project problem and resolve the conflict should be proactive attitude, do not avoid the problem and conflict, out and the problem of the parties to communicate and exchange, solve the problem. 

PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills 2022

7, to have a sense of risk: project planning must consider risks, do not complete risk management, can not finally determine the cost of the project and schedule. Project assumptions and constraints are often seen as sources of risk. 

8, to change: project benchmarks can not be easily changed, must be completed on time, on budget, and in line with other project objectives. 

9, the former car, the teacher: pay attention to the accumulation of organizational process assets and historical data, pay attention to the important value of historical data. 

10, according to local conditions, trade-off relationship: any project manager in the company’s existing system and cultural environment, must face contradictions and constraints, weigh the relationship between various factors. 

PMP exam sub-rules: In the PMP exam, there are some default, agreed plot assumptions and concepts, understanding these “subliminal rules”, to troubleshoot interference, help to review the problem is very useful.

These so-called “subliminal rules” include: slugs

1, if the topic does not emphasize the specific organizational structure, then the default in the form of the balanced matrix; When it comes to comparing the advantages and disadvantages of an organizational structure, it is a comparison with a functional organization without specifying the object of reference. 

2. If the title does not specify the “you” position, then the default “you” is the project manager. 

3, in the topic of earned value calculation, EAC and ETC will be associated with different deviations, if the topic does not specifically remind what causes the deviation, according to the typical cause deviation calculation. 

4, do not be affected by the emotional color of words. For example, there is a “dictatorship” in the leadership style. This is only an objective way of managing a particular project and team development, such as in an emergency situation, the team has just been formed, and is not subject to traditional ideas and subjective exclusion. “Democracy” is not necessarily better than “dictatorship”, the key is to look at the application of the environment. 

5, if the option appears “must”, “certain”, “never”, “complete”, and other extreme descriptions, is often the wrong choice, to pay special attention to screening. 

PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills 2022


1, the test paper is generally about 100 pages, more than the description of the situational questions more longer; 

2, carefully review the question, each question read at least twice; The problem first put down, finished and then back to do; 

3, check, and pay attention not to paint the wrong answer; 

4, 15 minutes before the end of the examination are not allowed to hand in the papers. At the end of the day, you will fill out the questionnaire for 5 minutes, and if the test paper answer card is not completed, you can use this time to complete and check. PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills

PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills 2022

I wish December 5 to participate in THEMP, PgMP, ACP exam students passed smoothly, refuel!!

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PMP Exam Answer Question Thinking and Skills

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