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Planning To Buy A Rowing Machine? Here’s What To Consider 2022

Planning To Buy A Rowing Machine Here’s What To Consider 2022

Planning To Buy A Rowing Machine? Here’s What To Consider 2022

Buying your very own rowing machine can be overwhelming, especially since there are plenty of models and types available in the market. Hence, it might be challenging to choose and determine what perfectly fits you. 

Rowing Machine Buying Guide

If it’s your first time buying a rowing machine, it might be challenging to know what to look for. However, to get an idea, you can check reviews on some of the best rowing machines online or ask for recommendations from experts. Below are some of the factors you might need to consider in buying a rowing machine:


The price is one of the first things a consumer looks at when buying anything. As they say, “money makes the world go round.” That is why you should learn to be mindful of how much money you spend. So, how much are you willing to spend on a rowing machine?

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When it comes to indoor rowing machines, the cost can range from $100 to $2,500. However, the good ones cost about $600 to $1,200, depending on the resistance type. Water rowers are considered the most expensive and are followed by high-quality air rowers. If you’re on a tight budget, maybe it’s best to stray off those kinds of rowers.

Resistance Type

This factor is not quite obvious to first-time buyers. How a rowing machine develops resistance dramatically affects the feel, but it also affects a few other things. The following are the variety of resistance types and their uses:


This uses a fan in order to create resistance. Not only that, but it also has a natural feel. Before choosing this resistance type, it is vital to note that the resistance will increase along with your speed.


Moving your fan blade through liquid creates resistance, which generates a natural feeling like air. However, it contains more control over resistance compared to air by controlling the water level. 


This resistance type is typically cheap and is easier to maintain. However, it has a less natural feel compared to air or liquid.

Air + Magnetic

This resistance type is a combination of air and magnetic resistance. It offers a natural feel and plenty of control over the resistance level. However, it does not have the characteristic of a very quiet action, just like a pure magnetic rowing machine.


This resistance type is like a car shock absorber. It can only move a piston through its oil-filled tube and does not have a sliding seat. This means there is no real movement pattern.

A rowing machine with hydraulic resistance is typically tiny and quiet. It also offers plenty of control over the resistance. However, the maximum resistance might not be enough for more advanced rowers.


It would help if you also considered this factor when choosing to buy a rowing machine. Most of the time, the amount of noise a rowing machine produces (when you use it) will depend on its construction and its resistance type.

Air rowing machines tend to produce the most noise, and magnetic as well as hydraulic rowers are considered the quietest ones. 

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Planning To Buy A Rowing Machine Here’s What To Consider 2022


Unlike other gym equipment, rowing machines don’t have plenty of size variations. In fact, they typically have similar dimensions. Most of these machines are long and narrow.

The only exception to the statement above is the hydraulic type rower. This type of rowing machine tends not to have any slide rail, unlike other rowers. This means it does not have a sliding seat, which makes them shorter than other rowers.


When it comes to buying a rowing machine, the basics are critical. However, features can make a huge difference. Below are some of the useful features you should look for in a rowing machine:

  • Comfortable Seats

Using a rowing machine means you will be sitting in the same position for an extended period. Hence, it would be best to make sure that the seat is comfortable. It is also recommended that the seat has an appropriate distance from the ground. 

Adjustable Foot Straps

Doing exercises on a rowing machine means that you will have to place your feet on two separate pads. You will also need to strap them right in place. It is advised to make sure the straps are adjustable. That way, your feet will perfectly fit on the machine. 

  • Dashboard Stats

All rowing machines have an ergometer. This apparatus determines the energy you have expended during your workout. Some rowing machine models only show the basics such as power and meter. However, other models can offer you more than that.

  • Built-in Screen Positioning

Several rowing machine models have a built-in display screen. This allows you to stream workouts while you are on the machine. If you plan to select this kind of feature, it will help if you make sure that the screen is at your eye level. That way, you can comfortably watch workout videos without the risk of compromising your form or straining your neck.

  • Smart Features

This type of feature is not necessary for a cardio workout. However, it might work best for you. Pre-programmed workouts, Wi-Fi connection, streaming capabilities, and Bluetooth headphone connection are some of the programs that might be included in this feature.


All of us want a high-quality rower. That is why it is vital to know that there’s more than one facet of quality when choosing a rowing machine, such as build quality and the smoothness of operation.

Most of the time, price is a great indicator of a rower’s build quality. But when it comes to the smoothness of operation, the design and how well the rowing machin was built are the indicators.

To Wrap It Up

Not everyone has the same budget and requirements when it comes to buying a rowing machine. However, one of the most vital factors is how much you are willing to spend on the machine and which resistance type works best for you. Rowing machines have a variety of features, warranties, and qualities that you should consider before buying or shopping for one.

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Planning To Buy A Rowing Machin Here’s What To Consider 2022

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