Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2023

Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2023

Only once a year does New Year’s Eve occur. What better way to herald in a new calendar year than by scheduling that first trip in the spirit of resolutions and new beginnings?

People say that adventure is a state of mind. Being in the same environment year after year can be oppressive for one’s psyche. Furthermore, if you spend your entire life in the same place, you will never learn to cherish the values and cultural characteristics.

Instead, take a step into a new world and be exposed to new colors, sights, noises, and people. You never know; you could be learning a new skill, making new friends, or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

So, what could be better than exploring a new environment with a unique itinerary that takes you far away from your usual haunts?


A New Year’s Eve celebration in Seattle is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives.

The Emerald City is packed with activities to fill your days and nights, so plan on staying in Seattle for a few days to enjoy the whole experience.

Whatever you’ve heard about Seattle’s weather, don’t let the threat of rain deter you from exploring the city during the day or seeing the impressive fireworks that go off at midnight on New Year’s Eve from the Space Needle.

Also, if you want to add a pinch of immersiveness to your trip, do not forget to visit Fox in a Box (check this website).


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, and it’s a place where you’ll want to come hungry for art, architecture, sports, and, of course, cuisine. 

The Windy City will take your breath away with its deep-dish pizza, gorgeous skyscrapers, and stunning skyline.

Embrace the opportunity to visit the escape room Chicago Illinois, the newest thrill attraction.

Rio de Janeiro

Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

Rio de Janeiro offers one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations, with the iconic Copacabana Beach serving as the main focal point of the eve.

Thousands of people assemble on this white sand beach, waiting for the stroke of midnight. There will be music, beach volleyball, and a lot of drinking.

Take your partner and enjoy the concert at the beach with a bottle of champagne. This horseshoe-shaped beach is ideal for viewing the massive fireworks display at midnight.

San Francisco

San Francisco is an excellent choice for New Year’s vacations. San Francisco hosts a spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display near the Ferry Building and the SF Bay Bridge on the waterfront.

The fireworks are held aboard a boat between the Ferry Building and the SF Bay Bridge on the water.

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Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve?

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Christmas holidays are here! For the little ones in the house, the winter holidays are one of the most exciting times. Gifts, family reunions with grandparents, uncles, and cousins. What if you organize one of the favorite family getaways typical of these dates this year?

There are many family trips for all tastes and suitable for any age, from unique destinations for lovers of winter sports cities where Christmas is present in every corner or dream paradises for those who want to escape the cold of winter holidays.

Plan an unforgettable Christmas vacation with these ten family getaways to close a year in style!

Best family getaways within Spain for the Christmas holidays

Discover the cabins in the forest of Galicia

Would you like to be able to experience total immersion in nature? Spending a few days inside a cabin in the forests of Galicia is one of the best family getaways you can plan for your winter holidays. If you are looking to disconnect from the routine of the city and enjoy the silence of nature high up in the trees, this will be a getaway that you will never forget!                                                                                               

It combines the beautiful views the green Galician forests offer with all the luxuries provided by the structures built on its branches. In addition, the little ones will learn the importance of maintaining respectful contact with the environment—a perfect way to be in harmony with nature.

Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

  • Budget. The accommodation for family getaways to the cabins in Galicia ranges from €35-to €70 per person per day.
  • Helpful Tips. Bringing some binoculars can be a great idea. The proximity to nature allows you to observe all kinds of birds and mammals, such as deer or rabbits, from the top of the trees.

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Enjoy the spring weather of the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are the perfect destination if you want to escape the cold winter. It is often said that the islands offer a spring-like climate throughout the year. If you would like to live a Christmas getaway on white-sand beaches, this plan is for you! Enjoy a New Year’s Eve with the family at 22 degrees.

  • Budget: From €1,200 you can find accommodation to spend a week with your family on the island of Tenerife. However, you must not forget to include the price of the flights! If you are flexible with the dates and times, you will find cheaper round-trip tickets.
  • Tips: After the growing rise in infections, the Canarian Government has tightened the requirements for entry to any of the islands. Always carry the covid certificate or a negative PCR test with you! Don’t know how to apply for the Madrid Virtual Health Card? Discover it here!

Ski-in Sierra Nevada

What better Christmas getaway than a family skiing vacation? If you are lovers of winter sports, Sierra Nevada is a destination that you cannot miss! The practice of skiing or snowboarding is a mix between adrenaline and fun and provides multiple health benefits. It improves balance and blood circulation and reduces stress.

  • Budget: The ski pass for several consecutive days starts at €42 for adults and €31 for children per day. Depending on the day and modality, prices may vary. Check all the rates on the official website of Sierra Nevada!
  • Tips. The routes to access the snow slopes could be snowy. Therefore, you must always wear the right road equipment. Do you know how to put the chains to circulate through the snow? Jesús Calleja himself explains it step by step in this video!

Visit PortAventura on the Costa Dorada (Tarragona)

The Costa Dorada is one of the perfect destinations to spend Christmas with the family. So much so that many of its municipalities have the Catalan seal ” Family Tourism Destination. ” Of course, you cannot visit Tarragona without stopping at PortAventura! On Christmas, the park prepares all kinds of themed shows.

  • Budget: The price for a family room with access to the PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land parks starts at €480.
  • Tips. Although there are accommodation options outside the parks, it is advisable to hire a room in one of the official resorts of the theme complex. They are designed to enjoy the experience to the fullest and avoid wasting time getting to the venue.

Hunt the Yeti in the Pyrenees of Huesca

This Christmas, enjoy the best family getaways by visiting the lair of the Yeti himself. Legend has it that this snow monster inhabits the coldest places in the mountains. In fact, according to some rumors, he was last seen in the snowy hills of the Huesca Pyrenees! Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

Organize winter holidays where you can enjoy activities such as sleddingtheater shows for all ages, workshops to enjoy nature with the family, and cultural visits such as the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

  • Budget. The price of this experience can be around €65 per person, including accommodation, activities, and half board.
  • Tips. Always watch the little ones and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Travel insurance is strongly recommended. GENERALI includes coverage against accidents, and we can even take care of medical expenses derived from a possible unforeseen event.

5 Best Family Getaways Across This Winter Break

Spend the Christmas holidays with Santa Claus in Lapland

Who has never dreamed of visiting the home of Santa Claus? The Finnish Government has recreated an entire complex for children (and not so children) to enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Live a Nordic experience on a sleigh pulled by huskies, discover the incredible northern lights and take the opportunity to pet Santa’s reindeer.

Not surprisingly, the temperature in Lapland is freezing. Remember to wear thermal clothing that insulates from the cold and prevents the loss of body heat. Make sure you are well prepared for an extreme winter vacation!

  • Budget: You should remember that family getaways to Lapland for the Christmas holidays are not precisely low-cost! It is difficult for you to find something below €2,000 per person.
  • Council. During the winter holidays, the daylight hours in Lapland do not exceed six a day. Properly organize all the activities you want to do to get the most out of the Finnish sun. Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

Discover the summer of Argentina in the new year

The dream of many is to live a New Year in the heart of the purest summer climate. Although this would be unthinkable in Spain, Christmas getaways to Argentina allow you to experience this climatic contradiction! The Argentine Coast, Buenos Aires, Iguazú or Patagonia. Argentina offers endless natural landscapes and experiences to enjoy a summer in the southern hemisphere.

  • Budget. A trip with these characteristics, including flights, accommodation, transfers, and some excursions, can be around €3,600 per person.
  • Tip: Don’t embark on an adventure so far from home without travel insurance! The investment will certainly be worth it. An unforeseen event could force you to cancel the trip. For those cases, comprehensive travel insurance will be of great help.

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Enjoy the Caldea spa (Andorra)

Would you like to turn your winter holidays into a relaxing parenthesis? Live the experience of spending Christmas in a relaxing spa. Enjoy the Jacuzzis surrounded by snowhot and cold pools circuits, or appetizing messages to welcome the new year covered in peace of mind. In addition, Andorra offers many other possibilities. If you decide to spend your Christmas holidays in the principality, take the opportunity to ski and visit Andorra La Vieja!

  • Budget: Tickets to Caldea start from €30 to €66.50 per day. In addition, you will have to add food (between €20 and €60 per person) and accommodation in Andorra, which depending on your preferences, will be between €70 and €300 per night. 
  • If you also dare to ski, the average price of the ski pass in the main resorts will cost you around €55, depending on the season in which you travel.
  • Tip: Plan and buy your tickets online. In selecting the spa plan that best suits your style, you will ensure availability. The spa has a limited capacity, and its popularity sells out on such important dates as Christmas. You can buy your tickets through the official Caldea website.

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Fulfill your dream at Disneyland Paris

It is the dream of many children! Spending the Christmas holidays in the Disneyland Paris parks is a unique experience. Visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle filled with Christmas decorations that leave you speechless. In addition, the little ones will have the opportunity to meet their favorite characters in person.

  • Budget: an individual ticket for one day to the parks costs €54 per person if you choose a specific day or €99 without a fixed date. At that price, you must add accommodation, which can be around €120 per person per day.
  • Tips. It is common for the different tour operators to offer offers if you hire a package that includes entrance + hotel. In addition, it is recommended to spend at least one full day in each park to visit it in depth. Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

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Stroll through Prague, a fairytale city

It is recognized as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Prague is a family destination as well as endearing. The capital of Vienna is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the historic center, it passes through the San Carlos Bridge to the imposing Prague Castle. In addition, the entire city turns out for Christmas to offer its visitors one of the best family getaways in Europe.

  • Budget: A getaway to Prague, including flights, accommodation, and food, can be around €700-€1,200 per person, depending on the hotel you choose.
  • Council. Several ice skating rinks are open to the public during the Christmas holidays. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and suitable gloves to live this unique experience!

Are you going on a trip this Christmas? Whether inside or outside of Spain, at GENERALI, we offer you multi-risk travel insurance for all needs. And you can choose the guarantees that best suit you!

Planning For An Epic Getaway This New Year Eve? 2022

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