Is Pee Stored in the Balls?

Is Pee Stored in the Balls

Is Pee Stored in the Balls? 

Friends, Pee is created from the kidneys filtering toxins from the blood into liquid waste. Pee is transported from the kidneys via the R & L ureters into the urinary bladder (this is NOT the gallbladder).

Pee is stored in the gallbladder & at a certain volume, it urges one to “pee” out the pee & it travels down the urethra to exit. It is Never naturally stored in “the balls”

No. It is stored in the bladder, which is below your stomach.

This is why when you have to go to the bathroom, you feel it below your stomach and on the tip of your ling, not your balls. If you push on the area near your bellybutton when you have to go to the bathroom, you will notice it hurts.

Pressing on that area as either a male or a female will hurt when you need to urinate because the bladder is in a similar spot for both sexes.

Pressing on your balls (gently—I hope this part is OBVIOUS) when you need to urinate, if you are male, and it might hurt a bit, but it won’t feel like liquid is going to burst out.

Is Pee Stored in the Balls
Is Pee Stored in the Balls?

Is Pee Stored in the Balls? 2021

This is one reason why bladder infections are more common for females than males (it is still possible for both genders though). The male urethra is longer and goes further back, so bacterial infections have to travel along a longer path.

The male sex organs are all below the bladder while the female sex organs are half above the bladder (with the uterus, ovaries, cervix being above and behind the bladder).

The only liquids your body stores in your balls for the purpose of being later expelled is part of the component of sperm—actually less than 5% of the total volume of sperm.

Of course, there is also blood, some testosterone, and other liquids in your scrotal area (or if you want ‘your balls’).

Testosterone is actually produced in multiple areas of the male body, with some being produced in the testes, and some being produced in the adrenal gland.

In the female body, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal gland.

Is Pee Stored in the Balls
Is Pee Stored in the Balls?

Most of the testosterone produced in the female ovaries are then converted into Oestrogen (or estrogen in American spelling) when it is combined with androstenedione, using the enzyme aromatase.

Thus testosterone is simpler, which the male body uses as is, but the female body uses as is in only trace amounts, combining the bulk of it with other to produce Oestrogen.

Is Pee Stored in the Balls?

Sidney Applebaum

Urine is stored in the bladder after the kidneys process the waste. The testes (balls) produce and store sperm and testosterone.

The only commonality they share is the urethra which both pass through on the way out. If someone has urine in the testicular sack then they have a major problem and need to go to the ER immediately. That is if they want to live or ever hope to have children.

It amazes me how little people know about their body and how it functions. Have I wondering what the hell they’re teaching in health and biology these days. Has it become like core math, something that is just totally incomprehensible? Is there now core biology? Core health?

Urine is produced in the kidneys. From the kidneys, it is transferred to the bladder via the ureters. At this point, the urine is no longer modified (take a look at the kidney to see how urine is formed).

Once urine enters the bladder it sits there until you urinate. This, the bladder, is where urine is stored. When you are ready to urinate valves in the bladder open and urine leaves via the urethra, traveling down and out of the part (in the male since that was inferred in the question).

The testes produce sperm which then travels up the vas deferens that loops around the bladder and then merge into the urethra through the prostate.

urine in the scrotum
Is Pee Stored in the Balls

See the picture below. There should be no urine in the “balls”.

Is Pee Stored in the Balls?

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