Pathophysiology of Asthma

Pathophysiology of Asthma

I am usually asked about the definition of asthma.

It depends on asking whether some people can define asthma in terms of its pathophysiology, while others will see its effect.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that leads to symptoms such as:

chest tightness
Shortness of breath

Pathophysiology or underlying mechanisms of asthma that give rise to symptoms of asthma include mainly inflammation and bronchoconstriction.

Inflammation refers to inflammation and irritation of the airways in the lungs, whereas bronchoconstriction refers to the muscles in the lungs to tighten and narrow the airways.

Additionally, the production of mucus makes it more difficult for air to move in and out of the lungs and makes breathing difficult.

Symptoms of asthma often occur due to asthma symptoms. Triggers are specific substances that highlight inflammation and the development of bronchoconstriction.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Examples of asthma triggers include:

Tobacco smoke
Animal Dander
Dust particles


Extreme weather
Work out
Some medicines

Dear friends, different people react differently to asthma triggers.

Some people have mild symptoms while others have more severe symptoms.

Asthma can be seriously defined in terms of different asthma types such as:

Light lasting
Medium lasting
Serious permanent

Asthma can also be defined by its cause, risk or specific symptoms:

Allergic asthma– symptoms of asthma as a result of a specific risk such as dust mites or mold.

Cough type of asthma – a cough as a major asthma symptom

Occupational asthma – asthma symptoms that are a result of post-workplace risks and usually improve when away from work.

Exercise-Induced Asthma– Asthma symptoms that develop during or after exercise

Nocturnal asthma – a decline in lung function that is seen early in the morning and an increase in asthma symptoms.

While asthma cannot be cured, medications can provide asthma control.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Asthma affects people in very different ways.

More than 25 million Americans have asthma, including more than 7 million children.

On any given day in the United States, asthma occurs:

40,000 missed work or school days
30,000 asthma attack
5,000 visits to an emergency department
11 deaths

Asthma affects our economy, directly and indirectly, costing more than $ 56 billion, including 15 million offices and 2 million emergency room costs per year.

Friends, Asthma is also responsible for some health-related abnormalities.

Asthma rates are higher among African Americans, Hispanics, and Puerto Ricans.

Home Remedies for Asthma

First way

Garlic is very effective in the treatment of asthma.

Boil five cloves of garlic in 30 ml of milk and taking this mixture every day provides great benefit in the initial stage of asthma.

Asthma is also controlled by drinking two pieces of garlic powder mixed with hot ginger tea.

Consuming this tea in the morning and evening benefits the patient.

Second Way

Boil celery mixed with asthmatic water and boil it with water, this home remedy is very beneficial. Take 4-5 cloves and boil in 125 ml of water for 5 minutes.

After filtering this mixture, add one teaspoon of pure honey and drink it hot.

Taking this decoction two to three times a day definitely benefits the patient.

Third Way

Boil a handful of drumstick leaves in 180 mm of water for about 5 minutes.

Allow the mixture to cool, a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon juice can also be added to it.

Regular use of this soup is considered effective in asthma treatment.

Fourth way

Add one teaspoon of fresh ginger, one cup decoction of fenugreek and honey as per taste.

This mixture proves to be wonderful for asthmatic patients.

Boil one spoon of fenugreek seeds and one cup of water to prepare the decoction of fenugreek.

Consuming this mixture every day in the morning and evening gives definite benefits.

Breathing exercises for Asthma

Breathing exercises for Asthma
Pathophysiology of Asthma

Any person who suffers from a malefic disease like asthma, cannot enjoy many things in life.

Most asthma patients adopt a number of prescriptions to deal with the disease, but always forget to use a simple remedy.

That remedy is yoga. Yes, the ancient art of yoga is actually the best solution to your breathing problem.

After learning a few hours of yoga in a local Yoga course, you will be fitted with rugs which will help reduce the effects of asthma and also help in permanent treatment.

To help you overcome asthma more effectively, here is a list of some basic breathing techniques and yoga asanas:

Anulom Antonyms

In this, the method of breathing is repeated. In this, you have to sit in Padmasana.

After this, close the right nostril of the nose with your right hand and then breathe through the left orifice.

Press the left nasal cavity with the two fingers along with the thumb and exhale from the right side.

Initially start this activity for three minutes and after getting used to it for 10 minutes.

Dead posture

It is considered to be one of the easiest rugs. First of all, lie down on your mat, keep your palms straight and leave it loose.

Make a gap of about one foot between the two legs.

Close your eyes and concentrate on inhaling. With this, the tension along with asthma is also relieved.

Asthma Treatment in Homeopathy

When any person has trouble breathing due to any disease occurring in the respiratory tubes, that condition is called asthma disease.

Due to the disease of asthma, the respiratory tubes of the lungs get swollen.

Which the patient has trouble breathing.

It is natural to hear city ringing and wheezing in the chest of such a person.

Due to this duct obstruction, the patient becomes very tired.

Due to this, there is a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the chest.

In such a way, homeopathic medicine is not only a complete cure for these diseases, but this method is also considered cheap.

Homeopathic medicines are given to the patient to develop disease inhibitory capacity on the basis of symptoms.

Arsenicum Alabam

This drug is generally used for acute asthma patients. It is used to cause severe restlessness with grief and nervousness.

The patient is unable to find a comfortable position. The thirst increases as the water go in slightly.

Asthma gets worse after midnight, having more trouble breathing. So the patient has to sit on the bed.

The trouble increases with cold air and weather changes. Upper right chest pain.

The patient feels better after drinking hot drinks.

This medicine is used in the AC condition.

Carbo Veg

Use of this medicine when the patient’s face becomes dull and red.

There is coldness in the hands and feet, abdominal pain that can be caused by the symptoms of breathing.

This problem increases in the evening and it is accompanied by itchy throat and cough.

The voice becomes heavier and in the evening it increases and in such circumstances, this homeopathic medicine is used.

House Dust Mite

This drug is mostly used for such patients who are allergic to dust from home and outside or anywhere.

Therefore, this medicine is considered very important for asthma patients.


This medicine is used when the asthmatic patient is very upset with the attacks of asthma and is suffering from nausea.

It is vomiting and still not getting rest. If the mucosa is not reducing the weight, then this homeopathic medicine is used. This drug is used more for children and adults.


This medicine is commonly used when the asthma patient does not have phlegm and comes in a lot of pain, this asthma is due to freezing, then this medicine is used.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Pathophysiology of Asthma
Pathophysiology of Asthma


This medicine is beneficial for those asthmatic patients who have a lot of phlegm.

Caution: Homeopathic medicines are given according to the patient’s physical and mental condition and asthma is a terrible disease.

Therefore, taking medicines only with the advice of a good doctor can be harmful.

Cold and asthma

Asthma is a disease in which the respiratory tubes of the patient become inflamed due to some effect. Due to this, the patient has difficulty breathing.

The causes that cause an outbreak of asthma are called allergens.

There are some merits of the winter season and some shortcomings.

In this season, the incidence of asthma and certain types of infections increases more, but by taking some reflexes, you can enjoy this season while staying healthy…

Understand the symptoms

Cough that increases more at night.
Difficulty breathing, which hurts in the form of seizures.
Feeling of tightness or tightness in the chest.
A whirring sound from the chest.
A whistle-like sound from the throat.

What to do

Always keep asthma medicine with you.
Avoid smoking
Avoid the causes of asthma outbreaks.

Do breath-related exercises to strengthen the lungs.
Doing Yoga is very beneficial.
Avoid the cold.

If the mucus has thickened, coughs, wheezing and shortness of breath have increased or the need for a reliever inhaler has increased, consult your doctor soon.

what not to do

Do not come in contact with the allergen.
Do not keep animals at home.

Avoid cold drinks, ice cream, fast foods, eggs, and non-vegetarian food.

Do not allow dust to settle in the house.

Here’s how to protect

Changing the weather increases the shortness of breath, so one should be alert four to six weeks before the weather changes.

Factors that cause shortness of breath or which can cause respiratory attack should be avoided. Such as dust and smoke etc.

Also, note some other suggestions in this context …

Avoid foods that come to the patient’s knowledge that they are causing harm.

Soft drinks, fast foods, and preservative-rich foods are generally avoided.

An inhaler must be taken before exercising or working hard.

Get treatment for a cold, cold, sore throat or flu-like illness.

The house should be ventilated, not damp, and sunny.

Do not wear long furry clothes and do not allow children to play furry toys.

The patient should stay out of the house while cleaning, painting and painting the house.

It is beneficial to have steam.

Avoid infection

In the winter season, the risk of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria in the air can increase.

The fall in temperature also affects the body of a person.

In such a situation there is an increased risk of getting some infections, but these infections can be avoided by taking some precautions.

Natural Remedies for an Asthma Attack

Pineapple fruit

The fruit of pineapple contains the chemical bromelain, which is often cut and discarded.

It is considered beneficial for the prevention of asthma.

Take out the hard part between the fruits and crush it or advise the patient to chew directly.


Dry the marigold flowers, then collect the seeds and consume the same quantity (5 grams each) with sugar candy twice a day for some time. According to the tribal, asthma and cough patients benefit greatly.

Grape juice

Heat about 50 grams of grape juice and drink it to the patient of asthma or asthma, then the breathing speed will be normal.

According to the tribals, giving the patient twice a day continuously for one month gives relief to the patient.

Oregano seeds and cloves

Toast the seeds of parsley and wrap it in a cotton cloth and if kept close to the pillow at night, then asthma, cold, cough patients do not have trouble breathing in the night.

If an asthma patient is given five grams of equal quantity of parsley seeds and cloves per day in cold, they benefit.


According to modern research, capsicum contains important chemicals such as beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin and vitamin C.

Continuous intake of capsicum causes the body to convert beta carotene into retinol, retinol is actually a form of vitamin A.

The combined effect of all these chemicals gives tremendous benefit in asthma. Asthma patients should consume their semi-regular vegetables.


Add small pieces of ginger and some leaves of tamarind in about two cups of water and boil it until it remains one cup.

Put four spoons of sugar in it and boil it on low flame for a while, then let it cool.

Consuming this syrup once every three hours causes cough and cough and provides relief in asthma too.

Pathophysiology of Asthma
Pathophysiology of Asthma

Over the counter asthma inhaler

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has introduced a digital inhaler Digihaler for asthma patients.

It also has a low-dose warning indicator with a precise digital dose counter, which enables patients to monitor adherence according to their medical regulations.

The Chairman and Head of the India and Africa region of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said, “We believe the role of the digital revolution in the industry will be extremely important.

In particular, in diseases related to asthma and COPD, in which the patient does not follow the prescribed rules for treatment is a worldwide challenge.

It is also a major cause of inadequate control of asthma and COPD in patients of every age group. “

He said, “Digihaler is the first digital dose inhaler (DDI), which aims to tackle this age-old challenge, as the device will enable patients to monitor the number of doses taken by them.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Along with this, the indicator also gives low dose warning, which is beneficial for patients.

In addition, it will enable doctors to check compliance with the rules prescribed by patients for treatment.

According to the World Health Organization estimates for the year 2007, currently, 300 million people globally suffer from asthma, and it is expected to reach 100 million by 2025.

Globally, asthma kills 2,50,000 people annually.

Asthma control questionnaire

The complexity and laboriousness of assessing asthma control as an integral indicator in actual practice situations require the introduction and use of adequate and effective tools.

In the process of developing methods of total control, a number of evaluation tools have emerged, including the questionnaire – ACQ (Asthma Control Questionnaire).

One of the simplest methods for RCP (Royal College of Physicians), Rule of Two, and other older children has shown high reliability of asthma control assessment in real clinical practice is the Asthma Control Examination Questionnaire.

Its use is recommended by Gina, 2006. Before 2007 “Test Control of Asthma” was only available for adults and children over 12 years old,

But in 2006 it offered a children’s version, which today is the only means of control over the assessment, asthma in children aged 4–11 years

The Asthma Test Control in Children consists of seven questions.

Questions 1–4 are intended for a child with (responses in place of 4-point rating: 0 to 3 points), and questions 5–7 – for parents (6 scale: 0 to 5 points) of the exam.

The score is the sum of all answers to the maximum score (maximum score is 27 points), on which recommendations will depend on the patient’s further treatment.

Assessment for asthma control test in children 20 points or more, controlled asthma is equal to 19 points or less; Asthma is not adequately controlled;

The patient is recommended to seek the help of a doctor to review the treatment plan.

In this case, it is necessary to ask the child and his or her parents about medications for daily use to ensure that the breathing technique is correct and that the treatment plan is followed.

Objectives To use the asthma control test:

Examining patients and identifying patients with uncontrolled asthma

Changing treatment to achieve better control

Increase in the effectiveness of the implementation of clinical recommendations

Identification of risk factors for uncontrolled asthma

Monitoring the degree of asthma control by both physicians and patients in any setting.

Asthma Mask

There are plenty of measures you can take to reduce your exposure to allergens and irritants indoors.

You can undertake a thorough cleaning regime and purify your air, for example.

However, it can be a lot more difficult to breathe clean air when ‘out and about’!

Outside, potential asthma triggers are commonplace.

By protecting your nose and mouth with a mask, you will be able to reduce the number of irritating particles reaching your airways.

This should help to reduce the likelihood of your asthma symptoms flaring up.

Many people prefer not to wear a mask however sometimes it can really help.

Our range of asthma masks covers particle, chemical, cold weather, and pollen-related triggers.

Check the product description to make sure your chosen mask fits your requirements.

Help with choosing your Asthma Mask

There are a variety of asthma triggers to which a mask can help reduce your exposure.

These include allergens like mold spores, pollen and pet dander.

You will need to make sure that your mask has efficient filtration power to deal with your individual trigger allergens – more information is available on each product.

Some of our asthma masks contain filters to actually help prevent a significant proportion of the allergens from being inhaled.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Others, like the Cold Weather Mask, do not contain filters but help to reduce the amount of cold air reaching your lungs, which itself can be a trigger.

Other factors such as smoke, chemicals in household products and strong perfumes can also trigger asthma symptoms, such as wheezing.

You can select your mask by what it filters using our navigation.

Some of our masks are disposable and others require replacement filters after a certain amount of usage.

This selection includes masks with a variety of different filter media, from electrostatic to carbon.

Be sure to check the description carefully to ensure the mask meets your requirements, and that it will remove the particles you want it to.

Pathophysiology of Asthma

OTC Asthma Medication

My dear friends, usually 90 percent of asthma patients are controlled by inhalers.

Inhalers do not benefit people in whom this disease is very serious. They live on steroids which have a lot of side effects.

Repeatedly, the patient has to admit, weight is increased, bones become weak, infection increases.

No medicine has been made for this. But now its non-medicinal treatment has come.

Bronchial thermoplastic technique

Doctor Arup said that it is being treated with the help of a bronchial thermoplastic technique.

When asthma occurs, the windpipe shrinks and the muscles accumulate outside the tube.

In this treatment, heat is delivered through the radiofrequency near the muscles by reaching the windpipe with the help of endoscopy.

Heat eliminates the layer of muscles and the patient clears breathing problems when the way is clean.

It is a permanent cure for this disease lasting a lifetime without medication and without any kind of surgery.

Inhalers or steroids only control the disease, but this particular technique relieves the disease.

This procedure is given in three sittings. A 3-4 week gap is kept from one sitting to another.

Asthma home remedies honey

A person cannot stay for two minutes without breathing, but still, people consider it very normal.

Even if you do not understand the value of breath, only a person suffering from asthma can understand its true value.

This respiratory problem sometimes proves fatal. As such, you must be taking medicines for this.

By taking some natural remedies, the asthma attack can be reduced to a great extent. So let’s know about such a solution-

Honey is the oldest and natural remedy to overcome breathing problems.

For this, take a glass of warm water and mix one spoon of honey in it and consume it slowly.

In addition to this, lick a little cinnamon powder in a teaspoon of honey before going to bed at night.

You can consume honey and water thrice a day. Honey helps to remove phlegm from the throat.

Intrinsic asthma

My dear friends, Asthma is a lung disease that causes difficulty in breathing.

When there is asthma, there is swelling in the airways due to which the respiratory tract shrinks.

Due to shrinkage in the respiratory tract, the patient starts having problems with breathing, problems with breathing, chest tightness, cough, etc.

There are two types of asthma depending on the symptoms –

External asthma

Intrinsic asthma

External asthma is an immune response to external allergens, caused by external allergic things such as pollen, animals, dust.

Intrinsic asthma is caused by the inhalation of certain chemical elements such as cigarette smoke, paint vapor, etc.

Pollution and allergy are largely responsible for asthma, along with genetic causes.

It can be controlled to a great extent by starting the right treatment at the right time.

Men have a higher risk of asthma than women.

Friends, the special hormone estrogen found in women protects them from this.

One of the main reasons for this is the weight, more outdoor movement of men than women.

Therefore, men should be especially vigilant for the safety of their lungs.

Increased levels of air pollution, smoking, childhood lack of proper treatment, eczema, allergy, common flu, and viral infections can cause asthma.

Non-allergic asthma

An old clinical classification distinguished between atopic (IgE-mediated) and non-atopic forms of bronchial asthma.

It is now widely accepted that asthma is a heterogeneous disease that includes several different phenotypes, each of which is defined by distinct clinical, functional and pathobiological patterns.

If you have non-allergic or intrinsic-type asthma, you most likely suffer from asthmatic symptoms following an infection that settles in your chest.

However, non-allergic asthma is not caused by allergies.

Therefore, these individuals typically produce negative allergy skin tests.

Allergy and Asthma Center

About the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), a not-for-profit organization.

Founded in 1953, is the leading patient organization for people with asthma and allergies, and the oldest asthma and allergy patient group in the world.

Asthma and allergies affect most people in the United States in some way. In 1953, three allergists started AAFA to raise money for education and research.

Now, AAFA also offers resources and advocacy for all those affected, as well as health care providers and policymakers. Our goal is for those with asthma and allergies to live life without limits.

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Pathophysiology of Asthma

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Pathophysiology of Asthma

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