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Office Outfit Ideas: How To Dress Like You Mean Business

Office Outfit Ideas: How To Dress Like You Mean Business

Office Outfit Ideas: How To Dress Like You Mean Business

Figuring out what to wear every day to the office is one of the common problems that anyone who works can relate to. You want to look good, and stylish, but still have a hint of professionalism in your attire. 

To help you decide what to wear to your office every day, we have curated the best work attire ideas that will upgrade your office look!

All About Blazers

If you work at an office, you should have lots of blazers in your wardrobe collection. Blazers are the ultimate fashion items that will show that you mean business. It is the perfect attire to wear for work. You can mix and match your blazer, either to tone it down for a casual look, or dressing up for a more formal occasion. Whatever look you strive for, you can get it with your favorite Blazer.

Oversize Blazer with Skirt

If you have an oversize blazer that you don’t know how to make look stylish, you can mix and match it with a skirt. Wearing this outfit combination can definitely make you look professional but still charming. 

You can complete your appearance with white sneakers and a handbag as icing on the top.

Long Blazer and Baggy Pants

Aim for a smart casual look? Then this combination is perfect for you. Wear a white shirt underneath your long blazer, and complete your look with baggy pants. Don’t forget to wear a bucket hat to complete your style!

Blazer and A Tee

This combination is also suitable for a smart casual look outfit. Wearing a tee and boyfriend jeans might be too casual for work attire, but you can change the whole appearance and make it suitable for the office by adding a fancy oversize blazer to complete the look. This is the perfect outfit for your Friday night, where you can look polished enough to go to work during the day – but also ready to spend the Friday night with your friends. 

Blazer Sets

Channel your lady boss’s inner side by dressing up at the office with a matching blazer set. Wear a buttoned-down white shirt underneath and don’t forget to adorn your neck with a stacked necklace. For footwear choice, you should opt to wear heeled boots or stiletto heels for an edgier look.

Cape Blazer and Long Trouser Pants

This other office look definitely can help you to look more elegant. You can combine a unique cape blazer with long trouser pants for a graceful impression on your appearance. Wear a turtleneck underneath your blazer to complete the look.

Sweater and Knitwear

Especially during the fall or winter season, sweaters and knitwear can also be perfect to be used as your work attire! You may not be sure about this idea, because most of the time you only use your sweater when watching Netflix and chilling on your bed. But with a perfect mix and match, you can wear your sweater and knitwear for an office look. Not only can it make you look stylish, but it definitely will also help to warm you up during the cold season!

Sweater and Pencil Skirt

You can wear a sweater and tuck it inside your black pencil skirt for your office attire. Complete your look with high heels and you will look very professional to start the day! Shop this look through this trusted online shopping platform.

Sweater and a Collared Shirt

Wear a collared shirt underneath your sweater for a nerdy style look. For the pants, you can go with whichever you want. Jeans? Black Trouser? Or Legging? Anything you decide will definitely look good on you!

Long Knit Cardigan

You can dress warmly but still look fashionable with a long knit cardigan. Mix and match your long knit cardigan with a white long sleeve shirt with v-neck detail and a black pencil skirt. If you don’t want to wear a skirt, you can change it with simple trousers. Decide which selection that can make you feel the most comfortable. In order not to be monotonous, you can complete the look with heeled boots and a simple black handbag. 

Sweater Vest

The sweater vest is on the rave right now! And you can definitely wear this one for your office look. Combine your sweater vest with high-waisted jeans and finish your look with a big tote bag that can help to store all of your work essentials.

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Office Outfit Ideas: How To Dress Like You Mean Business