There’s a reason why plants and flowers are considered the very essence of life. These living, breathing entities can generate a range of emotions and symbolism that can often mean different things to different people in different situations. If you want to send a message, then flowers can do it in an eloquent and meaningful way.

Here are some of our favorite reasons for giving someone flowers.

Red roses for love

We had to start with the most romantic, passionate gesture that will transcend the centuries. Red roses have been used in literature by poets and playwrights alike as a symbol of true love. Their vibrant color evokes a passion and excitement that is redolent of a new relationship and new love.

Guilt bouquets

Of course, as you progress through the various stages of a relationship and the frequency of the red roses eases off, receiving a large bouquet of flowers out of the blue can actually set warning bells. Does this mean they are trying to hide something? Do they feel guilty about something? 

Condolence flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can be the best way of expressing your sadness and sympathy for the death of someone close. Don’t be led into thinking that roses are only for romantic gestures. Condolence flowers should be representative of the personality of the one who passed away, and there is no reason why roses can’t fulfill this. 

Lilies are often the most traditional flower of condolence. They are a powerful symbol of the spirit of your loved one and can represent hope to those who are suffering from their loss. 

Celebration flowers

No celebration is complete without being adorned by beautiful flower displays. Imagine a wedding without its flowers! Whether you’re organizing a milestone birthday party, a wedding, a leaving party, or simply an excuse for a get-together, the flowers you place around the venue will set the tone and lift the atmosphere beyond the norm. The flowers you choose are entirely dependent on the occasion, the personalities involved, and the time of year – you can truly flex your creative muscles. 

Celebration flowers

Thank you flowers

Nothing says thank you better than a bouquet of flowers (except possibly a box of chocolates!). A simple bouquet will be a reminder to the doer of the good deed of your eternal gratitude, and it will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is also a question of politeness and good manners, which will never go out of fashion. Too often in our fast-paced world, we take things for granted. Remembering to send a take of your gratitude just allows you to slow down a little and appreciate the time someone else has taken to help you.

Self-care flowers

There is no rule that says you cannot buy yourself a bunch of flowers to cheer yourself up. If you love to have your home filled with beautiful, scented floral displays, then go for it! Don’t wait around for a special occasion. Visit here at to read the best lifestyle ideas.

‘Just because flowers

And finally, there doesn’t have to be any reason to give flowers to another person. A ‘Just Because’ bunch of flowers is the best symbol possibly of your love and affection for someone important in your life. One of the best feelings in the world is hearing the doorbell go, and opening the front door to a large bunch of your favorite flowers without any expectation. The positive emotions and sense of belonging they evoke will last for longer than the flowers themselves.

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