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8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online 2022

8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online 2022

8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online

The most appropriate Word to PDF converter enables changing the digital file formats for these famous office document systems clear and easy. The PDF format has some benefits over the Word file format, particularly when it comes to sharing documents with others. As of 2008, PDFs have been an amazing platform, and all modern computers and browsers are fully able to display them.

It can be relied on to express your material precisely how you want it, regardless of the browser used. PDFs are skilled, and you can include any icons you want without fretting as to whether the beneficiary has them set up.

Microsoft Word 2013 and later versions allow proper PDF export, but if you want to conduct batch conversion or modify the PDF after it is over, you’ll need a committed PDF editor with converting usability. Written in this article are the most recommended Word to PDF converters online.

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1. PDFBear

PDFBear’s phenomenon of a class of functions and helpful online PDF converters persists. This time, it’s the Word to PDF converter that’s accessible on the company’s website. It’s fairly simple to use, and anyone who uses it will have an easy time converting Word to PDF. It’s something you need to try right now because this converter is free for use.

2. PDF4me

PDF4me offers a great online word to pdf converting functions. Simply drag and drop any variant of your Word documents, such as doc and docx, to turn the word file to PDF in the best standard.  Convert up to 20-word files to PDF at once.

Convert various copies, whether it’s Doc, Docx, or any other Microsoft Word file format, you can quickly turn them all into PDFs in a single component with this excellent Word to PDF online converter.  You can also password-protect them or archive them for potential use with the straightforward PDF4me app.

3. PhantomPDF

Foxit is just as entirely compatible with PDF having provided PDF editing features for years. Its most current software, PhantomPDF, is an easy pick for turning Word documents into PDF, offering additional transformation settings that other app does not. 

You can, for instance, optimize the PDF for online viewing, add a watermark, guarantee that the file aligns to specific PDFA guidelines, add footers and headers, and define passwords and authorizations. While these functionalities are easily obtainable in other PDF publishers, the ability to save them as a template is a fantastic time-saving component.

4. PDFElement

Wondershare PDFElement is a highly regarded PDF conversion and editing application. It promotes all Microsoft Office formats but can also transform from a variety of image file formats.  PDFElement’s major toolbar provides devices for batch converting from Word files and merging Word documents into a single PDF. The tools ensure a precise description of the Word document in PDF format, but batch converting many vast Word documents at once caused the program to stop replying.

5. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a desktop conversion app that also functions on editing PDFs available only for Windows. All Microsoft Office file types either word, excel, or PowerPoint, images, and HTML can be converted using its quick PDF creation.  It was uncovered Nitro Pro to be one of the best options for batch Word to PDF conversions during the testing. You can configure created PDFs to be PDF/A-1b certified, and the app has no trouble correctly converting multiple large Word docs.

6. GogoPDF

Convert your Word documents to PDF files with GogoPDF to make them easier to understand. Drag and drop your Word document into the conversion toolbox, or get it from your device. Its Word to PDF converter converts Word documents to PDF files in a matter of seconds. It’s also a one-stop shop for formatting, converting, and recharging your PDFs.

7. SmallPDF

Smallpdf is an online PDF editor that also has a desktop site if you purchase the Pro kit. If you only need to transform Word to PDF a few times, this converter is a good option. Its rudimentary services are available, but you can only convert one file at a time. You can integrate, split, and modify PDFs in addition to converting between Word and PDF. Because the editing features are very essential, it only enables you to add text, photos, and forms.

8. SodaPDF

SodaPDF is a two-step procedure. First, drag and drop a document from your computer into the toolbox. You can also use a cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to upload a file. You can obtain your PDF document after it has been transformed by downloading it to your desktop and accessing it on your web page. SodaPDF can also send you an email with a link to your folder, but it will be legitimate for only a day.

In a Nutshell

As the discussion ends, we hope that you have selected the best converting tool for you. No matter what site you prefer, as long as you have submitted your requirements on time, your professor or boss will never be disappointed. It’s necessary to look your best for several reasons, including artistic expression, as well as for a better presentation and self-belief.

8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online

One of the most accepted formats today for text documents, used for delivering essential works or texts, such as invoices or academic papers, is PDF. 

Despite being a widely used extension, there may be problems when converting a Word document to PDF; for this reason, the entire process is carried out correctly and without the risk of leaving a loose paragraph or that the conversion is erroneous in some of its sections, 

we have considered creating for you this list with the best tools to convert from Word to PDF quickly and straightforwardly.


We find a tool that you will have to install on your computer, but that has perfect ease of use, with which you can have your Word file in PDF in a matter of seconds, and just with the simple act of having the program open, 

drag the file to the software screen, and that’s it; you will be indicated the type of security you want to give to the new file, ideal if you want a password to be written or even some other personalization to be read or modified. 

As a negative point, being free, you will be bombarded by different ads in the same program, something that, when you get used to it, will not have any problem.

BullZip PDF Printer

One of the benefits that we have with this program is that you will have the possibility of converting to PDF files that are not only from Word but that will also include different types of images in many formats,

 something that can be useful for those who want to spend a catalog of ideas and do not know how to do it. As for disadvantages, you have to be very careful with its installation since if you are one of those who press “next” when you carry out a building, you may come across software that you did not want to install in your browser bar.


It is a complement that is ideal for you to be able to create a PDF from Word at will without much complication. It is a modality installed on the computer that ensures that you have the function of printing directly in this format, being able to choose the extension of the paper, the orientation, and other points of interest. It has many customization modes, although, like the previous one, you should be careful with third-party programs.

Microsoft Word

One of the functions that few people know about Microsoft Word is converting the .doc file that has been created, or that is currently open to a PDF file. Perhaps it is one of the most unknown but valuable options if you have this text editor. The CopisteriaSoriano digital printing company professionals tell us that this function makes their work much easier since they do not need to download any separate program other than Microsoft Word itself.

Ensuring that the format that has been given to the text, whether it is the header, added images, or paragraph indentation, is precisely the same as the source file.

8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online 2022

Microsoft Print to PDF

We have another Microsoft tool that usually has the latest versions of Windows. To convert a Word file to PDF, you have to open the document and hit print; in the printer section, select this option and then hit the printer icon with the Word print. It will ask you for the destination path, and right away, you can enjoy your PDF.

Neevia Technology

This time we have an online tool that works efficiently and relatively quickly for what we usually see in this type of format. It can convert a large number of text documents and even  PowerPoint to PDF format quickly, having to upload the file to its upload box so that in a few seconds, you can have it in your possession in the folder you choose. The tool must indeed be used with the internet, so you may have errors if you use it from your mobile.


Another online software that has the possibility of converting a doc format to PDF, but also carrying out other conversions, being a complete page and very competent for this type of action.

Word to PDF Converter

It is possibly one of the best known, even though it is full of advertising, but if you can get past it, the conversion will be done very quickly and with a quality worth taking into account.


Like the previous ones that we have shown you that work online, you have a great facility to convert any Word file to PDF, and even other formats can be converted in the latter thanks to its efficiency.

Nitro PDF

Possibly one of the best PDF editors that exist since it has a large number of functions to not only convert WORD to PDF but also to modify the font, format, or even the weight of the file, being able to make it much more lightweight by removing quality from the resolution of the text, 

something that few will be able to do, and that can be significant in cases where you have to deliver PDF documents to the Stock Exchange or certain faculties.

Adobe CreatePDF

Finally, although the tool is heavier than we would like, we have an Adobe product that works online, and that will be able to do this task without blinking an eye and with excellent quality, although, as we say, it consumes a lot of RAM.

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8 Most User-Friendly Word to PDF Converting Tools Online 2022

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