Mistakes To Avoid When Sizing Your Vacuum Pump

Mistakes To Avoid When Sizing Your Vacuum Pump

Are you looking for a modern vacuum pump? Well, investing in the right vacuum pump can optimize your business’s operations. However, it’s essential to get all the steps right. In particular, you should be careful when sizing your vacuum pumps. Avoid the following pitfalls when selecting your next vacuum pump.

Not Considering Target Operating Pressure

Don’t just rely on the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s also important to investigate the performance curve yourself. Make sure that the pump’s operating pressure is accurately stated. The peak performance levels should also be indicated on the pump’s performance curves.

Overreliance On the Size of The Motor

Rethink your sizing approach. Don’t just focus on the motor size. Vacuum pumps don’t always demonstrate a direct correlation between motor size and efficiency. Technology and facility needs can also impact pump performance.

Pipework Restrictions

Be mindful of the pipework restrictions. If you need faster flow rates, then check the pump’s piping. Sizing up can slow down the entire vacuum system. Plus, you might have to redesign the whole system. To avoid such inconveniences, consider performing a thorough check before making your final purchase.

Continuous Flow Errors

Determine your application needs. Do you need a continuous or cyclical flow of pressure? Cyclical pumps provide a fluctuating flow of pressure whereas continuous pumps offer a consistent supply of pressure. With the right pump, you can rest assured that performance will be optimized.

Incorrect Sizing Of The Motors

Most vacuum pumps come with built-in motors. The motors are often sized to supply the pump with the desired amount of power. Motor sizing problems are prevalent in liquid ring pumps. And this is mainly because their power requirements change depending on the type of seal liquid being utilized. When a different liquid is used, the viscosity, as well as, the vapor pressure will change. As a result, the power requirement will also change.

Speed Variation

This is another important factor to consider. The amount of power consumed by a vacuum pump often depends on its speed. And different pumps can have different speeds. Assuming that your pump can operate at any speed can be a costly mistake.

 Stopping Condensation, Polymerization in The Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are specifically designed to pump gases, as well as, vapors. Thus, be sure to use appropriate vapor traps and create favorable exhaust conditions to facilitate the efficient handling of specific constituents. Don’t forget to provide redundancy as it’ll allow for efficient pump maintenance without disrupting the process.

If you want to enhance your company’s productivity, be sure to invest in the right vacuum pump. Remember, different vacuum pumps offer different capabilities and require specific sizing measures. Therefore, be sure to make your choices carefully.

The Bottom-Line

 Vacuum pumps are increasingly becoming important in different industries. From food packaging to medical supplies, vacuum pumps will make things easier in your business. However, it’s important to choose the right vacuum pump. Choose the right type of pump. Purchase a high-speed pump. Don’t make the above mistakes when choosing your next vacuum pump. 

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Mistakes To Avoid When Sizing Your Vacuum Pump