Maternity Clothing Products for Your Next Business Idea

Maternity Clothing Products for Your Next Business Idea

According to MarketWatch, the maternity market is projected to reach $24.5 billion by 2025, indicating an opportunity for non-specialist retailers to claim a share in this category. Find out what categories and trends offer shopping, by unlocking opportunities through the rise of casual dressing.

There is no supporting evidence to support the so-called impending wave of “coronababies” as economic uncertainty looms large as couples spend more time together in lockdown, with forecasts of “baby busts” across the US and Europe. However, it cannot be denied that expectant new celebrity moms and influencers in a more stable financial situation are documenting their journey on social media.

Key callouts include basic clothing manufacturing products with a focus on long-length tops, monochromatic and tonal colors, soft fabrics like wool and cashmere, chuck on fabric, and relaxed suits. Trend-leading details like an oversized collar, maternity tops, and dresses are an easy addition to modernize. From Gigi Hadid to Kylie Jenner, newsfeeds are ripe with high-end pregnancy styles that serve as inspiration for retailers looking to emulate trends for their consumers.

Maternity clothes are worn by women as an adaptation to changes in body shape during pregnancy. The development of maternity clothing began during the Middle Ages and became fashionable as women became more selective about style and comfort in the types of maternity clothing they wore. So here are a few items or products that you should have in your business plan to get the customer attention you need. If you don’t have the following items in your stores, you will never get enough customers.

 1. Maternity Dresses

Pregnant women will wear maternity dresses for the entire duration of their pregnancy which is around 9 months. You might want to start with a simple and everyday maternity dress. You can also start with ready-to-wear maternity dresses and end up with cut-to-fitted maternity dresses. There are different types of maternity dresses. Classic maternity dress is still the best option, but trendy designs will attract more customers. You can offer business wear maternity dress for working pregnant women working in the corporate world. You can also offer maternity wear formal wear for pregnant women who will attend special occasions like weddings and parties. To make it comfortable you should use the stuff that is comfortable and stretchable so that women can feel ease and comfort in your dresses.

2. Activewear:

Following the rise of at-home exercise and the highly publicized upcoming launch of activewear manufacturerNike M Maternity Sportswear, interest in activewear designed for pregnancy has increased. The number of genres online in the US has increased by 58% compared to five years ago, yet the overall market remains relatively untapped. Maternity products made up only 0.5% of the total activewear market available in the US in the past three months, making the timing ideal for investing.

3. Lounge Wear:

The oversized and comfortable trends complement the maternity market as several core items within the loungewear assortment lend themselves to pregnancy and postpartum dressing. Spring 2022 will see longer wear with boyfriend dressing, seamless styles, ribbed knits, and bodysuits turning into a smarter casual look – all essentials that can be repackaged as maternity wear.

4. Denim Style:

With more time spent at home and the trajectory of loungewear, the denim assortment has struggled. However, stretch denim – is a must for all maternity edits. As loungewear evolves to incorporate more appealing elements and consumers crave the outdoors, interest in denim will be revived and comfort will remain the main factor. The ’70s have been hailed as the standout era for spring 2022 denim inspiration, ideal for highlighting pregnancy-friendly shapes.

5. Intimates:

World Breastfeeding Week, observed in the first week of August each year, highlights the intimate apparel that serves this consumer. Underwear manufacturing companiesincluding Third Love, True & Company and Pour Moi took to Instagram to raise awareness for the event and promote their nursing bras. Bookmark this event to promote in 2022, along with consumers working to normalize breastfeeding. Then add more things like maternity bras and maternity panties for pregnant women.6. 
Other Items:

Look to include features like extra fabric allowance around the hips, detachable belt, adjustable waistline, and internal drawstring. In the maternity space, French brand Talibanize stands out as a pioneer in offering apparel to ease breastfeeding with t-shirts and dresses with discreet side openings and thick material to hide milk spillage.

The average woman experiences 31 shape changes in her adult life, making it important to provide products that provide value for money, especially during the current economic downturn. With sustainability at the front of mind, there is a demand for “hackable” clothing better engineered to grow with adults and avoid throwing away items that no longer fit.

Maternity Clothing Products for Your Next Business Idea

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