Making sure Moving Interstate Goes Smoothly

Making sure Moving Interstate Goes Smoothly

Moving is a daunting and stressful time, moving states perhaps moving to Perth from Melbourne is even more so. So much to remember and to do! Even if you try and do it yourself it’s going to cost a few thousand dollars, it is physically hard work and then with everything you keep going over in your mind, it is mentally exhausting too. That is why we recommend hiring moving experts for such a job. They have the experience, can handle the heavy lifting and in the end, are worth the expense!

Are moving your things by rail, road or air?

The answer to this depends on your budget, the time you have to do the move, what you are moving and how much you have to move. It can help to get some quotes from each option so you can see what they offer and at what cost. You can then see the weight limits each has and better weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each one. 

Rail interstate move – Often when people are moving across states some form of rail is involved though a lot of movers do not realise it first. They have cube containers that are moved by freight train across longer distances and between states. Then a truck or more picks up the items at the other end. You can ship everything from your personal effects to kitchen appliances and furniture.

Road interstate move – Moving by road is affordable and easy, you just hire a professional removalist or you hire a truck and drive it yourself. This is possible when moving to Perth from Melbourne and in some cases, you can even share a truck and save money.

Air interstate move – This is the most pricey option and the fastest. It is good if there is a close deadline you need to move by and you do not have as much to move in terms of larger items.

Why use professional interstate removalists?

Hiring professional movers does take some cash but when you consider the other options that cost is not much more than you might have thought. Think about the gifts and the food and drink you might buy for friends that help you out, the cost of hiring trucks and paying for moving materials. Having to hire your own container, the cost of petrol. Things start to add up. Add to that physically hard work, stress and inexperience with packing, lifting and driving a truck and those professional movers are starting to sound a lot more attractive! They can supply packing materials, pack your boxes, move your belongings safely, even unpack at the new place, possibly offer a cleaning service, have storage for items you cannot take yet and have insurance on the items shipped.

Reducing the costs of moving from one Aussie state to another

If you are looking at options to lower the costs for moving to Perth from Melbourne there are a few things you can do while still taking advantage of a professional moving company. They include;

  • Find and pack your own boxes and unpack yourself at the other end.
  • Clean out and purge! You do not move everything you own if you have not even seen some of it for the last two years! Sell, gift, head to the tip. The less you have to move the more affordable it is.
  • Use a reputable company.
  • Move in off-season times.
  • Make sure the new place is ready to move in so you do not have to pay for storage.

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Making sure Moving Interstate Goes Smoothly

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