Main Benefits of Ibogaine Therapy

Main Benefits of Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine is a natural substance that you can find in shrubs in the Apocynaceae family. They are very common in Western and Central African countries. Africa has been using different Ibogaine preparations for both ritual and medicinal purposes. Ibogaine gained popularity in Europe in the 1900s. This was when the French explorers learned about it from the Bwiti tribe of Gabon. They sold and advertised it as Lambarene and used it as a stimulant.

How ibogaine therapy works

According to the experts from Clear Sky Recovery, an ibogaine treatment center, ibogaine therapy involves the use of ibogaine alkaloid, which is a chemical that stimulates and triggers the brain. Ibogaine resets the central nervous system (CNS)—and this makes the brain start functioning normally after years of being suppressed or tired and imbalanced.

In this post, we shall highlight the major benefits of ibogaine therapy. In addition, we shall discuss its effectiveness when it comes to boosting the functionality and balance of the neurological system. 

Considerations for ibogaine therapy

Since everyone has a unique situation, it’s always a good thing to consider different treatment options before making the final decision. With that said, ibogaine treatment might be the best option for you when searching for addiction treatment or any other type of care. 

The following are a few considerations to help you determine if ibogaine therapy is the best option. 

  • Does your addiction lead to painful withdrawal symptoms whenever you want to quit? If that’s your case, please note that ibogaine therapy helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms. This is an important part of any addiction recovery, as the patient can recover comfortably. 
  • Do you have a challenge in remembering things? Or, do you experience brain fog after using certain medication or whenever you are exhausted? Ibogaine therapy can give energy and clarity of mind, thus boosting your memory.
  • Do you feel anxious or excessively worried? Because ibogaine therapy helps to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, it can give peace of mind.

Benefits of ibogaine therapy

Ibogaine therapy has numerous benefits when used correctly. However, the purest form of this alkaloid has to be administered for the patient to get its full benefits. Most people say that they enjoy many benefits at once after their first ibogaine therapy. Preventing withdrawal and initiating addiction recovery are some of the notable benefits of ibogaine therapy. 

Besides, research has revealed that ibogaine therapy can limit or stop the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, improve the digestive system, help in reducing sugar levels for diabetics, as well as heal body organs damaged by years of poor daily habits. 

Typically, ibogaine therapy benefits two aspects of our bodies: physical and psychological. Please read on to understand the benefits of ibogaine therapy. 

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Physical benefits

Generally, our bodies can become physically tired and worn out because of our poor habits. Substance abuse, drinking, smoking, and our eating habits can have a detrimental effect on our bodies. And the sad thing is, by the time we start seeing the negative impacts of our lifestyle from the outside, our bodies are desperately asking for help from the inside. 

Now, this is where ibogaine therapy comes in. The following are the top physical benefits of ibogaine therapy:

  • Ibogaine therapy is ideal for people struggling with blood pressure—it helps to lower blood pressure instantly once administered. 
  • Induces a feeling of calmness
  • Effective for stress management
  • Connects to MU opioid receptors, which helps to immediately prevent or stop withdrawal symptoms. Once ibogaine therapy is administered to people trying to withdraw from drug and substance abuse, they have mild or no withdrawal symptoms. In case you haven’t experienced any withdrawal symptoms before ibogaine is administered, you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms since ibogaine therapy prevents such symptoms.
  • Helps to boost energy and mood
  • Ibogaine therapy resets our bodies—all toxins are cleansed, systems detoxified, and our bodies get a new healthy balance. 

Psychological benefits

Ibogaine therapy doesn’t treat physical health or addiction problems. It also helps to treat psychological problems like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among other conditions. Through ibogaine therapy, a patient can tap into their subconscious mind, and this helps to eradicate trauma, as well as any other deeply entrenched negativity from their life. 

Here are some of the notable psychological benefits of ibogaine therapy:

  • Helps to reduce or eliminate cravings for alcohol or drugs, as well as cravings for sugar and junk food, among other unhealthy foodstuffs. 
  • Helps one to maintain their mental clarity as well as improve their ability to focus.
  • Ibogaine therapy gives a person the ability to identify and prevent emotional outbreaks, which they couldn’t control previously. 
  • Also, a person under ibogaine therapy can identify and respond to negative thoughts in a healthy and controlled way. 
  • There’s always a lasting behavioral change—most patients say that they can recognize and change unhealthy lifestyle patterns, some of which they didn’t know were negatively affecting their lives. 
  • Helps to improve self-esteem. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, ibogaine treatment has both physical and psychological benefits. However, you are advised to avoid using ibogaine without the close supervision of an expert. Generally, ibogaine is categorized and a Schedule I substance, just like heroin—meaning it has a high risk for abuse. But, you can benefit from ibogaine therapy when used under the right circumstances, and administered by a professional. 

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Main Benefits of Ibogaine Therapy

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