Living in an Old Home? Here’s How to Keep It Feeling Fresh

Living in an Old Home? Here’s How to Keep It Feeling Fresh

Whether you’ve recently moved into an older property or you have lived in the same place for several years, there are ways you can keep a rustic looking home youthful and fresh. 

While there is no denying that an older style home can show its age against some of the more modern counterparts, with age comes charm and can potentially be what drew you to the property in the first place. 

Nevertheless, we all like to show off a new look, and a house is no exception. Therefore, here are my tips for keeping it looking great and appearing attractive.

Start from the ground up:

When you want to refresh an older style home, it is sensible to create a new and inviting environment by cleaning it out, and it can be best to start with your flooring. 

If you have traditional or original wooden floorboards that are in reasonable condition, it can be a great idea to give it a revamp and some life.

This can be done through a hard floor cleaner. Furthermore, they can be extremely versatile, with the capability to be used on a multitude of surfaces including kitchen tiles and laminate floors.

A splash of paint: 

As someone who lived in a 70’s style home for most of my life, I can speak from experience when I say that a splash of paint can liven up a house that is showing its years. I often felt like I was in a time warp of “living in the ‘70s.” 

Even more, paint can bring forth a sublime new look while often being a minimal cost to your wallet. 

This is particularly true of white paint, as, being reflective; it creates a look of greater space, as well as making the room feel new, open and inviting. 

However, it is wise not to overdo the shade, as it can hinder, making areas look sterile and formal when you don’t necessarily want to give off this impression. 

Clean out your clutter:

When you want to make an old home feel modern, cleaning out the old clutter can bring forth space for new things and memories.

A large amount of clutter can not only be a constant dust pile, but it can potentially be hazardous to your home environment. 

It can be wise to think, “Am I still going to use these items?” If it’s been longer than a year, has outgrown its purpose, or holds no ‘joy’, donate it or chuck it out.

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Create a welcoming entrance: 

When it comes to see if you have enough space, this can be particularly true of your main entry hallway. Many of us see the hallway as needing a substance to fill a space, yet this is where minimalist design can create a big impact.

This is where things can become organized, with the addition of a rack or stand for those items we all too often leave on the floor or by the door. 

Hence, this allows you to create a welcoming entry into the main house, for both yourself and others. 

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Make stuffy air a distant memory:

If I know anything from living in an older-style home, it’s that the air can get stuffy and stale.

Always make sure your home is well ventilated and insulated. You can do this by opening windows to rooms, circulating the air around your house, and making use of a sunny day by moving things outdoors. This and good insulation also limits moisture.


Therefore, when it comes to keeping an older house feeling its best, remember:

  • Cleaning starts at your feet
  • Paint does wonders
  • Declutter
  • A welcoming entrance
  • Ventilate

All the best readers here’s to fresh and new pastures.

Living in an Old Home? Here’s How to Keep It Feeling Fresh