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Learn How To Add Videos And Images Into Your Online Invitations 2022

Learn How To Add Videos And Images Into Your Online Invitations 2022

Learn How To Add Videos And Images Into Your Online Invitations 2022

If you have an event at the office or home, you will need to create an invitation to send out to your guests. Whether the event is going to be at an actual venue or virtual, you need to inform people through an invitation. 

An invitation needs to include all the information about the event like the venue, time, description, and other details. A well-designed invitation should answer all the questions that the invitee may ask.

Above all, your invitation should be appealing to the eye. You can make your message striking by using vibrant colors, animation, and arranging the details in an attractive layout. Your invitation may be paper or online.

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After you have created an invitation, you can print it and put it in an addressed envelope to send it to the invitee by snail mail. However, online invitations have gained popularity due to the ease with which they can be created and shared. 

A big advantage of online invitations is that you can add videos and images to make them more appealing. Here, we take a look at how to create online invitations and add videos and pictures to increase their face value.

Adding Videos And Images To Your Online Invitations

Creating online invitations is an easy and fun thing to do. There is a lot of information on the internet on how to create them. Follow these simple steps to start creating attractive online invitations and enhancing them with captivating videos and images:

1. Use An Online Invitation Maker

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create stunning online invitations. You can download an online invitation maker like InVideo’s online invitation maker free to get you started.

An online video maker will provide a basic template for your invitation. You can create a video, add images, and even add a voiceover to your message to add to the wow factor.

2. Add Images To Your Online Invitation Maker

You can either use the existing images that are available on the invitation maker template or add a picture from an external source. Images are accessible from free stock photo sites. 

Creating appealing infographics is also an approach you can use. Although making infographics needs a bit of knowledge, several websites offer free, editable infographics, which you can use with the help of an online tutorial.

Creating Videos To Use With Your Invitation Maker

It is possible to add further embellishments to your online invitations by creating and adding exciting videos to them. Follow these steps to create your online invitation and add videos and images:

Getting Your Stuff Together

Once you have your online invitation maker ready, start adding text to it. You will have specific information regarding the event. Start keying in the info into the template. Don’t be too concerned about the appearance – you can edit it later.

Please start with the basic facts and then build on it with specific details. Ensure that the vital information like the date, time, and venue are mentioned on the invitation. Don’t forget to include extra information like asking the guests not to bring gifts or if there is a dress code.

A prime consideration of your online invitation should be where you plan to post your invitation. You need to make sure that you use a format that will enable it to be viewed easily, whether in an email, mobile phone, or tablet.

Collect Your Visual Content

Now comes the stage where you need to bring your images and a video or two, perhaps, together. It is a good idea to create a folder, and dump all your images and videos there, carefully labeled for easy identification. 

Once you have all the visuals in place, start inserting them into the template. Different invitation makers have slightly different ways of dealing with images and videos, so you need to follow your downloaded software’s instructions.

You can use free stock videos and images which are available online. Also, you may have some footage of yourself and your friends who you are inviting. Or maybe, you can insert a video or photo of the guest of honor.

The Editing Stage

This stage is a little tricky, especially if you have a video or two inserted in your invitation template. An online video editor would be a helpful thing to have for this task. You can download the best online video editor from InVideo free of cost.

You can edit your videos and photos that you use on your online invitation using a video editor. Countless options will enable you to move frames around, add special effects, and insert text wherever you require it. 

Depending on the event you are creating an online invitation, you can add some relevant video footage and images. The purpose of adding these visuals is to add to the anticipation of the invitees.

Proofreading Your Work

Once you feel that your online invitation is more or less complete, go over it carefully. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Look at the layout carefully and consider your choice of color; don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors and shapes.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who receives your invitation. How is it going to appear to them? What is the impression that they will get? Would they be excited or happy to receive it?

The critical thing to consider at this stage is that what you are trying to communicate should be instantly clear to the invitee. Also, the content should be pleasing to the eye. Once you are satisfied, you can hit the “SEND” button. 

Learn How To Add Videos And Images Into Your Online Invitations 2022

Summing It Up

As you can see, making an online invitation complete with videos and images is not as complicated as you probably thought it was. The trick is first to download an online invitation maker. Then, you choose a suitable template and get to work.

If you split your project into manageable parts, you will find that the whole task is comfortable and even fun to do. If you follow the simple tips that we have provided here, you can create great online invitations, whatever the event may be.

Learn How To Add Videos And Images Into Your Online Invitations

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