Knowing which Plumbing Service to Call

Knowing which Plumbing Service to Call

Having a plumber and a gas fitter Perth, you can rely on is really important. Nowadays when your heating, water supply, or gas connection malfunctions, it has a real impact on everyday life. You might not be able to heat your home in winter, take a warm shower, wash your clothes, or even cook a meal.

Performing DIY fixes to either the gas or the water system is a risk that is not worth taking. Furthermore, you may regret letting someone untrained handle your plumbing and gas repairs. Plumbers are your best bet when it comes to all things plumbing and gas. Here is a look at what plumbing service to call during certain situations.

Moreover, hiring a professional plumber can help you address any plumbing issues or drain cleaning thoroughly and effectively, preventing any potential problems and ensuring that your plumbing system is working efficiently and effectively.

General plumbers are needed for tasks that are non-specialised

When you have an issue that does not require specialized expertise, such as maintenance and repairs like a leak, a broken toilet, or a blocked drain, that is when you would enlist the services of a general plumber. A general plumber can handle most work and might also provide assistance with an emergency service in case you have flooding after-hours, in the evening, or weekend.

Sewage treatment experts for your septic tank

Sewage treatment experts can handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of septic systems. Regular inspections are needed to make sure there is no seepage. Every now and then septic tanks will need to be emptied and if incorrectly performed, contamination of the surrounding ground can occur and leak into the water supply. If you need a septic tank installed near a home you are building or you need one replaced, call a septic professional.

Gas plumbing services for gas lines

Sometimes you’ll require the services of a plumber who is also a trained gas fitter Perth. When you have work that needs doing on gas lines, gas heaters, gas installations, and so on, then you need a licensed gas fitter. They can repair and maintain gas boiler heaters, install gas ovens, and the like.

Water drainage services for outside drainage issues

If there are issues with the drainage around your property, you need to call on a drainage plumber. You might notice when it rains that the water doesn’t drain, or water begins to rise out of drains or sewer lids. This can be a risk for the spreading of disease which may impact multiple houses in your neighborhood. It’s best to call in someone straight away.


Now you have a better idea of who to hire for various plumbing and gas issues. Whether it be gas plumbing services, septic services, or a general plumber, be sure that you hire a fully qualified professional to handle the job. Some plumbers are multi-talented and their skills may cross over into all of the aforementioned roles. Do your homework and be sure to have a plumber ready to assist in the event that you are desperate. 

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Knowing which Plumbing Service to Call

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