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Is CCIE Certification Exam Worth Taking?

Is CCIE Certification Exam Worth Taking?

Is CCIE Certification Exam Worth Taking?

Having a certificate is a very effective way to prove your ability and can help you stand out in a short interview, which is of high cost performance. If you are engaged in relevant work of network engineer in the IT industry, you have to try to pass Cisco certification or Huawei certification. I think that in the IT industry experience is indeed very important, but the premise is that you have a certificate, after all, things have changed so much.

It is necessary to apply for Cisco CCIE certification.

CCIE certification is the expert level certification in Cisco certification system. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the network field all over the world. Obtaining CCIE certificate not only proves that your technology has reached the expert level and been recognized by the industry, but also is a symbol of honor and the embodiment of your self-worth. Next, let’s make a detailed analysis with you:

1. CCIE certificate receives high recognition in the  IT industry CCIE certificate is considered to be the top network engineer certificate with high value in the field of global Internetworking.

2. It is difficult to obtain CCIE certificate. CCIE certification exam is divided into written exam and lab exam, and the lab exam evaluates the candidate’s comprehensive ability, involving troubleshooting, diagnosis and configuration. The pass rate of CCIE certification published on Cisco’s official website is about 30%. For those who pass the CCIE certification exam, they can obtain the world’s unique CCIE number and keep it permanently.

3. Network engineers with CCIE certificate have better ability to deal with problems. Network engineers with CCIE certificate can deal with problems 20% faster, improve user satisfaction by about 30%, and reduce the average available network downtime by 37% compared with those who don’t have CCIE certificate.

4. CCIE certificate can help network engineers get a higher salary. The salary of engineers with CCIE certificate will increase by 5% – 9%.

5. Having CCIE certificate is very beneficial for promotion. Fresh graduates in first-tier cities can get an annual salary of 1,666 to 2500 US dollars. And they can double their salary after working for 1-2 years.

If you want to become a network technician and want to be recognized by others, it is very necessary for you to obtain CCIE certificate!

No enterprise needs employees who only have CCNA certificate.

I have never heard of any enterprise that needs employees who only have CCNA certificate. Having a higher-level Cisco certificate can help enterprises provide sufficient technology to solve network problems in actual work. Only having CCNA certificate cannot prove that you can deal with invalid router and network related failures. So don’t think it’s a useful idea to apply for a low-level Cisco certification. You should work hard and try to obtain CCIE certificate.

If you want to pass CCIE certification and really master CCIE related technologies, you need to participate in training, especially for those who have no foundation. Because CCIE certification is very difficult to pass. Although the written exam can be passed by memorizing more question dumps, the experimental exam is more difficult. If you want to operate properly in the exam room, you must have mastered the principles and practiced more. Therefore, you still need to take part in CCIE certification training.

The training not only brings a greater chance of passing CCIE certification exam, but also helps students form a way of thinking, and experienced teachers will also introduce some projects to you, which will be very helpful for the actual combat in the later work. SPOTO can provide you with high-quality CCIE certification training. For detailed information,  please visit our website

Is CCIE Certification Exam Worth Taking?

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