Invested a Lot in New Carpeting? Here’s What a Professional Cleaning Company Can Do For Its Longevity

Invested a Lot in New Carpeting

Invested a Lot in New Carpeting? Here’s What a Professional Cleaning Company Can Do For Its Longevity

Carpeting is one of the largest investments, like keeping a car. With all the tempting options in a shop, it can get slightly overwhelming to pick one. After some consultation with the salespeople, you buy a carpet that supposedly requires minimum maintenance. But as days pass and you realize the amount of direct foot traffic on your carpet in a house that has children, pets, and comorbid elderly, a routine clean-up is unavoidable for the health of the house and the carpet’s longevity.

That is when a cleaning company can step in. A team of trained cleaning professionals can perform a deep cleaning to disinfect and sanitize your residence and keep the carpet’s color and fabric in its original state. They use cleaning agents and equipment without damaging the property. So if you have invested a lot in new carpeting and worry about its maintenance, read ahead to know what a professional cleaning company can do for its longevity.

1. Remove pathogens and extend life of the carpet

Since the time of your carpet’s installation, the dirt, grime, and dust that accumulates in the carpet fabric can eventually ruin the fibers to break and deteriorate. When you hire professional cleaners, they use some industry-grade carpet cleaner products, equipment, and techniques for deep cleaning. This in turn improves the longevity of the carpet. Professional help with some regular cleaning and vacuuming can help decrease the build-up of germs and pathogens polluting the environment and causing respiratory illnesses.

  1. Remove stubborn stains

Stubborn stains on your carpet caused by some accidental spillages of coffee, ink, red wine, etc. can take a whole lot of effort for removal and still be ineffective. A great advantage of hiring professional cleaners is they can effectively remove stains with half the effort that you may have to put in otherwise. After their treatment of the stains that you previously gave up getting rid of, one doesn’t have to feel embarrassed in front of their guests or visitors.

  1. Reduce damage caused by excessive foot traffic

Carpeting areas that receive much higher foot traffic such as hallways, kitchen, and living rooms, worsen faster than areas that remain covered like those under the bed or couch. This is because dirt is constantly and directly touching the carpet surface and generally leaving a mark with time. The high traffic areas are generally darker than the rest. When you hire a professional cleaning company, they not only remove dirt but also decrease germ growth in the high foot traffic areas. The darkness caused by excessive footfalls is removed and the carpet fibers are cured.

4. Clean without any accompanying damage

The cleaning equipment and products used by professionals are generally industry-grade in quality. This means that they have been tried and tested on different surfaces to understand their effectiveness. For example, a cleaning solution or chemical used for a woolen carpet won’t give the same results for a leather carpet. The cleaning professionals undergo some serious training to understand the cleaning techniques to be used with varying surfaces. They try to be super careful as their provision of general liability insurance mandates the company to compensate for the client’s loss of property. 

  1. Revive overall environment of the house

Not many people give much thought to how much dirt and dust the largest furnishing in your house can contain. The carpet area can make a room look dirty and outdated or new and fresh. Your carpet’s condition also decides on the air quality you breathe. And after a professional cleaning service, your house looks and feels fresh.


A clean carpet area can improve the health and aesthetics of your house. So don’t think twice before hiring a professional cleaning company!

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