Infrared Cold Sore Treatment – How Light Therapy Helps

Infrared Cold Sore Treatment – How Light Therapy Helps

Cold sores are a viral condition that occurs without any notice. It is contagious and quite painful at times. Additionally, it has no cure and can take a week to disappear.

Many people use home remedies to get rid of cold sores. Although these remedies can manage swelling and pain to some extent, they are not that effective. Prescription medications can be helpful; however, they can bring out unwanted side effects.

Red light has some proven effectiveness in curing cold sores. It cannot prevent cold sores from occurring but can help to reduce the sore period.

In this article, we will discuss this further.

How Red Light Promote Healing of Cold Sores

Red light and infrared red light therapy enhance biostimulation in our bodies. This process starts at the cellular level and addresses the underlying causes behind the cold sores. Therefore it can effectively help a person to get rid of cold sores. Here is the deeper mechanism.

Energy Production in Cells

The healing process begins in the powerhouse of our cells, in the mitochondria. When infrared light falls upon our body, the mitochondria are stimulated and gather the light’s energy. When mitochondria are energized, the cells can perform their tasks properly.

As a result, the cells can protect themselves from damage, get repaired, and replicate. Read Also: Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a common, occurring incident in the body. However, when the body is exposed to long-term inflammation, it can cause chronic inflammation.

The inflammation can result in chronic fatigue that doesn’t allow the cells to get enough energy. As a result, the body is affected, and the person will feel depressed and anxious. Also, inadequate energy doesn’t allow the cells to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Research has shown that red light can reduce inflammation in the body. According to scientific literature published in 2017, the effectiveness of infrared light in reducing inflammation has been widely accepted. Many researchers and medical professionals have endorsed red light for its anti-inflammatory effects.

With the reduced inflammatory conditions, the cells can shield themselves from the viruses causing cold sores.

Increased Collagen Protein

Almost 80 percent of the human skin is produced with collagen protein. This protein is very essential for the firmness and strength of the skin. Red light can effectively enhance the production of collagen protein in the cells. Therefore, healthy new cells will easily replace the cells affected by the cold sore virus.

With the rapid replacement of affected cells, the healthy cells protect the body from enhancing cold sore conditions. Therefore, a person not only suppresses the condition but gets healed from the inside.

Improved Circulation

Infrared light promotes the healthy growth of endothelial cells. As a result, the capillary formation and proper regulation of body fluids are enhanced.

With improved circulation, the white blood cells can easily arrive at the area where the cold sore virus affected the cells. White blood cells are the knight of the body. They kill any unwanted viruses that try to harm the body. As a result, the body can easily get rid of the cold sores.

Treating Cold Sores at Home with Light Therapy

Various companies have created powerful LED light panels for infrared cold sore treatment. The merit of LED lights is it emits the exact wavelength of light. Therefore, you will not find any harmful UV rays in such lightboxes.

If you find an outbreak of the cold sore, all you need to do is expose yourself to the infrared light. You may not see much light as the infrared wavelength is invisible to our eyes. However, you can feel a certain comfortable warmth.

You may need to get near-infrared light therapy for twenty minutes a day. Also, within a few seconds after exposure to light therapy, you will feel the benefits of it.

The best fact is, the advantage of light therapy is multidimensional. With daily 10 – 20 minutes of exposure to light therapy, you can achieve various other health benefits for your body. You can easily have smoother skin, amazing hair, and a comparatively healthier body than before.

Possible Side Effects

Light therapy is a completely natural means of therapy. It has almost no side effects on the body. Compared to natural light, it doesn’t even consist of any harmful UV rays.

However, in rare instances, if you have light-sensitive skin, you can get mild burns. Also, if you use any medication that makes you sensitive to light, make sure to consult with your doctor before getting light therapy.

Other than this, light therapy can get a bit expensive. Also, the lightbox can get heated up easily. So, make sure to handle the devices carefully.

Bottom Line

Light therapy has quite practical effects on treating Cold sores. It can address the condition from the inside and spread healing effects throughout the body. If you often suffer from cold sores, a light therapy box can be your best friend.

Infrared Cold Sore Treatment – How Light Therapy Helps

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