5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life 2022

5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life 2022

Sex is an important aspect of life, but sometimes people fall into the trap of monotonicity, so their sex life becomes boring. Repeating the same actions over and over can’t be fun forever. Sex becomes boring to people in long relationships more often than singles who change sexual partners.

However, if your game doesn’t evolve, soon, it will feel like every hookup is the same. That would destroy all the fun, so check out 5 ideas for spicing up your sex life (regardless of your relationship status). 

Fetish Experiments

Experimenting with fetishes will turn your bedroom into a wondrous place where kinky magic happens. If you think you don’t have any fetishes, you’re probably wrong. Not all fetishes are BDSM-related. Some are pretty common and “normal”. Blogs of fetish dating sites in the UK are full of articles explaining common and rare fetishes.

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Reading those will give you ideas and maybe teach you something about yourself that you didn’t know before. For example, one fetish you may have is cheirophilia. The first time you hear about that strange term? Great, the explanation will make you imagine some beautiful scenes. Get ready for it.

Cheirophilia is a fancy word hand fetish. The definition of it is sexual attraction to hands. It sounds weirder than it is. People with cheirophilia get aroused by watching their partners wash dishes or use some power tools. But there are milder versions. Do you like being satisfied by hands? Yes, sensual handjobs, wild fingering, and other stuff hands can do are part of cheirophilia.

5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life
5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life

Everybody loves that, but people often forget about pleasure caused by hands. Start using your hands in the bedroom more, and you’ll reach new levels of excitement. That’s just one of many fetishes you can explore to resurrect your sex life; just let yourself go.

Communicating on the Frankest Topics

Every dating expert ever agrees that communication is the most important thing in every relationship. That one caveman who banged all the chicks in his tribe probably knew that and gave himself the title of the first dating expert ever.

If you’re thinking that you don’t need to communicate about your deepest sexual thoughts with your partner, remember all the things you’d love them to do, but they don’t because you’re afraid to ask for it. You’re not doing yourself a favor by avoiding the frankest topics, you’re stockpiling frustration. That can lead to a breakup or mental problems. You don’t want that, do you?

Of course, this tip helps people in serious relationships more than singles who’re hooking up left and right. It may ruin the moment if you start talking about your deep sexual desires after 2 sips of beer. Still, even if you’re single and you like it, talking about the frankest topics with your casual partner will make your sex life much more exciting.

Just wait for the right moment to crack the topic. And don’t make it all about yourself. It’s not a monologue; it’s a conversation. Ask questions, listen to answers your partner gives, and try to use discoveries to make her/him scream with pleasure.


Role-playing is a fetish although a lot of people don’t realize it. Also, it’s impossible to find a person who never thought about role-playing. Most of us start doing that in high school because everybody has one hot teacher. And no, we’re not talking just about boys; girls have powerful imagination as well. Scenarios where one partner acts as a teacher while the other is a student are very common. Some other common role-play scenarios are:

  1. boss and employee
  2. anything with uniforms (nurse or a doctor examining your private parts, fireman saving a grateful lady, police officer willing to forgive everything in exchange for satisfaction, etc.)
  3. virgin and experienced sex-machine
  4. trainer and a student (usually in a gym, but can be done with any sport)
  5. scenes from the movies and TV shows
  6. 5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life

You probably can’t stop thinking about your role-playing fantasy now, but you have to snap from it because there is more to learn about spicing up your sex life.

5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life 2022

Explore your Naughty Fantasies

We can bet anything on the next statement. You have one of the 7 most common sexual fantasies (probably more than one). You may think you’re unique when it comes to fantasies, but most people imagine similar scenarios. Sex with more than one partner simultaneously is the mather of all fantasies. If anybody, male or female, claims they never think about being in bed with 2 hot people simultaneously – it’s a lie!

God knows how many threesome videos are uploaded on various porn platforms every day. Two men, one chick, or two ladies and one man, it doesn’t matter. Millions of people google those terms every day because naughtiness is fun. It makes sex more exciting, even if a fantasy never happens.

Now think about all the fun you could have if you start communicating frankly about your naughty fantasies. You may experience all of them and turn them from fantasies to memories that will spark a fire inside of you even when you’re 85.


We left one of the simplest tricks to make your sex life better for the end. There are a lot of reasons to try blindfolding with your partner. Keep in mind that blindfolding requires a lot of trust, the same as bandaging. Don’t do it on hookups with people you’ve just met. It happened more than once that someone was left blindfolded and tied to a bed out of fun or more malicious reasons like robbery.

Studies with couples who tried blindfolding proved that it leads to stronger orgasms. It also makes the person wearing a blindfold rely more on other senses, which is always fun. It’s also a good way for people who like to control all the time to relax, lay back and enjoy for a while.

5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life

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5 Ideas on How to Diversify Your Monotonous Life

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