How to travel safely with your dog by car

How to travel safely with your dog by car

Traveling safely with your dog is the prerogative of one in five Italians, but not everyone knows the rules established by law. The guiding principle is one: our faithful friend must be guarded so as not to hinder the guide and not to constitute a danger.

Getting used to and teaching our dog friend to stay in the car is a relatively simple process, but it must be faced with caution and patience. The dog is, by nature, quite wary of what he does not know, and the car is a rather strange tool in the eyes of an animal. It is usually good to start accustoming the puppy to the car from the first months of life.

Choose a good Crate during Travelling.

 With a bit of effort, your car will transform, in the eyes of your dog, from an unfamiliar object to stay away from into a place of fun and entertainment. Taking a few steps soon, the dog will dive into the car. After all, in his eyes, traveling by car is simply one more way to be close to her manfriend.  For travel one can buy hundebur, for their dog.

The use of a pet carrier will be highly recommended for any car trip. Depending on the size of your dog, you will have to choose the carrier that best suits its size. This is a crucial step and choice. A carrier that is too large exposes your friend to risks. 

Three Simple Steps to Get Your Dog In The Car

1) The first step to getting your dog used to the car will be to let him know it. Let’s move to the garage and, with the engine off, let our animal friend free to smell and explore it; when we notice that the dog begins to approach the car, let’s reward him and cuddle him, perhaps sitting in the driver’s seat. 

2) The second step will take a few days later, repeating the previous experiment with the engine running. Without rushing, we leave our dog friend all the time necessary to familiarize himself with the new noises and smells. Let’s make it get closer and closer and continue with pampering and prizes.

3) The third step is the most delicate one: it’s time to get in the car and, necessarily and immediately, we will have to get the dog used to the idea of ​​not being in close contact with us. Let’s get him into the carrier already placed in the car, play with him and go on with prizes and cuddles.

We are almost there: it’s time to let our Animal Paw experience the sensation of movement. Let’s get it back into the car and walk, slowly, a short journey.

You can choose the classic method of separating rooms with traditional mesh or split grills. On the other hand, this solution keeps dogs out of the way of human residents and has long been the most widely used solution.

Things to Remember during Travelling in Car with dog

The dog gets used to the car very quickly, but, like good friends, we must always keep in mind some helpful information to respect the needs of your 4-legged companion:

  • if we face very long journeys, we plan our itinerary and remember to stop at regular intervals to let the dog carry out the needs;
  • in any case, we prepare light food at least an hour before departure, even dogs suffer from car sickness ;
  • We avoid traveling in the hottest hours of the day and turning on the air conditioning. It is always better to keep the window down to avoid sudden heat strokes;
  • during the trip, it is good to bring a bowl for water, a towel to use when needed, and a game to reassure the animal;
  • Whatever the destination, let’s first make sure that our animal friend is welcome.

Conclusion: Getting your dog used to the carrier is usually a reasonably simple operation; let’s educate him simply by feeding and playing with him near the carrier, perhaps rewarding him every time he enters it.

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How to travel safely with your dog by car

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