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How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

Bold and strident colors have been a classic of adolescent decoration: colorful furniture, wall stickers… If you want to give a room a more adult touch, we recommend choosing more relaxed colours. Gray tones are a good option to renovate a bedroom.

A teenager’s bedroom is a safe space to relax and unwind. It’s difficult being a teenager with all the heightened hormones and high school drama. Try to give your teenager free reign over their bedroom’s décor, and encourage them to express themselves. Your teenager’s bedroom should reflect their personality and interests. 

Follow this quick guide to makeover your teenager’s bedroom.


Teenagers are known for being messy. It’s in their nature. You need to find an organisation system that works for their lifestyle and personality. You could have baskets with different labels, so they find things easily. You could invest in a fitted wardrobe to store all their clothing, shoes, makeup, and jewelry. It’s better to contain everything in one place so they can find it easily. An effective organization system will be easy to maintain over time. You can always make a few tweaks if it’s not working for them. 


Being a teenager is confusing, and they need their own space and privacy. Make sure their curtains and bedroom blackout blinds are in good condition – and double-check their bedroom door. It needs to shut without locking. Putting a lock on a teenager’s bedroom door is never a good idea.

You could add some canopies to their bedroom to make it feel whimsical and cozy. It all depends on their personality. Some people prefer a minimalist design over a fairy-tale bedroom.

Study area

They need a desk in their room to do homework and focus on their studies. They are far more likely to do homework when they have somewhere to concentrate in silence. Make their study space a part of the bedroom design and a place they want to spend time in. The area should be functional and stylish. You could add a few organisation pots for their pens, highlighters and various textbooks. 

Create a hangout space

If their room is big enough, you can create a hangout space in there too. You can add a few bean bags and a TV for them to spend time with friends. They can play video games, chat on the sofa and enjoy some quality time with their mates. 

Alternatively, you could turn the loft into a second living space for the teenagers. A second living room is a fantastic idea if you have a few teenagers. They can watch their own TV, add a pool table and decorate it how they want. You don’t have to worry about the mess because it’s out of sight, out of mind. You can sit downstairs in your blissful living area and finish the final episode of that true crime drama. Perfect. 

Teenagers need their own space, and so do you.

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We show you some ideas for a more current decoration, and we give you a few tips to turn a teenage room into a more adult one, but at the same time youthful, welcoming and cheerful. In addition, we will tell you where to buy some great and very original accessories to renew the room. Take note and get to work!

INDEX OF CONTENTS How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

  • Join the trends
  • Leave behind garish colours
  • free up space
  • Refresh the desktop
  • Change the bedspread and carpet
  • Add illustrations, plates and print

Once the adolescent stage is over, it is customary to want to give individual rooms a renewed and more adult look.

The adolescent decoration, which has occupied the bedroom, will be replaced by a more calm, relaxed and adult one, oriented to the tasks more typical of a young person of legal age or in their twenties.

How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

While we are teenagers, we combine children’s decoration with more adult things, with which we do not identify ourselves once we grow up.

The colours, accessories and bedding change, giving way to a different stage that also adapts to the new trends in recent years.

We will focus on a commonly feminine decoration aimed at a young woman, although, as we always say, tastes have no gender! In the same way that we give you tips to decorate children’s rooms without using pink or blue, if you like any change that we propose, apply it!

Because the decoration is perfect when we feel comfortable and at ease and turns the rooms into our corner of rest.

We will give you some tips and show you some exciting ideas to turn a teenage bedroom into a room for an adult woman.

Join the trends How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

To personalize, update and give a more grown-up touch to a single room, ditch trends from years past and join in with new ones. The macramé ornaments and decorative elements typical of boho decoration are widely used to renovate a feminine adolescent room and turn it into one for young adults.

The boho decoration also incorporates esparto grass elements (rugs, boxes), more muted, serene colours, and natural elements.

Strings of lights, small plants, and bouquets are other elements that fit perfectly to renovate a bedroom.

Hats are a classic decorative element of boho decoration.

Leave behind garish colours.

Bold and flashy colours have been a classic adolescent decoration: colourful furniture, wall vinyl. If you want to give a room a more adult touch, we recommend choosing more relaxing colours.

Grey tones are an excellent option to renovate a bedroom. Combining them and adding some colours that make the difference (some complement in mustard tones, aquamarine) will achieve a great decoration.

We leave you an example of how much a room changes just by eliminating some more childish details:

How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

The more relaxed colours like grey create more adult environments.

Anyway, suppose you like bright colours and don’t want to eliminate them from your bedroom (it’s normal, they give us vitality!). In that case, you can also join the colour block trend and take advantage of some decoration elements to decorate with blocks of colour. Colour.

You can incorporate classic elements of vintage decoration in this aspect: Jukebox, record player, old telephones. To complete that more adult decoration with a retro touch!

free up space How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

In teenage decorations, it is widespread to store too many elements, both decorative and school, and still keep some childhood toys.

An excellent option to turn a room into an adult room is to remove these objects that we no longer like and free up space to incorporate new accessories more in line with our age and tastes.

You can buy these cute luminous clips to hang polaroids on Amazon.

Refresh the desktop

Renovating the desk is also an excellent way to give a bedroom an updated touch. From the university stage to the working time during youth, we use less paper and move more to the computer, so we do not need such a large desk.

In this way, we will gain space in our room and give it a more adult touch. Flip-top desks are a great idea. In addition, simple wooden (or laminate) desks that combine white and natural are currently the entire trend.

These corks from Sklum are great for refreshing your desk.

Change the bedspread and carpet.

The bed and the carpet are two elements that occupy the most space in the rooms, so if we change them for more adult ones and with other patterns, we will already have a large part of the work done.

For a female youth bedroom, it is very typical to incorporate light-coloured bedspreads and small flowers, which bring joy but at the same time luminosity and relaxation.

In the case of rugs, wool, long hair, or ethnic-style rugs are the most fashionable.

If you have space, incorporating a large bed is also an option to make the bedroom more functional and comfortable.

Ikea SANDLUPIN bedspread.

Add illustrations, plates and prints.

The prints and illustrations are the adult version of the classic posters of adolescence.

Minimalist prints are popular since they dress the walls elegantly and delicately. In addition, by buying them from national and international illustrators, we help small artists grow and value their work.

This type of illustration combined with photographs is the most representative of gallery walls, which create a sizeable photographic mural on an empty wall.

But if you want a more personalized touch and feel sad saying goodbye to your music posters, You can always replace them with the beautiful Superbritish prints!

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How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

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How to transform a teenager’s bedroom

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