How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2023

How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2023

Your home should reflect your personality and style. However, our properties often take a backseat as we struggle to juggle our personal, professional, and social life. You need to make time for your home this year. A fresh lick of paint and some new furniture can transform the space. 

How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2022

Decorating your home should be a fun experience that the whole family can get involved in. You can change your interior style and revamp the kitchen with a modern look. Or, you could turn your bedroom into a luxurious, safe haven perfect for relaxation. 

Before you can enjoy the perks of a freshly decorated home, you have to deal with the mess of a renovation. Here are a few tips to keep your home clean and organised when redecorating your property. 

Clean as you go

You need to clean as the project goes along. When you have finished painting the walls, clean the paintbrushes and put the paint pot away. Dust off the furniture and remove any rubbish from the room at the end of the day. You might find a few snack wrappers and empty cups of tea on the floor.

Get a high-quality vacuum

Your vacuum will become your best friend. Dust has a way of getting all around the house, even if you are only redecorating one room. If the builders have been sanding, vacuum the floor at the end of their work. An air compressor can help you blow away the mess and remove the dust all over the floor. 

Keep rubbing alcohol on standby

Rubbing alcohol and a wet sponge can fix a number of mistakes. You might find splashes of paint on your furniture after painting the walls. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the mess before it dries and sets in place. It will be much harder to remove if you leave it for another day. 

Invest in old sheets

Hang a few old bedsheets over your furniture, bed and carpet. Ideally, you should move the furniture out of the room when redecorating. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible when the furniture has been built into the room. A sheet will protect your surfaces from paint splashes and dust. 

Accept the mess

Redecorating is a messy process, and you need to accept it. You can’t keep your home pristine and sparkling when it’s being sanded and repainted. You can contain the mess to an extent and keep the rest of your home clean. Make sure at least one room is complete and free from dust and debris. If you feel overwhelmed, you can go into that room and relax.

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How to stay clean and organised when redecorating your home 2023

A tidy home is synonymous with harmony, well-being, and organization. To achieve this purpose, we must comply with a series of rules. Do you 

On more than one occasion, we entered the house and found the clothes on the chair without folding, the magazines piled up, some personal items taking up space on the table, and a chair that limps because the screws have not been adequately tightened, etc. These are situations that make us nervous; For this reason, we want to show you the 6 golden rules to maintain order at home.

The most important thing is that we integrate these measures into daily routines. It’s a way to take clutter by the horns, get rid of it, and (most importantly) prevent it from coming back. After all, we are not the only tenants in the house, so it becomes everyone’s duty to keep each room in good condition.

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In Getting Things Done, the organizing method was developed by productivity consultant David Allen. This expert recommends carrying out, at the same time they appear, those activities that can be completed in less than two minutes, an exciting way to prepare the house when the routine returns.

For example, the screw problem we talked about earlier can be solved by just going for a screwdriver and tightening it (in less than two minutes), finishing this task, and leaving your mind and your time free for other more important ones. If not resolved as soon as possible, these simple activities accumulate and become a much bigger problem.

How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2022


This idea, harmless at first (5 minutes of our lives are nothing), activates a mechanism in your mind that encourages you to continue working on this issue until it is entirely resolved. It also helps you pick up and clean the house.

How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2022

Our brain resists leaving started and unfinished tasks and makes us think about them until we finish them. So, the next time you’re slacking off from tidying up your storage room, think about how you’re just going to get down to business for a few minutes and tidy up your house in express time.

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If your problem is clutter due to the accumulation of objects, print this rule on paper and stick it in all the corners of your house that are likely to become a deposit. You can adapt this to every room in your home: the breakfast cups cluttering your kitchen cupboards, the magazines stacking up in your living room, the duvet covers struggling to breathe in your linen drawer. ..


You may have read the rule above and said, “ok, I won’t let anything in without letting something out first, but what do I do with the piles of stuff I already have?” You can apply this rule that recommends the following: eliminate everything from your life that you haven’t used for more than a year.

Take a big bag, x-ray your home looking for anything that hasn’t been useful in the last 365 days, and recycle it, donate it, or throw it away without contemplation.

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How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2022

The counter and sink in the kitchen, the table where you eat, the counter in the bathroom, and the floor in the living room. These are the five surfaces that tidying experts recommend spending a few minutes getting clean and uncluttered before bed each night.


We would also add the coffee table in the living room, which is also very prone to accumulating things. Doing it will not take you more than 10 or 15 minutes. In this way, the mere fact of waking up and finding a clean and tidy house will mean starting your day on the right foot.


Of all the ones we have tried, this is the most challenging rule to integrate into our daily lives, but it is undoubtedly the most effective. It consists of touching things only once and not leaving them until they are in place as if they had a glue that prevents you from letting them go until you have taken care of them. In other words, a different way of organizing the house with style.

How to stay clean and organized when redecorating your home in 2022

An obvious example is the following: you collect the letters and, instead of leaving them on the table at the entrance, you file what is essential and recycle what is not of interest. In the same way, you don’t have to leave your clothes every night on a chair and take care of them in the morning: you shake them, fold them, and put them away in the closet as soon as you take them off; Ultimately, this is one of the practical solutions for storing clothes.

Would you dare to try them at home? It was difficult for us, but once you make these rules a routine, you do them automatically.

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