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How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling

How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling

How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling  

Unless you’re taking a driving vacation somewhere, you’ll be leaving your vehicle behind next summer when you and the family go off on that long-awaited vacation. The last thing you want to find on your return is that you have a smashed window, and that your vehicle has been vandalized. That makes it important that you take steps to safeguard your vehicle when you’re away from home, because unlike yourself, criminals don’t go on vacation and they’re always looking for opportunities to take advantage of.

If you are taking a driving vacation, there are some precautions you can take on the road as well, one of which is to ensure that your vehicle is parked in a protected area at night. If you have any doubts about the safety of the area where you’re parking, you can do a quick lookup online to find suitably safe parking in any area you happen to be. Secure parking at night while on the road can avert a vacation disaster that might put a decidedly negative twist on what should be a very happy, enjoyable time.

When leaving your car at home

This can be done very safely, provided that you take a few simple precautions beforehand. Here is the best way for you to arrange for leaving your car at home while still having peace of mind from the expectation that it will be safe and sound when you return from your trip:

  • Necessary preparations – you’ll be obliged to take some extra security precautions in order to rest easy about your car while you’re away from home. Obviously, simply removing the keys won’t be sufficient to prevent car theft or vandalism. The first thing you should do is set some lights and timers around your household, to give the appearance that it’s still being occupied. You should also put your mail on hold, so it doesn’t accumulate in your box, and if possible, have a security alarm system installed around the household. For measures specific to the vehicle itself, you can add a steering wheel lock and install an interior GPS tracker.
  • Advantages of leaving your car home – the biggest benefit of leaving your car behind is that you won’t have to pick it up from anyone or any parking lot once you return. If you’ve installed a security system, you’ll be able to monitor your vehicle remotely. Obviously, the least expensive option for you is to simply leave your car at home, and in most cases, it’s likely to be the most convenient option as well.
  • Disadvantages of leaving your car – sometimes the disadvantages of leaving your car home can amount to a great deal more than the positive benefits you’d receive. That’s because, basically your car is unmonitored, unless you have a good security system in place. This means there’s likely to be significant risk to your vehicle, and if anything does happen, you won’t be around to deal with it until after your trip. It can also be fairly expensive to add additional insurance coverage to protect your vehicle so that you’re covered in the event of damage or theft.

Storing your vehicle – How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling,

One of the most appealing options for dealing with your vehicle while on vacation is having it stored at a commercial storage facility. These facilities are obliged to take security seriously, because their reputation and their business depends on it. A storage facility dedicated to housing and monitoring your vehicle will be a much better solution than airport parking could be.

  • Vehicle storage preparation – when you’re planning to store your car at a commercial facility, there are a few steps you should take beforehand to avoid any issues. First, you should contact several local storage facilities and do some comparison shopping to find out what services are offered, and what rates will be charged for the duration of your vacation. When you find an acceptable facility, arrange for the specific dates you’ll be on vacation, and make sure that the facility will be open when you return and are ready to pick up your vehicle.
  • Benefits of car storage – there are quite a few benefits associated with storing your vehicle at a dedicated facility. Your car will, of course, be as safe as possible, and may even be in a climate-controlled setting continuously monitored by professionals throughout the period. You’ll be able to have storage and protection benefits for almost any length of time you need, and you may not even have to drop it off or pick it up, if the facility provides those kinds of services. Whatever the fee might be for storage, it will be worth it in terms of your peace of mind.
  • Disadvantages of vehicle storage – probably the most significant disadvantage is that it will cost you some money to have your vehicle stored for a week or more. Of course, this may not be a drawback at all when you think about the benefits you’ll receive from professional storage. The fact that your assets will be protected for the entire time you’re gone may be worth whatever you have to pay for storage.

Ask family/friends for help – How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling,

One thing you don’t want to do when on vacation is to leave your vehicle parked in the driveway for an extended period of time. This will make it obvious that you’re not home, and that the vehicle’s not being used, which means it’s a prime target for vandalism or theft. An alternative to this would be to leave your vehicle behind with a friend or a family member who will be home for the entire time.

  • Preparing for storage with family – you need to work out the details of what you want your friends or family members to do, and the exact dates of your vacation. Make sure to let them know how long you’ll be gone, and that you will or will not be leaving the keys with them. Also arrange for a date and time when you intend to retrieve the vehicle after your return from vacation. Then all that’s necessary will be driving the vehicle to their home, dropping off the keys, and asking someone for a lift back to your home.
  • Benefits of family storage – the best thing about this approach is that you’ll be leaving your vehicle with someone that you have a great deal of trust in. It’s also an economical approach that provides some level of protection since it will be monitored throughout your vacation. By providing your family member or friend with the keys, they’ll be able to handle any issues that come up and move the vehicle if it becomes necessary.
  • Drawbacks of family storage – you won’t be able to entirely remove the risk of vandalism or theft when leaving the vehicle with a family member or friend. Unless they store your car in their garage, it’s likely that your vehicle will be parked either in the driveway or in the street, and thus eligible for some kind of break-in. It’s also possible that long-term parking is not allowed in the neighborhood where your family or friends live. It can also be a minor drawback that you’ll need to retrieve your vehicle once you return from vacation.

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How to Safeguard Your Vehicle While Traveling