How to record meetings in Zoom with a screen recorder? Here are the best ways to record screens in Windows 10 with audio. A guide for recording anything on your PC with a free screen recorder.

With the rise in popularity of gameplay recordings and online classrooms, having an efficient screen recorder with every feature you might need to record anything on your PC is essential for everyone. Due to the pandemic, zoom meetings, lectures, and webinars are the ideal way for professionals and students to continue their work. Everyone wants to know how to record Zoom meetings with audio.

Gamers also want screen recorders that allow them to record gameplays with face cams. Here we will tell you two ways to record screens on your PC with audio for free. Get a step-by-step guide on how to use free screen recorders to record games and videos without lag and compromising your CPU performance.  

What is the Best Free Screen Recorder?

Although Windows 10 features a pre-installed screen recorder program, Xbox Game Bar, to record any screen activity on your PC with audio, it has various limitations. Users can’t pause and resume the recording with the Game Bar, and there is a limit on the recording time. The iTop Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder that allows you to record everything in 4K/1080p quality with 120 fps. It doesn’t place any burden on the CPU while recording. 

The iTop Screen Recorder captures screen activities with audio and records face cam gameplays and videos. You can capture the full-screen area or a smaller region. The iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record zoom meetings without permission. It also easily records audio from Spotify. With the support of multiple formats, users can save their recordings in any format they want.

How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission?

A participant can only record a zoom meeting after getting consent from the host and other participants. You can’t use the zoom local recording feature without permission to record the lecture or meeting. The iTop Screen Recorder solves this problem as you can use it to record zoom meetings with audio secretly. Here is how to record Zoom meeting with iTop Screen Recorder.

STEP 1: Install the iTop Screen Recorder on your PC for free.

STEP 2: Open the iTop recorder after joining a Zoom meeting.


STEP 3: Set the audio options and select the screen size or fixed ratio for your recording.

step by step

STEP 4: Press the F9 key or click “REC” to start the zoom recording. 

STEP 5: Pause the recording anytime, and click on the red button to stop recording.

STEP 6: Open the list of your recordings to watch the preview or edit any recording using the iTop Screen Recorder. 


Record Screen with Audio in Windows 10

The iTop Screen Recorder works for all Windows, so you can use it to capture any screen activity in windows 10 easily. It gives you all the professional screen recording tools you might need. You can also use the built-in screen recorder for PC, but it lacks many features that might restrict your task. To record the screen with audio using the iTop Screen Recorder, you only need to select the speaker option next to the mic, webcam, and mouse option. Click on it before you start recording, and you can easily capture the audio. 

Final Thoughts

Can you record the screen with audio on your PC? You can easily record anything screen activity on your PC with audio or webcam using the iTop Screen Recorder. It is the best free screen recorder that features an easy-to-use interface and high performance on low CPU usage. Users can use it to record anything in 4k and 120 fps. 

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